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Mount Rainier National Park 

Established: March 2, 1899

Size: 235,625 acres | 368 square miles

Annual Visitation: 1,356,913 (2016)

North Cascades National Park

Established: October 2, 1968

Size: 505,000 acres | 789 square miles

Annual Visitation: 28,646 (2016)

Olympic National Park

Established: June 29, 1938

Size: 922,561 acres | 1,441 square miles

Annual Visitation: 3,390,221 (2016)

Who’s in the News?

Is it a video of a just-released fisher?  A report of fish returning to the Elwha River after dam removal?  Or tales from a Meadow Rover? WNPF collects stories from rangers and visitors, from our donors, and from hard-working volunteers who give back more in time than we could ever thank enough! Read it all at To The Parks!, our blog.

What’s YOUR Park Passion?

Share your passion with others who value Mount Rainier, North Cascades, and Olympic national parks as much as you do during the Fund's annual Spring Dinner and Auction. This event is a great way to meet rangers, pick up a totally-unique park package, and contribute to a cause you love.

Support Washington's national parks by buying a special license plate in honr of the parks!

If you can't make it to the auction, you can still support the national parks and Washington's National Park Fund by buying a specialty license plate in honor of the parks. These handsome plates speak to your love for these special places. This program has been providing $170,000 a year for projects inside the parks, and that sum is growing every year.

Whether you’re a visitor, hiker, camper, skier, climber, kayaker, picnicker, wanderer, events lover, or license plate purchaser, there is a place for YOU at Washington’s National Park Fund!  

Washington State is graced with three spectacular national parks, each different and special in their own unique ways: the grandeur and stately presence of Mount Rainier; the diversity of Olympic with its beaches, rain forest and grand peaks; and North Cascades with its heart-stopping vertical views, 400 miles of trails and 300 glaciers.

As the official nonprofit partner and the only philanthropic organization dedicated exclusively to supporting these parks through charitable contributions, Washington’s National Park Fund (WNPF) has a mission to deepen the public’s love for, understanding of, and experiences in Mount Rainier, North Cascades and Olympic National Parks. OUR VISION is for our three parks to be strong and vibrant, youthful and everlasting.

The Fund supports programs that encourage young people and their families to experience these parks, enhance the visitor experience through trail and interpretive signage improvements, expand scientific knowledge in our own ‘living laboratories,’ and boost volunteer and search & rescue efforts. Alongside you and other outdoor-loving, park-minded supporters, we’re ensuring the preservation of precious lands, improving trails and campgrounds, funding more volunteer and youth programs, and providing research dollars for glacial analysis and the study of those incredible critters that call the parks home. To find a project that speaks directly to you, visit our 2017 Featured Projects.

Fireside Circles bring together people each spring and fall who care about Mount Rainier, North Cascades, and Olympic National Parks for a fun and engaging experience. Together, we learn more about challenges the parks face, work that these tireless rangers are carrying out, and what’s ahead. Hikes, ranger walks, or other outings are often incorporated. They are not fundraisers, but ‘friend raisers,’ and, we enjoy great food, wonderful company, and comfortable stays in our historic lodges. 

Be Sure To Register For WNPF's Annual Spring Dinner and Auction

This year's Spring Dinner and Auction takes place at Fisher Pavilion in Seattle Center on Saturday, April 7th. 

Washington's National Park Fund turns 25 this year and North Cascades National Park celebrates its 50th anniversary. At this year's auction, we will come together to celebrate these Milestones on Our Journey and ensure our state's three beloved national parks remain strong and vibrant, youthful and everlasting for many more milestones to come.

Our focus for this year's Spring Dinner and Auction is supporting Youth and Family programs so we can ensure that children and families in our community have opportunities to discover, develop a love for, and create lasting memories in these cherished places.

 We would be thrilled to have your support for this signature event. There are many ways to get involved. Donate an item to the auctionbecome a sponsor, or serve as a table captain. If you can't make it but would like to support our youth and family programs, make a donation to our Fund-A-Need!

Climb for a Cause!

Each year, employees from companies in Washington State raise funds for Washington’s National Parks by climbing Mount Rainier, Mount Shuksan (North Cascades) or Mount Olympus (Olympics). Through a partnership with three local guide services – Alpine Ascents International, International Mountain Guides, and Mountain Madness – employees join together to raise funds to give back to the national parks they know, use and love. Their efforts enable them to check a box off their bucket lists and to realize their dream of climbing Washington’s iconic mountains!

More than $100,000 was raised in 2017 by generous climbers -- from companies such as REI and Microsoft -- and benefitted Search and Rescue programs at Mount Rainier; the creation of an Emergency Operations Center in the North Cascades; and research to Understand Shrinking Glaciers in Olympic National Park.

Enjoy a first-hand account, My Chance to Summit Rainier,” from Shannon Appleby, who climbed as part of the Microsoft team guided by International Mountain Guides. And, enjoy this video put together by fellow climber (and Shannon’s future sister-in-law) Aubrey Hughes:

Why The Fund? 

Inadequate federal funding has compounded over the years. Our national parks are facing a significant backlog of maintenance projects. You, as a national park visitor, experience the effects first-hand. Some recreational areas are closed because roadways can’t be properly maintained. Areas that are maintained are sometimes opened later in the season. Visitor centers open later and close earlier. Generous donors to the Fund fill many of these gaps, and it’s a significant boost to those loyal, hard-working rangers who do so much with so little. Consider a donation!

Over the years, Washington’s National Park Fund and park leadership have developed an efficient system. Park superintendents work with their management teams to identify those projects that would drop by the wayside without philanthropic support. While priorities have evolved over the years, today’s four core areas of concentration center on:


The Value of a Volunteer

Each park operates their own volunteering program directly. Through the sweat and toil of volunteers, trails are improved, invasive weeds are pulled, and citizen science is performed.  For more info, contact Mount Rainier, North Cascades, or Olympic national park individually.

But just as important as volunteer work is volunteer donations. Corporations can support Washington's National Park Fund through matching gifts, sponsorships and in-kind gifts, while individuals can donate through the Over the Top Society, workplace giving or estate gifts. These are vital programs, and have been effective at raising funds for the parks; in the last few years alone donations have provided more than $4 million for the parks.

Whether you’re a visitor, hiker, camper, skier, climber, kayaker, picnicker, wanderer, events lover, or license plate purchaser, there is a place for YOU at Washington’s National Park Fund!

These are your parks. Enjoy them, and support them!