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If you wonder why national parks and protected areas need daily media coverage, look at the situation with the Caneel Bay Resort at Virgin Islands National Park.
The second season of road construction in Sequoia National Park is scheduled to begin Monday and will take place on an approximately mile-long segment of the Generals Highway between Amphitheater Point and Crystal Cave Road.
The drinking water situation worsened Friday at Grand Canyon National Park, where officials are phasing in another level of water conservation that will impact restrooms and RV dump and fill stations in the park's campgrounds.
Up to 30 wolves will be set free at Isle Royale National Park over the next three years under a plan the National Park Service has settled on in a bid to bring genetic diversity back to the park's few remaining wolves.
Six million wild acres, a mountain that tests the world's best mountaineers, and a landscape that can reach deep into your heart with its character are phrases that help define Denali National Park and Preserve, but it can take a lifetime to truly understand and appreciate this place.
Just as road work on the main route to Zion National Park's south entrance is winding down ... it's moving to the Kolob Canyons entrance of the park located in southwestern Utah.

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