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What Will Interior Department Reorganization Look Like?

Jan 10th - 18:51pm | Rick B.

My only hope is that - no matter how he rearranges the furniture - it won't be severely enough they can't be moved back where they were.

Jan 10th - 15:22pm | Anonymous

I think Zinke needs to learn about what regional offices actually do. Becasue this model doesn't account for that. It is the most asinine idea to come out of Interior in a while, and that is really saying something.

Jan 10th - 09:23am | justinh

James Watt is beginning to look like Teddy Roosevelt.

Jan 10th - 08:31am | Andrew D

A key function of any regional office of any bureua is the interaction with other federal, state and local agencies and stakeholders.  The 13 major "watershed map" DOI released last year breaks up geogrphic areas and some states so you can have one state  working with multiple DOI "regional/watershed " offices so I am not sure what this will solve.   If you take a look at ho

When Did Dancing In The Thomas Jefferson Memorial Become A Crime?

Jan 10th - 18:42pm | Rowdy

I find no proof that they had planned what happened, either their actions or anyone else's. That would actually be an unfactual statement.

P. Dan Smith Named Deputy Director Of National Park Service

Jan 10th - 16:29pm | [email protected]

Donald  TRUMP  and  Joseph  Goebbels  both Argue:"The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly - it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over." -- Joseph Goebbels

Jan 9th - 19:01pm | Lee Dalton

Disgusting, but it's the new reality with der trumpf in power. 

Jan 9th - 17:44pm | Rick

Looks like he has reached and exceeded his level of incompetence.

Sullivan’s Island Was the African-American Ellis Island

Jan 10th - 10:40am | Alana D. Sullivan

Hello Angela my name is Ahlana D. Sullivan..daughter of Albert Sullivan Born Janurary 23, 1923. I am also trying to trace my history but haven't gotten to far. It caught my attention that your grandmother's name was Mattie Sullivan, my father had an older sister named Mattie Sullivan..maybe there's a connection, maybe not..but I'd like to find out.

Interior Department's Proposal To Open Offshore Areas To Drilling Could Impact National Park System

Jan 10th - 08:47am | Andrew D Looks like you just need the right type of governor in place

Jan 8th - 12:01pm | James Lick

So sorry, this is the link:

Jan 8th - 10:23am | James Lick

Looks like the someone just gave the oil companies a present. It sure is allot of money to forget about.  I hope they fix this because it sure does not help the public at all:

Jan 8th - 10:22am | ecbuck

Do you think the elimination of third party inspection will materially alter the safety?  I would think the experience of the massive cost it took to clean Horizon would be enough to incentivise the drillers to go to the maximum to try to prevent a similar blowout. 

Jan 8th - 10:08am | James Lick

Another article on the safety measures being rolled back due to the Pres:

Jan 8th - 10:05am | James Lick

Safety measures to be rolled back:

Jan 8th - 08:57am | ecbuck

James - what safety measures are they rolling back?

Jan 7th - 21:12pm | James Lick

I would be much happier if they didn't roll back the safety measures put up after the gulf spill just before doing this.  What kind of clows run this place?

Jan 7th - 17:15pm | ecbuck

no? No.  As I mentioned before, we are still a net importer and our exports are a small fraction relative to our total usage.  Furthermore, oil is a world market, unless you would like to put up trade barriers and start trade wars (BTW- one area I disagree with Trump)

Jan 7th - 16:47pm | Kurt Repanshek

Are the "real decisions being made by consumers," EC?

Jan 7th - 16:43pm | tomp2

"than it is worth" to the executives trying to maximize their profit.  A large fraction could be captured at costs well under the current market price of natural gas.  

Jan 7th - 16:15pm | ecbuck

 but consumers are not decision-makers for where the oil and gas are produced.

Jan 7th - 15:57pm | tomp2


Jan 7th - 08:39am | ecbuck

In the free market, the numerator product being maximized is value to the decision maker (shareholders, but sometimes executives).

Jan 7th - 02:10am | tomp2

I started a comment decrying the absolutist all or nothing perspective of these comments, but then wild places last comment appeared before I finished writing.  I've revised in light of that comment, and I apologize that it makes my comment even more loopy than usual.  

A Day In The Park: Badlands National Park

Jan 9th - 22:30pm | whatever

The Fossil Exhibit Trail was a pretty cool showcase.  I had heard bighorn sheep were present, but so far I've only seen them at Glacier, Rocky Mountain, and Valley of Fire SP in NV. 

Jan 9th - 13:45pm | Paul Horsted

Badlands NP is truly one of the "best-kept secret" National Parks. I live just a couple hours away (nearby Black Hills) and love going there alone or with my family. Great combination of easily-accessed trails and more remote areas where you will be on your own almost any time of year (be prepared).

Jan 8th - 21:56pm | whatever

The geology is certainly front-and-center in this unique park, but I was almost more impressed with the array and abundance of wildlife to be found here.  A couple summers ago I came in from the west late in the day and crashed at Sage Creek.  It didn't look like much at first, apparently just an expanse of empty grasslands.  A cursory exploration before dusk, however, revealed i

Former NPS Official Found To Have Overlooked Environmental Regs Said To Be Next Acting Director

Jan 9th - 21:44pm | [email protected]

thank you tomp2, unforunately, it is bad enough that he is in the position as it is. 

Jan 9th - 16:49pm | tomp2

Official announcement came out today:

Jan 7th - 19:12pm | Rick B.

Seems to me, like Trump a couple of months in, has had his chance to show what he does/can do. Leave him retired.   Once a political shill, absent a full acknowledgement and recant, is still a political shill.

Jan 7th - 18:26pm | Doug Leen

What scares me most about this scenerio is that the swamp is growing larger, Zinke is a shill for Trump and now Smith is for Zinke.  It is becoming clear to me that Zinke won't appoint a permanent Director until he dismantles the Obama-Jewell legacy.  Zinke cannot have a sitting Director while he follows Trump's dictates.  The Trump-Zinke swamp has now flooded our national parks.

Jan 7th - 13:11pm | Anonymous

It is true that there often many sides to the same story. It is also true - depite active efforts to undermine this one immutable rule - that there are only one set of facts to any story. 

Jan 7th - 08:43am | lulu

Daniel Smith should have been taken out of MIB in handcuffs. Now he is in charge of managing natural resources?

Campaign On To Keep Starbucks Out Of Yosemite National Park

Jan 9th - 21:38pm | Dan H

I Like Starbucks; I like Yosemite.

Jan 8th - 19:23pm | Alfred Runte

Actually, I am more worried about all of the alcohol in Yosemite (and other national parks). If environmentalists were really worried about "multinational corporations" they would start with Budweiser and Jim Beam.

Jan 8th - 19:07pm | tomp2

I don't drink Starbucks (the beans are a bit too charred for my tastes, and I try to support mom & pop coffee places, even though they can be hit or miss), but I have absolutely no problem with the Starbucks sign and fancier drinks and accepting Starbucks gift cards in the food service area.  The concessionaire already could have a coffee kiosk and use Starbucks coffee in their stand.

Jan 8th - 16:47pm | Anonymous

I have been told that this will indeed be something like what you would see inside of a grocery store which is an actual Starbucks store

Jan 7th - 13:17pm | Anonymous

It is almost certainly a branding/licensing deal similar to starbucks in Safeway, Target, etc. where the infrastructure, employees all are provided by the store not Starbucks.

Jan 7th - 09:04am | Andrew D

It is hard to tell if this is just the Starbuck's coffee brand being sold or a stand-alone Starbucks in the Basecamp Eatery?   It looks like it is being done within the parameters of the Aramark contract.  The expectations of the visiting public have evolved and folks like Aramark appear to be trying to meet those expectatoins but at what price?  I do admire Starbucks' suppo

A Day In The Park: Acadia National Park

Jan 8th - 22:19pm | whatever

A couple years ago my wife and I got to enjoy a brief visit here.  It was late October and after arriving at Blackwoods late in the evening we got a nice fire going.  The night was great, if chilly, but we enjoyed it.  By morning we were freezing our butts off and got to hiking to get warmed up.  Jordan Pond, Cadillac Mountain, the Precipice, Sand Beach, and Thunder Hole wer

Cuyahoga Valley National Park Getting New Visitor Center

Jan 8th - 22:04pm | whatever

This is the closest park to me, and also perhaps the saddest.  There are some nice serene spots here, but overall it feels like civilization is crushing the place.  This park has potential, but it needs work.  The visitor center is a good start, but really they need to buy out and eliminate private inholdings and shore up the core of this park from civilization.  More on-sit

Grand Teton National Park Rangers Put Down Food-Conditioned Red Fox

Jan 8th - 22:00pm | whatever

After seeing tourists feeding wildlife for years and then seeing the deleterious effects of such behavior, I've gotten to the point where I will now yell at people when I see them feeding wildlife.  I'm sure I come across as a fruitcake the the average casual know-nothing, but if getting "weird" on them gets them to stop, so be it.

How Do You Value National Parks?

Jan 8th - 21:46pm | whatever

"...every national park is besieged by thieves and robbers and beggars with all sorts of plans and pleas for possession of some coveted treasure of water, timber, pasture, rights of way, etc. Nothing dollarable is safe..."  -- John Muir

Jan 8th - 09:06am | Lee Dalton

"People say it is worth more but then bitch like hell when someone proposes they pay for it.  " Exactly.  And that is true regadless of the subject, whether it be the local fire department; city roads, sewers and water systems; schools; health care; parks; . . . . you name it . . . .  It's just one more symptom of the Great American Entitlement Mentality.

Jan 8th - 08:53am | ecbuck

The research was based on previous studies, in 1993 and 2012, conducted in North Carolina that found a willingness to pay, per household, between $14 and $100 a year to preserve coastal biodiversity   People say it is worth more but then bitch like hell when someone proposes they pay for it.  

A Day In The Park: Arches National Park

Jan 8th - 21:14pm | whatever

In the last five years I've visiited Arches three times...twice in February and once in April.  The snow contrasting with the red rocks and green foliage was wonderful, and the cooler temperatures made for some comfortable hiking.

Getting Away From It All In The National Park System

Jan 8th - 21:06pm | whatever

Could it be that people stay in the front-country with its stores, amenities and wi-fi because that is the way the majority of the people want to experience the park? When the parks become all about the front-country, stores, amenities, and wifi, we have lost our parks.

Jan 8th - 09:09am | ecbuck

True, one can usually escape these intrusions by heading off deep into the backcountry, but despite that option, the bulk of national park visitation is huddled around front-country areas where it is more difficult to escape others searching for signals, chatting with friends far away, or trying to upload selfies of themselves.

Interior Secretary Promises To Root Out Sexual Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying Across National Park Service

Jan 8th - 16:10pm | anonymous cynic

I just checked back on the NPS Director's "webchat" page as I promised way back when.  Still no recording or transcript of this event, just: "(A recording of this meeting will be available soon.)"

National Park Infrastructure Hasn't Seen Major Infusion Of Funding In More Than 50 Years

Jan 7th - 09:45am | Andrew D

It will be interesting to see if anything real for the NPS comes of the infrastructure discussions said to be underway on the Hill.  After the tax law passed late last year  I wonder if it will be possible for any major infrastructure effort. 

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