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Now's Your Opportunity To Take A Stand On National Monuments From Bears Ears To Katahdin Woods

May 19th - 09:01am | Sara Hart

I support The Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument, Bears Ears National Monument and all National Monuments as they are part of an irrevocable and beautiful American value, our essence as Americans: the protection of our public lands for everyone's enjoyment and for future generations of all living creatures, without degrading or exploiting these lands, and without allowing private entit

May 16th - 21:00pm | Donald M. Scott

Here's what I sent.  Feel free to borrow or adapt if you like.  And, yes, I did have that unexpected meeting with the Archbishop of Canterbury.  

May 16th - 13:51pm | Don Sharlow

I support the National Parks and the newly designated National Monuments under fire at this time. These lands belong to all the people and were set aside for thier natural and cultural value for future generations. They are the last remaining untrouched public lands and of course all the hungry developers want to get their hands on them.

NPS Official Investigated For Padding His Travel Expenses Lands New Position

May 19th - 08:53am | TLF

# STAND. If people don't agree with your opinion, that just means that they think for themselves. You just attacked Kurt (while remaining nameless yourself)and went off subject.

May 18th - 21:08pm | Kurt Repanshek

Perhaps you missed the story on Pebble, or the one on the James River, or the ongoing problems with the transcanyon pipeline, or the stories on the national monuments, or the stories that spawn debates over "clean" energy, the piece on oil trains and the threats they pose the parks, or even the piece the other day on how the growing numbers of volunteers might not be in the best interests of th

May 18th - 20:34pm | #STAND

The thing is, if eyes were truly wide open there would be conversation of the national parks themselves with water ways being lawfully polluted, mining being opened up, hunting of animals for no reason etc etc etc. Hell if every comment on this were made in voices raised up Flint Michigan would have clean water.

May 18th - 19:10pm | Lee Dalton

" Unfortunately, it seems that more of the great leaders, supervisors and managers have retired or moved on. " Or could it be that there are still a whole bunch of great leaders, supervisors and managers out there right now who are just quietly doing the job without fanfare --- and perhaps unfortunately --- without much credit?

May 18th - 18:25pm | Just Another Retiree

It is convenient to assign the blame with one presidential candidate or the current President, with a current or past Director or Secretary or but none have much to do with this situation or the many others we could each cite where NPS supervisors or leaders are too quickly shifted without consequences or a few where people were too quickly blamed.

May 18th - 12:11pm | Shelby J Kuenning


May 17th - 22:40pm | jim22

Oh the hypocracy...she didn't have the right friends I guess...

May 17th - 20:48pm | don.s

never trusted that little turkey even back during his days as a GS-5 in NCR .  

May 17th - 18:51pm | Jim22

Gee, how will he survive on a GS-14 wages..poor thing. He should have been fired. The NPS is so corrupt, this puss filled boil or unethical behavior and double standards.

May 17th - 18:44pm | jim22

The bottom feeders have do you fight this? The complete lack of conscience in an organization that should be the most ethical, the most upstanding is what is so nauseating.

May 17th - 18:09pm | Glad2bretired

Kim:  I am familiar with the Douglas Factors, and have seen them unevenly and unfairly applied in disciplinary decisions.

May 17th - 17:12pm | Pat D

This isn't funny.  As a former NPS employee, I am disgusted in this favoritism and lack of severe punishment. He should be knocked down to a a GS- 11 and forced to pay restitution with interest. NOT PROMOTED. AND should NOT supervise ANYONE.

May 17th - 16:10pm | Kim H

I will not get into politics because criminal and fraudulent behavior doesn't have a party affiliation.   And I'm a lifetime NPS employee so I've seen the good and the bad.  BUT what everybody fails to mention is The Douglas Factors.  It is a disciplinary matrix EVERY federal employee is measured against when being disciplined.

May 17th - 11:22am | Glad2bretired

I can relate to tahoma's comment, having myself voluntarily left the NPS for another agency well before retirement, and then having a fulfilling career.  While working for the NPS, I observed managerial misconduct that one would normally associate with a criminal organization.  I endured retaliation after truthfully testifying in a supposedly confidential internal investigation.

May 17th - 09:36am | tahoma

This golden transfer within upper NPS management is not surprising to me, since a 'mere' $18,000 was involved.  Former Mount Rainier superintendent Uberuaga was promoted to Grand Canyon after accepting a six-figure bribe from a concessioner he managed.  I think there are probably ten other instances of corruption in the NPS for every one that is publicized.  Protecting the National Park Service

May 17th - 08:53am | TLF

Too bad. I was hopeful that this was someone assigned that would clean up this mess. The position did not exist before- it was created for him.  All you have to do is scan the employee satisafction survey to see that the problem with morale is always the same- management, management, management.

May 16th - 23:03pm | Harryb3570

The man is a thief who stole thousands of dollars from the National Park Service. There is no excuse for his actions. He should have been fired immediately and made to pay back every cent he stole. Instead he is given a transfer and and new job. What does this say to our employees. What type of example is the National Park Service setting with the Caldwell case.

May 16th - 19:40pm | Mike From Jersey

It's Trump for Another Firing. He does not like Dishonest people. He does not like People who he can't trust. Is michael Caldwell Next ?

May 16th - 19:03pm | ecbuck

"lifelong public servant"  LOL Oh the sacrifices she made:

May 16th - 18:18pm | Anonymous

Amen Bill. Well said.

May 16th - 16:30pm | Bill

I find it shameful that people would make assumptions about a political leader that never had the chance to address these issues.  Clinton was a lifelong public servant that gave up a law practice and many years of her life to benefiting all of us.  To drag her through the mud like this, even after she was defeated is shameful, and you should feel bad for doing it.

May 16th - 14:59pm | SmokiesBackpacker

IF I'm not mistaken, it was Trump who put Zinke, the prime padder of expense reports, in charge of the DOI.  Is that the Clinton's fault?

May 16th - 13:55pm | Glad2bretired

Anonymous, thanks for your clarification regarding Caldwell's demotion.  If this is true, it makes the transfer look a little better. However, I think he should have been fired, same as anybody else who steals public money.  

May 16th - 13:07pm | Donald Scott

This is the result of a generation's hiring and promotion without strict civil service standards.  People are promoted now for political reasons, and this is the result.  Until we re-introduce tough civil service tests and standards, it'll only get worse.   

May 16th - 11:19am | Anonymous

Hilarious! This article has clearly overstated Caldwell's new role at WASO. He will be Chief of Staff. Chief of freaking other words, he's going to be working as a glorified management assistant. All the hype over his new major role is just click bait. He won't be overseeing anything. Stop it with the fake news. 

May 16th - 11:13am | Anonymous

Just as a correction to the first line in this article that he was "transferred to a position overseeing the agency's Park Planning, Facilities and Lands Division" that is incorrect. He has been appointed to a position to serve under the Associated Director for that directorate as chief of staff. This is not a promotion, but removal from SES as well as demotion to a GS-14.

Geologist Sues National Park Service For Denying His Grand Canyon Research Permit, Claiming Religious Discrimination

May 19th - 08:27am | tahoma

Dr Snellings research request seems confused, at best.  The Inner Gorge of Grand Canyon is Precambrian granite and schist, twice as old the Paleozoic sedimentary rocks, which are remarkably flat and unfolded in the park.

Monitoring Climate Change Across The National Park System With Your Help

May 18th - 16:22pm | Acadia on my mind

Readers may find handy this blog post we did at the start of the Trump Administration, which includes links to about 2 dozen National Park Service and other federal climate change Web sites.

Op-Ed | Bears Ears And Grand Staircase: A Plea To Interior Secretary Zinke

May 18th - 14:58pm | Fred Swanson

You're right, Mike, and thanks for providing the link. (See also Kurt Repanshek's article in National Parks Traveler, May 11, 2017.)  I hope my "open letter" spurs others to register their views, and yes, I did send in my own comments! 

May 18th - 12:35pm | Mike Painter

I came across a Twitter exchange between a citizen and the Department of the Interior.  

Comments Sought On Proposed Shower And Accessibility Improvements To Historic Comfort Stations In Glacier National Park

May 18th - 14:53pm | Lee Dalton

I would love to see showers in virtually all NPS campgrounds where water and flush toilets are available.  Most state park camps have them and one of the most frequent complaints we fielded for many years in all the parks I worked in were related to the lack of showers.  I'll bet that is still the case. 

May 18th - 14:33pm | judy lund

why a shower???? disabilities access--very good idea

Volunteers Are Integral To The National Park System, But Can There Be Too Many?

May 18th - 12:25pm | Fred Swanson

This is a very significant issue which deserves wider discussion.

May 17th - 18:36pm | jim

The uniforms are in an office somewhere. Well, some jobs the people paid the most just don't want to do. Then there are also interns. For a while some volunteers were paid, but no longer. The parks hire the volunteers, and long before the current budget cuts. There is a huge disparity in incomes between, permanent and seasonals.Volunteers are sincere and hardworking.

May 17th - 15:50pm | Lee Dalton

A few weeks ago I went on a long trip that took me to Chamizal National Memorial in El Paso, Texas.  Then on to Big Bend National Park and from there to Fort Davis National Historic Site.  In all those places, I saw only ONE park service uniform.  Every other person I saw or spoke to in visitor centers and elsewhere were volunteers.

Former Northeast Regional Director Worked Out Confidential Deal With National Park Service

May 18th - 12:13pm | Disgusted WASO ...

As a mere GS 12 working in the NPS division Mr. Caldwell now works for, I would have been fired for this.  An agency with such starkly different standards for its Senior Executive Service employees sends the rest of us a very clear message: we good ol' boys take care of our own, and you common folk had better watch your backs.

May 17th - 11:29am | Glad2bretired

Gotta love all those 'Confidential" agreements, which hide the truth and make the agency an enabler, for a crime in which there is no meaningful punishment.  

May 17th - 10:56am | Rick B.

How is anyone allowed to make felonies go away confidentially?

May 17th - 10:51am | Matt M.

i should be used to it but still can't believe that we have employees who "knowingly violate" federal regulations - essentially stealing - and still land in cushy non-supv gigs like this guy.  it makes us all look bad. 

May 17th - 08:47am | Lee Dalton

Just one more disgusting pile of sleaze from our highest government officials.  The way things are going now, the Federal Prison Service will need to open an entirely new facility with wings for each agency, Congress, and the White Asylum.  It wouldn't be long before they were completely full.  Is someone passing out Stupid Plls?

Trump Administration Cracks Regulatory Window For Pebble Mine Near Lake Clark National Park

May 17th - 18:25pm | Rick B.

Al --  

May 17th - 17:34pm | OntheRoad

Hmmm. I noticed you stated that the Inuit are operating the lead mine, but Pebble isn't even US.  Might there be different management philosophies?

Oil Company Poised To Begin Surveying Big Cypress National Preserve For Oil

May 17th - 15:16pm | James LaCroix

My Dad, James Sewell, headed the land acquisition project to protect the Big Cypress for future generations to enjoy. This haphazard exploration project, along with the probable expansion of drilling in this area are sure to damage, if not destroy the fragile ecosystem in this area. Dad would be heartbroken... we all should be heartbroken...

Op-Ed | Some People Have Always Hated National Monuments—Until They Love Them

May 17th - 12:37pm | [email protected]


Driving the Park Loop Road in Acadia National Park

May 16th - 16:06pm | Paul Horsted

Perhaps things have changed since this article was written but there's video from the Schoodic Institute of otters at Schoodic Point in Acadia (so they say, in 2015) at this link. But I couldn't find any other images of otters there, so far. And I saw none at "Otter Cliffs" on my visit there in 2014.

Sunset Campground In Kings Canyon National Park Closed For Immediate Future

May 16th - 13:14pm | Kurt Repanshek

Grant Grove is in Kings Canyon, Donald.

May 16th - 12:59pm | Donald Scott

Grant Grove?  Or Cedar Grove?   Isn't Grant Grove in Sequoia?

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