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Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is wasting his time, and the country’s money, reviewing the value of 27 national monuments established since 1996 by presidents using their authority under the Antiquities Act, according to Democrats in the House of Representatives.
Two young mountain lions, suspected to be brothers, were fitted with GPS collars last month and added to a 15-year-old study of the big cats in and around Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.
Homestead National Monument of America will be one of the prime locations for experiencing the total solar eclipse on August 21, and not just because it’s in the path of totality. NASA has designated the Nebraska park an official viewing location for the natural phenomenon, and the space agency’s scientists and camera crews will on site for three days of activities, presentations, and exhibits, including a program from the creators of the PBS Kids series “Ready Jet Go!”
A 24-year-old woman was medevaced off Mount Rainier on Sunday, a day after rangers rescued her from deep within a crevasse that she fell into while descending the mountain with two friends.
National Parks Traveler is about community, the broad, expansive, and inclusive national parks community. That is a key driver behind the web site and a factor in why we've transitioned the Traveler to a nonprofit organization. It has a mission and role to play long after the current staff retires, as Ken Burns, Dayton Duncan, and others drive home with their views of the Traveler.
Year after year after year, the dollars attached to the deferred maintenance across the National Park System continued a slow, but steady, upward march. Until 2016, when the National Park Service was actually able to slice roughly $600 million off the total, dropping it to $11.3 billion.

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