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UPDATE | Official: BLM Not Asked To Fact-Check Secretary Zinke's Monuments Draft

Sep 20th - 06:34am | Rebecca Latson ...

And we should be surprised that facts weren't checked?  Nope.  Disheartened, yes, but not surprised.

Traveler's View: How Much Of Secretary Zinke's Approach To Conservation Can Public Lands Tolerate?

Sep 20th - 06:09am | John D Lemons


Sep 19th - 23:38pm | Lee Dalton

John, the mission of the Park Service as stated in the Enabling Act is to "conserve, unimpaired . . . for the enjoyment of future generations."  BUT, the history of the Park Service has been to place most of the emphasis of park management on the side of conservation with enjoyment being somewhat secondary.

Sep 19th - 21:12pm | John D Lemons

The article states that Secretary Zinke...'scuttled a director's order signed by former Park Service Director Jon Jarvis last year that reaffirmed the agency's "predominant" duty as protecting natural and cultural resources.' Actually, the Secretary does not have administrative or legal authority to alter the primary mission of the NPS.

Sep 19th - 09:53am | Lee Dalton

Tomp, thank you for an excellent and thoughtful posting. 

Sep 19th - 00:55am | tomp2

Why stop with hunting & fishing?  How about adding not just grazing and hard rock mining, but also coal mining, commercial fishing, and logging as "traditional uses" to be restored to National Monuments beyond those recommended for shrinking.  That's the language in Secretary Zinke's draft report and recommendation on the newer large National Monuments:  

Sep 18th - 20:14pm | Lee Dalton

There are three classes of men; lovers of wisdom, lovers of honor, and lovers of gain. Plato

Sep 18th - 18:04pm | Rick B.

You see, Lee? My original guess in this thread was right.

Sep 18th - 17:57pm | ecbuck

You still don't get it.  The Trump administration isn't going to do things the way the prior administrations have.  That is not terrible management, it is why Trump was elected.  

Sep 18th - 09:43am | tahoma

Besides being a poor conservationist, it appears Secretary Zinke is also a terrible manager.

Sep 18th - 08:55am | Lee Dalton

Just be sure your bright orange vest is made of Kevlar.

Sep 18th - 06:29am | Rebecca Latson ...

At the risk of sounding alarmist, I'm afraid it will simply be a matter of "when", not "if" someone in a national park gets hurt.

Sep 17th - 21:26pm | Lee Dalton

Likely stupid and bored.  Both times my planes were hit it was over a wooded area surrounding our little grass strip in Ohio many years ago.  

Sep 17th - 17:18pm | Rebecca Latson ...

Hmmm.  Sounds to me, Lee, like you were the target.  Or rather, your plane was the target.  I'm guessing the shooter was either too broke to afford the fee to use an official indoor or outdoor shooting range, or the shooter was just plain stupid ... or both.

Sep 17th - 12:47pm | Rick B.

Unfortunately, I'm afraid most of the commentary on this topic will fall on partisan lines.

Sep 17th - 12:39pm | Lee Dalton

There are very few petroglyph panels anywhere in Utah that are not pockmarked with bullet holes.  (Traffic signs and outhouse doors, too.)

Time For New Uniforms For The National Park Service?

Sep 19th - 18:06pm | Glad2bretired

Anybody else remember the short-lived Fashion World uniform contract experiment in the late '70's?  NPS uniforms could use some fine-tuning, but for the most part I agree that the uniform is iconic and should continue that way.  The National Park Service has other, more serious issues to which the agency should address its resources.

Sep 19th - 17:16pm | y_p_w

I personally like the formal dress uniform with the campaign hat for every day use.  I have seen some specialty uniforms, such as a shorts for summer, stocking caps, and Gore-Tex jackets for winter.

Sep 19th - 14:33pm | Rick B.

Lee - sacrilege! Say it ain't so!   And I agree with your comments on Mr Scott's posting.

Sep 19th - 14:02pm | Lee Dalton

Donald Scott, Bravo!  An absolutely excellent posting.  Next thing y'know, Ivanka will be designing new uniforms with the Trump brand on them. 

Sep 19th - 13:44pm | Donald Scott

This reminds me of the fortunately ill-fated attempt to replace the arrowhead with a new age modernistic patch, back in the 1970s.   It also seems an attempt at an end-run by Columbia (I wear their stuff, it's ok but now platinum in quality) to get the uniform contract away from North Face.  I would oppose this, especially for front-line Rangers and maintenance. 

Angels Landing In Zion National Park To Close For Yearly Cleaning

Sep 19th - 17:25pm | Siglin 1

I hiked to the top a few years ago with an 80 year old friend. I think it should be a one way trail past Scouts Landing as meeting those going the opposite way required letting go of the chain. I also think hikers should be warned that if both feet slip they will not have the strength to hold on to the chain.

UPDATE | Hurricane Maria Bearing Down On U.S. Virgin Islands

Sep 19th - 07:54am | Gary Wilson

That's terrible news... This island just continues to take a horrendous beating.  It looks like the eye is going to pass right over the island so that will be two direct hits in less than 2 weeks. 

UPDATE | Report: Interior Secretary Recommending Changes To 10 National Monuments

Sep 19th - 01:41am | tomp2

The draft memo has been posted on documentcloud:    

Park History: Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area

Sep 18th - 22:32pm | Judie Wells

Our fisst time here was this weekend for the most enjoyable Storytelling weekend!  This park is so beautiful and I loved going to the Twin Arches!  We will definately be back with the 5th wheel!

Where Do You Draw The Line On Erasing History In The National Park System?

Sep 18th - 14:49pm | David Crowl

This is an interesting story about erasing history that some tribes find offensive; Tribal Leaders urge Yellowstone to Change names of Hayden Valley and Mount Doane

Sep 15th - 11:40am | Dan Gold

It is my understanding that historically, many Nativie American tribes, as part of their accepted culture, would raid neighboring tribes enslaving captives. But, I'm not going to tout destroying their culture today nor discriminating against them due to perceived faults of tribal ancestors.

Cameron Sholly Named New Associate Director To Guide NPS Visitor and Resource Protection

Sep 17th - 12:02pm | Richard Peters

Hi, This lifetime avid user of all campgrounds, county, federal, national etc. For many years I drove tourist into many national parks in the four corner's. 

Rebuilding Virgin Islands National Park After Hurricane Irma Won't Happen Overnight

Sep 16th - 13:41pm | Cyndi Rowland

   I hope in the rebuild process there can be established more camping areas and affordable low-budget accomodations for visitors.  I am a past volunteer worker at the Maho Bay Camp that is no longer in existence. It was such a wonderful way to experience the island -- such a loss. 

Sep 15th - 12:56pm | David Crowl

I visited the Virgin Islands NP last year as an excursion while on a cruise. It was a great tour with a guide. We also swam and snorkled in Trunk Bay. While it wasn't the best day of snorkling because it was windy and the sand was churned up, it was a beatiful place. I am sure it will bounce back over time.

Sep 14th - 19:03pm | Gary Wilson

I definitely feel the pain of all the Park Service employees and all the islanders that had to go through such an event and can comprehend the challenges they face.  There are days where I still feel shellshocked from the wildfire event that occurred in the Great Smoky Mountain region around Gatlinburg just last year.  It's a long road...

With An Eye On Rebuilding Sperry Chalet, Structure Is Being Stabilized For Winter

Sep 16th - 12:10pm | Kurt Repanshek

James, thanks so much for your donation! It's greatly appreciated. And I'm sure the folks at the Glacier Conservancy will be thanking you as well.

Sep 16th - 07:35am | James Tapner

Come on America!!! This a national treasure!!! Please help the Glacier Park Conservancy with your donations.I have given my donation.Please help wiih whatever you can afford.At this time it's up to the people that really love our national parks to step up to help.Thank you!!

Here's A Look At Hurricane Irma's Impact On The National Park System

Sep 16th - 10:05am | R.Wolfe

I've never been to Fort Jefferson however from what I've read & my Mom was there not long ago seems like somewhere I'd like to visit, I'm hoping IRMA didn't do too much to it!

Hurricane Irma Thrashed Virgin Islands National Park

Sep 16th - 09:18am | Suzy Tripp

I lived on St. Croix during Hugo......which is why I moved back to my native state of CA!!   Hugo was HORRIFIC & MISERABLE x's 100! Everyone put their money where their mouths are!  Funding has been greatly slashed for our National Parks!  Our Nat'l Parks & AUDUBON has & will be getting relief monies from my husband & I.

New Online Venue For Purchase Of Senior Pass To National Parks

Sep 15th - 21:19pm | Anne Reilly

My husband and I each applied on-line for the senior parks pass, at the beginning of summer and still have not received them, more than 12 weeks later.

Sep 15th - 15:44pm | CONNIE SHAW

How long does it take to receive confirmation?  I sent mine, postmarked August 26th, and mailed it on that day.  To date, I have not received confirmation.  

Buffalo National River Rangers Shoot And Kill Man, Investigation Under Way

Sep 15th - 21:14pm | Lee Dalton

So by that logic, we need to disarm police officers? Hmmmm. America today ain't the America we all knew just a few years ago.  Have you seen what the NRA is preaching these days?   

Sep 15th - 16:37pm | Rick B.

And to think of the large number of female LE rangers I know considering their weapon as essential to their "manhood" simply means that you've never met them, Mr Scott. Congratulations on leaving the ranks of rangers.

Sep 15th - 15:56pm | Rangerskip

So guns on Rangers is not good because you stand a better chance of talking to a person with a weapon in their hand if you are unarmed? That is very naive thinking on your part. It removes the ability of the ranger to practice self defense. What if the violator is holding a hostage or is a threat to other campers? And talking about the weather to the armed individual? You can't be serious.

Fund Up And Running To Help Storm-Battered National Park Service Employees

Sep 15th - 16:33pm | Rick B.

Thanks for posting this, Kurt.

Reactions To Yellowstone Supervolcano Study Ranged From Hysteria To Ho-Hum

Sep 15th - 01:43am | tomp2

Lee-- Are you talking about this one plus aftershocks:

Sep 14th - 11:40am | Lee Dalton

After experiencing a swarm of about 75 small earthquakes on the Utah - Idaho border, the conspiracy websites are going nuts.  Maybe if the website producers would look at seismograms instead of spectrograms, they'd have a better understanding of the whole situation.  But conspiracies are a lot more fun than trying to learn the facts. 

Sep 14th - 09:41am | Jesse

Maybe if USGS and (especially) the University UTAH were accurately reporting all the earthquakes and had decent spectograms for the public there would be more trust. A lot of data gets erased and ommited when it somes to tilt meters, seismograms, gas charts.

Interior Secretary Says Contractors, If Needed, Should Help Reduce Fuel Loads On Public Lands

Sep 14th - 21:36pm | Gary Wilson

The smokey the bear approach has been a horrible concept from day one.  Forests will have wild fires and that's a component of the ecosystem.  There are many species that need fire to propegate so when you remove fire from an ecosystem you set the stage for what we see today - dense overgrown stands and diseased trees..  If you want "healthy forests" then they burn on occasion.

Sep 13th - 18:27pm | Lee Dalton

Right Smokies.  It needs to be done, but how and by whom? It's America's GOP brand of socialism.  Socialize expense, privatize profits. We need SCIENTIFIC management, but right now we have an administration that doesn't believe in science. 

Sep 13th - 18:08pm | SmokiesBackpacker

Does anyone really believe that this has anything to do with the health or safety of the forest and its users?  When a Trumpite proposes a solution that involves outsourcing, then start looking at the contractor wheels cranking up to exploit these public lands for private gain.  Again.

Lifetime "Senior" and "Access" Park Passes Now Available By Mail

Sep 14th - 13:33pm | Lynette Truitt

I purchased a senior pass 7/29.  I printed my temporaty pass but have misplaced it & I/m leaving on a trip next week.  I have not recieved my card yet & wonder if there is a way I can print my pass again?

Virgin Islands National Park, Before And After Hurricane Irma

Sep 13th - 23:34pm | janes

This is so heartbreaking for the people of BVI and their beautiful country. Hoping they find the will and resources to rebuild. 

19th Century Military Saber Training Course At Fort Vancouver National Historic Site

Sep 13th - 18:51pm | Patrick

They appear to be fencing sabres - used for the modern version of the competitive sport (non-electrified).

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