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A 72-year-old tractor that long has been parked on an Alaskan riverbank along the last tract of land obtained via a homestead patent issued under the Homestead Act of 1862 is being airlifted to Nebraska, where it will be cleaned up and exhibited at Homestead National Monument of America.
Though the House Oversight Committee last fall held an extensive hearing into harassment, sexual and otherwise, in the National Park Service, a Virginia Democrat is calling on the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations to hold its own hearing into the problem.
A decision to lift Endangered Species Act protection from grizzly bears in the greater Yellowstone ecosystem came Thursday, just after a group held up the death of a well-known Yellowstone National Park grizzly as a warning regarding the fate of other grizzlies in the ecosystem if they are delisted.
There easily are 100 and more dining spots in the National Park System, from deli operations to crystal and white-linen-draped-table establishments. But where are the best ones, and which are the ones to avoid?
Access to the Mount Edith Cavell day-use area, already one of the most popular destinations in Jasper National Park, will be limited and require a free permit this year due to construction at the parking lot and access road.
After concluding that the removal of five structures from the Big Meadows area of Shenandoah National Park will have an adverse effect on a historic district, the park is taking input on a memorandum of agreement that requires the buildings to be documented and photographed before removal.

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