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Deaths Of Young Couple At Joshua Tree National Park Might Be Murder-Suicide

Oct 21st - 17:30pm | tomp2

The latest update has the theory that they were lost and dehydrated & failing, and then ended their suffering with a "sympathetic murder-suicide", not that either or both of them set off intending on murder/suicide.  I don't know anything one way or another, but wanted to post this slight update before anyone makes other assumptions or interpretations about what happened.

Treasure Your National Park Visits With A Photo Album From Shutterfly

Oct 21st - 08:04am | Dawn C Manning

We enjoyed Assateague National Park, it was a great experience seeing the horses roam free was such a nice experience! The beach and the Ocean was absolutely beautiful. The whole place was nicely kept also.

Zion National Park's Plein Air Art Invitation Scheduled For November

Oct 20th - 17:39pm | Rick B.

Did you contact the appropriate people who would have done that?   NPT here is only an online magazine that is about and is supportive of the parks.

Oct 20th - 17:30pm | Gwen M Harrington

I purchased a painting last year at the gala. I did not receive an invite this year. Why?

By the Numbers: Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument

Oct 20th - 09:51am | Robert Maier

This is the standard white man's justification for genocide.  "Everybody else did it, so we will too." The white man wins.  Not really honorably, but through lies, deceit, bloodlust, and  broken promises.

Rocky Mountain National Park's Trail Ridge Road, Not A Good Place For Vertigo

Oct 20th - 09:14am | Diane E

Glad I got to see it to the top, but it's not something I would do again.  I was in the passenger seat and don't think I could have driven. The ride does offer spectacular views and since we had been staying in Winter Park prior to making the drive, we were used to the altitude. I think I was more concerned for the bike rider who was in front of us

Wanderings From Cable Mountain In Zion National Park

Oct 19th - 20:29pm | Lee Dalton

Fred, you're right about the photo of the headworks.  All the other stories you mention are included in the folklore and recorded history of the cable.  There are so many stories associated with the cable that it would take a very big book to try to tell even a few of them.

Oct 19th - 17:33pm | Fred J Fagergren

Thanks for sharing your experience and the story.  Although I've not looked at the original of the first picture you used, I suspect it is from the group of pictures that include others showing several children sitting near the sawmill associated with the cable works.  That picture of the sawmill includes several of my relatives and I have several stories about the cable works, includ

Oct 19th - 11:46am | Fred Swanson

Great article, Lee.  It's amazing the contraptions these pioneers came up with to serve their needs. One account written by a visitor to Zion in 1914 mentions that the cable was joined in several places with bailing wire. No OSHA then!

Oct 18th - 14:27pm | Rick B.

I have to agree, Lee. Wonderful story, and well told. Told well enough that I, too, felt that little anxious thrill of vertigo.

Oct 18th - 06:35am | Rebecca Latson ...

Lee, this is a wonderful article!  Provided nothing unforeseen occurs, I will be staying in Zion NP next June/July 2018 in a cabin near the lodge.  I'll think about this story as I look at the cabin construction.

Interior Secretary Promises To Root Out Sexual Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying Across National Park Service

Oct 19th - 18:23pm | Glad2bretired

I have high respect for the Navy Seals, and this was reinforced upon learning that Secretary Zinke's former commanding officer capped Zinke's career over concerns about his character.

Oct 19th - 16:07pm | Anonymous

After reading through the comments I see at least one other person is already familiar with the drinking game. I told you he is a joke.

Oct 19th - 15:59pm | Anonymous

Glad2bretired, you'd be right. I watched it, as well as being a recipient of one of his in-person speeches that went similarly. I wonder if the Secretary has any idea how much of a running joke it has become for his own employees that he trots that line out so much. A one trick pony if I ever saw one. Which is a shame, a career as a Navy Seal officer should be a proud one.

Oct 17th - 22:42pm | Jonathan F


Oct 16th - 13:54pm | y_p_w

Glad2bretired: I'd also like to see or at least listen to Secretary Zinke's broadcast.  I bet he referred to his controversial Navy Seal career about as often as Dennis Hopper said "Man" in one of his early biker movies.

Oct 16th - 12:34pm | anonymous cynic

Lee--  The announcement to NPS employees said that the recording and a transcript will eventually be posted to the Director's Webchat page on InsideNPS.  It may be a few weeks before they get posted.

Oct 15th - 21:29pm | Glad2bretired

I'd also like to see or at least listen to Secretary Zinke's broadcast.  I bet he referred to his controversial Navy Seal career about as often as Dennis Hopper said "Man" in one of his early biker movies.

Around The Parks: Hurricane And Fires Recovery Fund, National Monuments, Santa Monica Expansion

Oct 19th - 14:46pm | y_p_w

Apparently Golden Gate National Recreation Area just dropped it's efforts to restrict dogs that it's been attempting for over a decade

Oct 19th - 07:00am | Rebecca Latson ...

Given the current administration, I fear those 3 dozen free-market organizations will have far more power than any other entity to sway the POTUS into causing much damage to the Antiquities Act.

Photography In The National Parks: An Armchair Photography Guide To Mount Rainier National Park – Part 2: The Stevens Canyon Road

Oct 19th - 11:14am | tahoma

Muchas gracias for your fine photo articles, Rebecca!  My favorite this time is the moon over the Tatoosh Range.  Another spot photographers should check out is Lake Louise.  Park in the long turnout just below Sunbeam Ck.

Oct 19th - 06:52am | Rebecca Latson ...

Thanks, everybody, for the kind words!  They are always much appreciated.

Oct 18th - 19:19pm | Rick B.

Again - your work is so wow-worthy.

Oct 18th - 15:24pm | Lee Dalton

Thanks again, Rebecca.  Someday, someday . . . I'm gonna make it to Ranier. But the caption in the next to last photo is simply wrong. It should read: "The photographer IN Paradise." ;=}

Photography In The National Parks: An Armchair Photography Guide To Mount Rainier National Park – Part 1: Sunrise

Oct 19th - 10:58am | Granville Leong

I just found out this wonderful series.  Thanks so much for sharing your experience as your goals match mine. I have gout, so I have to find beautiful places that don't require much walking.  Hope you'll do series in the Utah and Arizonia area.

Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle Nursed To Health At Florida Aquarium Returned To Ocean

Oct 19th - 06:56am | Rebecca Latson ...

Reading articles like this, where people work so hard to help our finned, furred and feathered friends, always renews my faith in what humanity can do to keep the environment and its denizens healthy.

If You Pave (Or Gravel) It, They Will Park

Oct 18th - 16:41pm | Kurt Repanshek

You're absolutely right, Jennifer, it can happen. But what do you do if that car has an 18-foot-7-inch canoe on the roof and a trailer in tow?

Oct 18th - 16:35pm | Jennifer is San...

Turn about is fair play! We visit the parks with a small travel trailer in tow. We usually unhitch and leave the trailer at the campground but occasionally we want to stop and see something on our way from one campground to the next. I can't count the number of times we have not been able to park the car and trailer because the RV parking spots have been taken up by passenger cars.

Oct 17th - 09:07am | Corey

This complaint goes both ways. RVs get very few parking opportunities and while it is posted as such cars park in those spots designated for RVs and trailers all the time with no enforcement. Parking should be opportunistic and as long as there is space and some order then anyone should be able to park. RVs could easily park around the perimeter of most lots if space was allotted.

Oct 16th - 12:21pm | Delaware Roy

We visited the park over the 4 th of July this year.  We left our 5th wheel trailer at the campground outside the park.  Even with doing this we had trouble finding parking for our 4 door truck not only here but in most lots through the park. I would never think of trying to bring a RV into the park.  People have to use common sense.    

Oct 16th - 10:55am | Anonymous

First off, the trailhead parking was not built to support visitors attempting to access the Grand Prismatic Spring/Midway Geyser Basin boardwalk, it was to support the large number of people walking the Fountain Freight Road/Fairy Falls trail, which now includes a very nice overlook of the Grand Prismatic feature as seen above.

Creature Feature: Meet the Asian Swamp Eel, "the Animal Equivalent of the Kudzu Vine?"

Oct 18th - 14:37pm | Rick B.

Well, I'd hazard a guess that the occasional Jake-the-pet is the exception with this animal's popularity. I'm curious if any readers from the Everglades or similar locales have any update in the eight or nine years since this was originally posted?  

Oct 18th - 02:40am | Anonymous

Hello! No question just a comment. My family has an Asian Swamp Eel, we got him from a pet store when he was about 2 1/2-3 inches long and petstore didn't know what type he was he was. My parents bought him a year before I was born and I am 21 now so that puts him at 22 years old so the life expectancy is definitely more than 8-12 years. We figured out what he was a few years after owning him.

PEER Files Lawsuit To Quiet Skies Over National Parks

Oct 17th - 18:23pm | Beefeater

The only law or code I know of in the Smoky Mountains area is one passed by Tennessee legistlature.    And it only regulates that a heliport has to be 9 miles from the border of the federal land. Which means, flying over the Park is legal, but in order to get there, it becomes more expensive. Now---doing buzz overs and the such---I'm sure that is frowned upon.

Oct 16th - 14:36pm | Lee Dalton

Thanks for the chart, Anon.  It explained just about everything I was wondering about as far as GRCA flights these days. 

Oct 16th - 12:21pm | Anonymous

And just becasue I am eeeeevil, I thought I would throw this piece of red meat out there to the dogs...

Oct 16th - 11:29am | Anonymous

Not sure my comment survived a website crash, so here it is again:

Oct 16th - 09:26am | Lee Dalton

I'm a pilot (who can't afford to fly any more) and I just spent a couple of hours searching the Federal Air Regulations for any regulation regarding national park overflights.  There apparently are none.

Oct 15th - 23:25pm | Beefeater

SmokiesBackpacker----Can you cite some of these codes and laws that you are saying are not enforced?

Holiday Trains Ready To Roll At Steamtown National Historic Site

Oct 17th - 17:28pm | Rick B.

At the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park in Skagway, Alaska, the White Pass & Yukon Route railroad pulls their cars out of winter storage [for some years now the WP&YR has only run in the summers for the tourist trade plus this holiday run]. Most locals and many Canadian friends from across the border [about ten miles away] show up.

Oct 17th - 15:46pm | Alfred Runte

Holiday trains? What are those? Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! Ho! Ho! Ho! By the way. The Grand Canyon Railway also operates the Polar Express from Williams to South Rim. I've not taken it, but I'm told kids get to dress in their jammies and meet Saint Nick along the way. 90,000 rode last year. So much for the argument that trains don't "sell."

Francis Beidler’s Long-Ago Decision Saved the Forest that Became Congaree National Park

Oct 17th - 16:34pm | Tom Fetters

I have some limited photos that I can share.   I preparedabook manuscript, but no publisher has had an interest so far.      

Oct 17th - 16:30pm | Thomas T Fetters

Hey, Mike, I just found your note of March 10, as I don't check this site often.  I would like to see copies of the timber maps you mweentioned as many stories that I have found mention tracts by name, but are hard to place on regular maps.  

Two Bodies Found In Remote Part Of Joshua Tree National Park

Oct 17th - 15:51pm | Tom M

Rest in peace.

National Parks In Utah Will Likely Be Very Busy This Weekend

Oct 17th - 08:50am | Kaeleen DeVoss

St George is already full w/ Senior Games so please do not show up, with your kids, at 10 pm, Friday night, needing a hotel room. Please plan ahead ... we welcome all travelers.

End of a Curious Era at Mount Rainier National Park

Oct 17th - 07:52am | david rahfeldt

not only did it have showers ... but it had larger and higher through-put toilet facilities ... nicer ones ... and it has space for a LOT of storage and emergency gear ... it was strong and designed to take dynamic loads from a variety of axes safely ... earthquakes and huge loads from snow and even avalances ..

Time For New Uniforms For The National Park Service?

Oct 16th - 23:59pm | Iain Duncan

Hello Kurt. Just to point out that UK National Parks are not confined to England but are also found in Wales and Scotland, (None in N.Ireland as yet). Your reference to "English brethren" is therefore inaccurate; "British" wouldv'e been correct however ;)

Keeping Things Quiet In The National Parks

Oct 16th - 00:56am | Glam RV Girl

 I just found this blog and although the comments are rather dated I wanted to add my $.10 worth. I started a video blog on YouTube to chronicle my solo RV adventures. Although I am new to all of this I fell in love with solar technology. I have found myself staying in national parks quite frequently and cannot believe the noise I have to endure from the generators.

UPDATED | Congressman Introduces Legislation To Extensively Rewrite Antiquities Act

Oct 15th - 17:51pm | Rick B.

His actions seem to always have a negative effect on the body and spirit of the NPS, but sometimes I don't know if he is actively trying to hurt the Parks or if he just wants to demonstrate his power.

Oct 15th - 17:13pm | Gerard Dauphinais

Rep. Bishop, who chairs the House Natural Resources Committee. Well, I guess we know where this is going, don't we!

National Parks Traveler's Essential Park Guide