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Zion National Park Considering Reservation System To Manage Crowds

Jul 16th - 08:52am | Lee Dalton

I absolutely HATE the idea, but what are the alternatives?

BLM Thinking Of Leasing Oil And Gas Parcels Near Dinosaur National Monument

Jul 15th - 23:26pm | Robert Roark

Simply greed of the most odious type. It shouldn't happen. 

Jul 13th - 16:56pm | Michael Goddard...

"There are places for appropriate energy development, and places that are not appropriate."  Driling adjacent to a National Park or National Monument is not appropriate.

Bridge And Boardwalk To Span Brooks River At Katmai National Park Gets Park Service Approval

Jul 15th - 22:31pm | Leanne Hopkins

is the new bridge handicap accessible?

Concern Voiced Over Protection Of Everglades National Park

Jul 15th - 06:45am | Peter

I've livedin South Florida over 40 years, and I can tell you the abuse the park has endured in that time is heartbreaking - the ignorance and greed of the Dade County government and its citizens being mostly to blame!

Jul 13th - 11:18am | Kurt Repanshek

If you look around, you can find some of that information. For instance, the United States' last contribution ($718K) was in 2011. This page shows some recently funded projects:

Jul 13th - 11:12am | ecbuck

Yes, I went to those sites before asking the question.  They are pretty weak on details.  Would like to see a list of funding by country and expenditures by project/country.

Jul 13th - 09:30am | Kurt Repanshek

Some interesting questions, EC. Apparently the U.S. would have to request funding assistance. Here are some web pages you might find interesting:

Jul 13th - 08:12am | ecbuck

Being on or off the list doesn't appear to have any real effect on the US approach to the issue.  Have the Everglades actually received any "immediate assistance" i.e. money, from the World Heritage Fund?  

Jul 13th - 07:56am | Kurt Repanshek

EC, I guess the bottom-line answer to your question depends on how the host country responds. As the second graph above says, being on the list should encourage the country -- in this case the United States -- to work to mitigate the factors that landed it on the list.Here's what the World Heritage Committee says:

Jul 13th - 07:45am | ecbuck

What actually changes based on whether the Park is on or not on the list?  

Lifetime "Senior" and "Access" Park Passes Now Available By Mail

Jul 15th - 00:35am | William Leong

I am 92 years old and bought a lifetime senior pass about 5 years go.  I have since lost the pass - how do I get a replacement pass?

Jul 11th - 06:42am | John Krainiak

I obtained my Senor Citizen  National Park pass 2 years ago, and seem to have lost it. Can I get a form to request a replacement? Thanks [email protected]

Mount Baldy At Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore To Remain Off-Limits Indefinitely

Jul 14th - 19:14pm | Mike Stewart

Well it looks like we finally will get access to Mt. Baldy Beach (But not the dune) as of Friday July 14th. This is a long time coming, and one wonders why if it can be opened now, why this couldn't have happened a few years ago. Also nearby Central Beach is again open after being closed much of the Spring due to access road flooding. Happy beachgoing and take advantage while you can.

Zinke: No Change To Craters Of The Moon National Monument

Jul 14th - 19:04pm | Toxie

Good to know we can add tax evader to junk bond broker and real estate sales when discussing your sleaze.

Jul 14th - 17:54pm | ecbuck

Ed, if the IRS audits me and finds I don't owe more money - I thank them.  And I thank you for not stealing my life saving or robbing my house.  Perhaps you should learn to be more grateful in life.  

Jul 14th - 17:30pm | Ed Madej

Why should any of us thank Ryan Zinke for not destroying something we already have?  In that case ecbuck, you should thank me for not stealing your life savings today, or robbing your house.

Jul 14th - 11:43am | Rick B.

Lee - despite naysayers ad hominm attacks on you, your point is well taken by the rest of us.

Jul 14th - 10:45am | ecbuck

The irony would be funny if not so sad.  Lee complains of the extractive industries and their "profit motive" yet he drives a gas guzzling RV and I would guess lives in a house with substantial amounts of wood.  Where does he think his gas and wood come from?  The gas and wood fairy?  Zinke determines no adjustments are needed at Craters.  Does he get a thank-you?

Jul 14th - 10:07am | [email protected]

Despite the inhospitable landscape of CRMO,  there are or were living ancient trees such as Limber Pine  now infected with Asian Blister Rust.   Of course, Int. Secy.

Jul 14th - 07:57am | Lee Dalton

The real reason there will be no changes to CRMO is simply that no one is coveting the land for some kind of profit motive.  It's money again -- or in this case, the lack thereof. 

Jul 14th - 02:37am | Rudy Stefancik

There's a reason why Neil Armstrong went to Craters of the Moon N.M. to practice moon landings with the Lunar Module. You can figure out that reason by looking at the picture above.

Drone Use Approved At Cape Cod National Seashore For Mapping

Jul 14th - 14:58pm | Napurano Chris

 What about race point ? 2017 July and August?

New National Park Senior Pass Price -- $80 -- Coming On August 28

Jul 13th - 11:49am | Cathy Chandler

I would like to purchase a pass for the national parks please

Jul 11th - 23:08pm | Jim Linville

$80 is still a great deal.  What will provide greater help to the NP finances, however, is standardizing their admission process.  Several MAJOR NPs we visited recently still rely are on the honor system which is what you would expect in a county park.

Jul 11th - 17:27pm | Linda Fritschel

I have a pass ($10) but am thinking of buying a new one because I can afford it and it will help the National Park system.

Jul 11th - 15:05pm | JoAnne Bissell

The pass is so worth it and still cheap at $80. The benefits are amazing.

EPA Revives Possibility Of Massive Mine Near Lake Clark National Park And Preserve

Jul 13th - 10:32am | Kurt Repanshek

Wild Places, for what it's worth, Traveler wrote many stories about the Obama administration's approval of a widened transmission corridor through Delaware Water Gap and the Appalachian National Scenic Trail, including one that accused the administration of fast-tracking the project.

Jul 12th - 23:33pm | Rick B.

"Everyone wants clean air and water and to protect the environment..." Nice sentiment, and I hope and wish for that, but mostly see "I don't care if you drink swamp gas over THERE as long as I make my profit and have safe water over HERE." I, too, wish your wishful thinking was closer to reality.

Jul 12th - 21:50pm | wild places

Let's include a story of the sulfide Polymet mine slated for the edge of the Boundary waters canoe area. This one approved by the Obama administration in 2009 and now being advanced by Democratic Rep. Rick Nolan of MN. Let's stop trying to paint one side as evil and the other as good. Everyone wants clean air and water and to protect the environment but we need to be practical about it.

Learn To Live Like A Homesteader At Homestead National Monument Of America

Jul 12th - 23:29pm | Rick B.

What a smart way to engage with the public.

June Visitation To Glacier National Park Climbs To Record 620,962

Jul 12th - 14:06pm | Sue Martindale

Disagree about cancelling bus tours. We are two senior citizens from Florida. We planned this trip a LONG time ago. We will be on unfamiliar turf in an unfamiliar car in uncertain conditions. We have scheduled a bus tour on our second day for safety reasons and so we can both enjoy the ride. We also hope to learn from the narrative.

Jul 12th - 11:22am | Constance Haynes

I agree. I could even get summer reservations back in March. the last time I. Went there three years ago I had no problem obtaining reservation in March for a July visit. I had the same problem with Yellowstone this year. It makes it hard for people traveling long distances to get there in time to get the non-reservable spots. I come from Las Vegas which is about a 15 hour drive to Glacier.

Mushroom Collecting Prohibited In Grand Teton National Park

Jul 12th - 12:47pm | [email protected]

There are ecological effects from large scale mushroom foraging; thus, restricting collecting is justifiable:  

Jul 11th - 23:38pm | Lee Dalton

And my recent experiences at GRTE were exactly the opposite.

Jul 11th - 14:44pm | D Odom

What ISNT prohibited in the GTNP?  Over the past 15 years it has become less and less of a pleasure to visit. They have basicly turned it into a "city park". Dont visit here looking for a great wildlife experence (Thats prohibited, lol). If you do see a bear, wolf, or moose.......keep on driving as they will likely immediately deem it a "no stopping zone".

Interior Secretary Says Comments Will Help Form His Recommendations On National Monuments

Jul 12th - 12:28pm | Rick B.

I'm certain he is talking about whatever comments he got from his boss before he started.

Jul 11th - 22:55pm | Lee Dalton


Analysis Of Comments Points To Overwhelming Support For National Monuments

Jul 11th - 19:28pm | Anonymous

The public coments will not make any difference in Secretary Zinke's final report. The report with its conclusions was written before the study period even began. The comments are merely window dressing on what the Secretary intends to recommend to the Prresident. The entire process was just for public relations to cover what has already been decided. 

Jul 11th - 17:22pm | Mike Painter

I hope public opinion is enough to sway the Interior Department. I sort of have my doubts, though.

Note To Interior Staff: The Battle Of Antietam Is Not A Fable

Jul 11th - 14:40pm | RodF

Perhaps Robert E.

Musings From Craters Of The Moon National Monument And Preserve

Jul 11th - 13:45pm | Don Scott

Glad to see Craters of the Moon get showcased, since to me it's one of the best-managed parks I know, even with the financial and staffing issues.  They've done some fine leveraging of NPS staff shortages by hiring volunteers like the ones described here - science-oriented people who work with the NPS in a win-win situation.  The showcase project is one in which Craters partners with

Traveler's View: Psst! Our National Parks Are In Danger

Jul 11th - 13:36pm | D Odom

Casey, Very well said!! 

Jul 11th - 02:49am | Rick B.

Nevermind. Message deleted.

Jul 10th - 20:16pm | beachdumb

The hysteria is amazing. The drama queens are ruling the roost here. No truer statement has ever been posted here. 

Photography In The National Parks: Favorites For Each Season

Jul 11th - 13:06pm | Rick B.

Once again, simply wonderful.

Jul 11th - 12:50pm | Paul Horsted

Enjoyed the article and your photos. Off-season is often the right season!

Jul 11th - 08:31am | justinh

Spectacular photos.

Lodging in the Parks: Beware the St. Mary Lodge & Resort

Jul 10th - 20:17pm | David M

     We booked a single night pre paid stay at this facility. While the website gave a brief description of the value room it does not contain pictures nor detailed information regarding the location and quality of the basement rooms.

Congress Considering Bills To Address National Park Service Backlog, Consider New Park Units, And Then Some

Jul 10th - 18:11pm | Anonymous

This is a prime example of what is wrong with the Congress today. This bill is 891 pages long and represents a grab bag of gifts to every lobby group in the country. All of these requirements will cost money that we do not have. Most of these requests represent narrow programs that are not needed.

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