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Lifetime "Senior" and "Access" Park Passes Now Available By Mail

May 6th - 14:19pm | Michael Lee Jones

I have lost my senior life time pass how do i get another free one?

May 5th - 07:34am | Kurt Repanshek

Linda B, yes, I'm afraid you'll have to buy a new oneLinda N, normally, you would just need one pass for the two of you, unless you travel separately to parks. For all with questions about senior passes, here's the NPS's FAQ page for seniors:

May 5th - 07:02am | Linda Niemeyer

Do my husband and I both need to buy a pass or would we just need one?

May 5th - 06:31am | Linda Bernstein

I brought a pass several years ago, but I have lost my card,do I have to purchase a new one?

Op-Ed | Some People Have Always Hated National Monuments—Until They Love Them

May 6th - 14:12pm | Rick B.

Like Lee said, an excellent article composed well.

May 6th - 12:03pm | ecbuck

In typical fashion this author couches the discussion in all or nothing terms to create a strawman to attack.  Please tell me, who actually opposes all parks and national monuments.  

May 6th - 11:01am | Lee Dalton

Thanks for an excellent editorial, George. We're all going to need to stand together to protect our public lands from Drumpification for the next four years. I hope to see some other Traveler readers at the Utah State Capitol this afternoon.

UPDATED 2: Interior Department Releases List Of 27 National Monuments To Be Studied

May 6th - 11:02am | Lee Dalton

Theodore Roosevelt National Park Moving Ahead With North Unit Communication Tower

May 5th - 16:18pm | ecbuck

 There still is not enough evidence that these signals are benign. And no evidence it is dangerous.

May 5th - 14:45pm | Lee Dalton

This discussion is a perfect example of how the NPS -- and the rest of our government and society --  face an almost impossible challenge when it comes to serving ALL our citizens.  That's why we sometimes have to trust people who have been elected or otherwise handed responsibility for managing our nation, our parks, indeed our world, to try to make the best decisions they can.

May 5th - 11:56am | argalite

Yes, they are blanketing the wilderness with cell phone coverage.  There still is not enough evidence that these signals are benign.  There are studies out there that show effects of cell towers on life.  Whatever happened to the precautionary principle?  As for the other subject, wilderness allows you to be in the wild.  when in the wild, anything can happen, and the i

May 4th - 17:38pm | ecbuck

Precaution against what?

May 4th - 15:48pm | Rick B.

OK, Kurt. Satire is often in the eyes of the beholder, and I guess I beheld that a skosh bit differently than you. Life is good.

May 4th - 15:08pm | justinh

Glad Verizon and TRNP were able to work this out.  Knowing that an area is "blanketed" with cell phone coverage diminishes the notion of wilderness I otherwise imagine myself to be entering. 

May 4th - 14:17pm | Kurt Repanshek

I dunno, Rick, I think his mix of satire and hyperbole pretty much hit the mark. I vote for the precautionary principle.

May 4th - 14:12pm | Rick B.

Argalite - that was at the same time callous and incoherent. Would you like to try again?

May 4th - 10:27am | Lee Dalton

I have to admit that I have very mixed feelings about this.  I was just "rescued" in Big Bend when the water pump on my truck failed at Rio Grande Village Campground. There's no cell phone coverage there which makes it wonderfully peaceful but it was only with help from the campground host using an NPS landline that I was able to contact AAA.

May 4th - 10:13am | Kurt Repanshek

Well, I guess if you want to be assured of cell coverage, you don't go into wilderness. How did we ever manage to survive those pre-cell phone days?

May 4th - 10:01am | ecbuck

And what did that accomplish other than denying service to some who would like it in the park and perhaps even putting lives at risk because of an in ability to contact help?

May 4th - 09:44am | Kurt Repanshek

Perhaps, EC, but after PEER raised their concerns the NPS and Verizon worked it out to direct their signal down the U.S. 85 corridor and keep it out of wilderness.

May 4th - 09:41am | ecbuck

 "blanket designaed wilderness with cell phone coverage."   Just another example of how silly PEER can be in their environmental extremism.    

Senate Passes National Park Service Centennial Act Before Adjourning

May 5th - 09:56am | Outdoor Volunteer

Does America really believe that the National Parks will be saved by jumping the Senior pass from $10 to $80?  That's an 800% increase folks.  What would a stamp cost if its price jumped 800%?  (Answer $3.92)  And how many Americans would be outraged by that increase?  But vulnerable seniors are an easy target and many seniors aren't even aware of the Senior Pass - so,

Imagine If The National Park Service Had Injured Reserve And Disabled Lists

May 4th - 16:54pm | justinh

Feels like NFL OTAs are starting.

May 4th - 13:40pm | RickyAZ

Tommy John surgery :)

May 4th - 08:52am | Ranger1

Left off the Northern portion of Death Valley NP and Scotty's Castle, still under reconstruction due to flash flooding-Not expected to reopen this year.

May 4th - 08:30am | tahoma

In addition, the North Cascades Highway (SR20) might have its latest opening ever due to Spring snowfalls and avalanche debris tens of feet thick on the road:  Short slideshow & video:

The National Park to Park Highway

May 4th - 13:47pm | Dave Cawdell

Watching the show right now and loving it. I'm 5 years from retirement and this looks like 3 months of my retirement accounted for. Maybe longer. I have visited many of these parks. But never had the time to stop for more than a few days at any of them.

May 1st - 15:46pm | Kathy Hunt

I was also wondering if there is a current Day map of the still existing roads

Investigation Launched Into Grizzly Bear Mauling of Botanist Outside Yellowstone National Park

May 3rd - 22:12pm | John Swallow

I find it reprehensible that this article seems to go out of its way to blame the victim, Mr. Evert, for his being killed by this bear. The authors of this article try to absolve the  people who were manhandling this bear after drugging it of any responsibility in the victims death.

Organizations Urge Trump Administration Not To Reduce Size, Number Of National Monuments

May 3rd - 18:00pm | wild places

Over 400 organizations? I'd say we have too many organizations in this country.

Man Fined $1,000 For Illegal Possession Of Wildlife, Taking Petrified Wood From Petrified Forest National Park

May 3rd - 14:04pm | Calm down

You guys are getting HEATED UP about this park in Arizona. Maybe some of you will WARM UP to the idea of calming down about this HOT topic. (get it? It's in Arizona so its hot)

May 2nd - 07:40am | Bill

should have been a$10,000.00 fine.

May 2nd - 06:39am | AP

He clearly is not well, mentally.

May 1st - 15:17pm | Diana

Only a $1000 fine? It should be $1000 per pound of petrified wood and per bird wing. That may be a better deterrent.

Vets To Determine Whether Bear That Attacked Father and Son in Great Smoky Mountains National Park Had Rabies

May 3rd - 09:22am | JViper

Every time there is a bear attack, people come out of the woodwork to blame the victim.  3 of the 4 comments here are blaming the victim in a roundabout way.  A damn kid got attacked folks, have a heart.  Wildlife can be unpredictable, and not all attacks are because somebody did something wrong.

How Will Interior Secretary Mold The National Park Service Budget In Light Of President's Cuts?

May 3rd - 08:44am | Anonymous

we must defend, not defund, nps 2017 budget needs.

Devils Garden Area Of Arches National Park Closed Through June 3

May 3rd - 08:12am | John Galt

Eric Mc the National Parks belong to all Americans, not just fit and capable hikers.  There are plenty of wilderness areas, and less accessible parts of the parks, for visitors who want to avoid people.  

May 2nd - 18:02pm | Len

I'm going at the end of May for 4 days, will the roads only be closed or are the hikes inaccessible as well?

May 2nd - 13:50pm | Lee Dalton

Agreed, Eric Mc, but can you imagine the nuclear explosion that would be triggered by the Moab Chamber of Commerce?

May 2nd - 10:05am | Fred Boyd

They need shuttle buses at Arches just like the ones at Zion

May 1st - 22:26pm | Eric Mc

I was just there and the roads were fine, classic government waste. It does nothing to address the real problem of overcrowding. They should rip up the roads and make the area less accessable in order to preserve the natural beauty

May 1st - 20:00pm | George H

they can't do it in the winter and peak season is what, March to November? What else can they do?

May 1st - 16:29pm | Helen J

Glad I  am not planning a trip to Arches this summer. Sounds like a mess. But improvements come with a price. Hopefully this will all be worth it.

May 1st - 15:10pm | Lee Dalton

First, it's gotten to the point where the peak season runs nearly all year.  Second, you can't do work like this in freezing temperatures or rainy weather.   This was one of those lose-win situations in which you have to lose first to win later. 

President Trump Says Budget Stalemate Could Close National Parks, Blames Democrats

May 2nd - 20:39pm | Rick B.

True, Faye, but do you really think someone exhibiting sociopathic tendencies like our current President cares?  

May 2nd - 13:45pm | FAYE NORRIS

As the summer approaches and people want to vacation in the National Parks it would be a hardship to thousands of people planning vacations to National Parks this spring-summer as well as businesses needing the tourist trade. I think using the parks as a political bargaining chip is wrong because it affects to many citizen's lives.

Executive Order On National Monuments Could Test Secretary Zinke's Pledge To Roosevelt Conservatism

May 2nd - 16:48pm | Kevin Black

I agree comletely with the above comment---I experienced the morale issue first hand this winter in the Everglades.  The NPS employees were fine in what they are supposed to do, but it was obvious that they were "just doing their jobs" while understaffed.  I missed the interest and passion that I always learned so much from over the last 40 years of visiting and that made my repeated

Cave Conservancy Buys Land Containing Entrance To Mammoth Cave In Kentucky

May 2nd - 15:09pm | drew hanson

wonderful news!!

Ken Burns Honored For The National Parks: America's Best Idea

May 1st - 20:01pm | George H

Geez, smokies - shirley you can't be this negative in real life, can you? 

May 1st - 14:56pm | SmokiesBackpacker

In 2011, when the NPS started their Smokies shenanigans, we became aware of their cries for money in other places, I dubbed it the Ken Burns effect.  Because you can almost time it, to the day of the release of the NPS series that the green and gray became the green and green.

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