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There easily are 100 and more dining spots in the National Park System, from deli operations to crystal and white-linen-draped-table establishments. But where are the best ones, and which are the ones to avoid?
Access to the Mount Edith Cavell day-use area, already one of the most popular destinations in Jasper National Park, will be limited and require a free permit this year due to construction at the parking lot and access road.
After concluding that the removal of five structures from the Big Meadows area of Shenandoah National Park will have an adverse effect on a historic district, the park is taking input on a memorandum of agreement that requires the buildings to be documented and photographed before removal.
You're invited to join Isle Royale National Park aboard the Ranger III for summer 2017 Keweenaw Waterway Cruises.
So poor is the genetic diversity of mountain lions in Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area and surrounding areas in California that a single new cat to the area could have a great impact, according to wildlife biologists.
In 1995, National Park Service Ranger Doug Thompson saw the Guadalupe Mountains of New Mexico and thought they were clouds. Little did he know, but for the next six years he would work under those clouds, and beneath those mountains at Carlsbad Caverns National Park. He was looking for a challenge after two decades as a ranger, and found one.

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