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Interior Secretary Zinke: NPS Staff Can Clean Restrooms, But Not Manage Campgrounds

Sep 5th - 15:05pm | y_p_w

Ranger Doug: Kurt:  Great exposure to the boil on the butt of the NPS.   The very essence of the NPS is the Ranger.  Farming out the essential contact zones to private enterprise is simply foolish and points to total privatization of "America's Best Idea."

Sep 5th - 14:57pm | y_p_w

Again, which party or president sat ideally by as the NPS let the copyrights of national landmarks go to the highest corporate bidder?  Hint: starts with a "D". 

Sep 5th - 14:39pm | Jason

They do not. They run lodging, restaurants, and outfitters. The whole purpose of the push by Zinke is to get control of campgrounds too.

Where Do You Draw The Line On Erasing History In The National Park System?

Sep 5th - 14:19pm | David Crowl

"Rather than rush to "cleanse" the park system (or any other place) of unsavory parts of history, wouldn't it be better to place them in context, as the Park Service intends to do?"

Sep 5th - 12:53pm | Don Scott

Huzzah for this story.  This attempt to erase history, and to judge important people in fields like preservation, education, or space exploration by only part of their history, is another example of the hobgoblin of little minds.  In this case, the little minds of the modern Sierra Club, now about as far removed from the vision of its founders as Trump is from Washington.  I'd su

Sep 5th - 12:31pm | y_p_w

I'm a bit torn on this.  I live near Berkeley, California, and the Le Contes were highly influential at the new University of California having arrived from the south.  There's a Le Conte Avenue in Berkeley and even a Le Conte elementary school.

Sep 4th - 22:36pm | Rick B.

Why not, WP? I hope you aren't asking seriously. The simple answer is that all of those things are not equivalent.

Sep 4th - 21:08pm | wild places

It's pretty clear that there are no lines any longer. If one person is offended that is enough for many not only to attempt to erase history but to riot and destroy public property under the guise it is for the greater good. Anyone who thinks the NP's are off limits to them is living in a dream world.

Sep 4th - 09:04am | ecbuck

Lee, you are one confused old man.  Andrew Jackson was the founder of the modern Democrat Party.  He is their hero and not the Republicans or Trump.  As to tweets, could you please provide us with the tweets that "echo" the Democrat George Wallace?  I am sure not, as that is just another of your baseless accusations.

Sep 4th - 08:10am | Lee Dalton

If we "sterilize" history's blunders, we are opening the door to repeating them. Both liberals and conservatives share equal blame.  Tearing down monuments is no different than the Texas Textbook Commission's efforts to erase the words "slave" and "slavery" from school books. 

Sep 3rd - 13:12pm | ecbuck

Rather than rush to "cleanse" the park system (or any other place) of unsavory parts of history, wouldn't it be better to place them in context, as the Park Service intends to do? Hear! Hear!

NRA Official Lands Seat On National Park Foundation Board

Sep 5th - 14:14pm | Gus_31

Um no, we don't have killing bear cubs and wolf pups in their dens. Seriously, this is not a thing.

Sep 3rd - 15:59pm | Isabelle Kay

These greedy self-serving people want to deprive future generations of a natural heritage that Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir fought so hard to protect.  I think that Zinke and Trump are traitors to this country for this behavior alone.

Sep 2nd - 18:32pm | ecbuck

Yes, and their conclusion will be once again you couldn't substantiate your baseless claim/accusation.  

Sep 2nd - 16:08pm | Lee Dalton

Whatever makes you happy, EC.  But I'm sure readers who don't reside in the Echo Chamber will be able to reach their own conclusions.  Keep smiling. 

Sep 2nd - 14:57pm | ecbuck

If that is the case Lee, show us where any of the organizations Barry mentioned have disassociated themselves with the NRA.  Just more of your baseless commentary. 

Sep 2nd - 14:47pm | Lee Dalton

Barry, the NRA and responsible hunters have become two widely divergent groups.

Sep 2nd - 13:38pm | Barry Shelley

I am an outdoorsman, a hiker, a backpacker, a Lifetime Member of the Great Smoky Mountains Association and contribute annually to the Friends of the Smokies, Grand Canyon Association, Yellowstone Forever and Yosemite Conservancy.  I am also a Lifetime Member of the National Rifle Association and hunter.  Supporting the Second Amendment, our hunting heritage and our Nati

Sep 2nd - 09:52am | ecbuck

repeatedly been totally debunked

Sep 2nd - 09:17am | Lee Dalton

Those "studies" that show "millions" of times every year when someone legitimately uses a firearm to "protect" themself have repeatedly been totally debunked.  Just a little simple math shows how ridiculous the claims are. But, hey, in the fantasy worlds of some people opinions, outright falsehoods, and bizarre conspiracies are now the facts.

Sep 2nd - 09:10am | ecbuck

Hellboy, don't know if your comments are from ignorance or spite.   He isn't promoting the use of guns in churches or bars.  Alllowing someone to carry for self defense yes but not indiscriminant use.  Furthermore, if the church or bar doesn't want guns, it is their preogative to ban them from their establshments.

Sep 2nd - 08:03am | hellboy

Guess you're not paying much attn...I am all for the 2nd Amendment, but LaPierre has promoted totally irresponsible gun use since he first took over the NRA...guns in church, in bars, open carry without any oversight, etc etc...these are attitudes and principles that lead to unnecessary death and harm...he cares not for anyone who wants to reduce gun violence.

Sep 2nd - 00:19am | Rick B.

I guess not everyone got the memo:

Sep 1st - 13:33pm | Isabel edwards

insane choice bet she is a trophy hunter. Another bad choice 

Aug 31st - 20:58pm | Dawn Kirk


Aug 30th - 19:35pm | ecbuck

 It certainly doesn't sound correct for the U.S.

Aug 30th - 14:31pm | Siglin1

"Carrying guns is a Constitutional issue and a personal protection issue.  Do you believe it is "evil" that hundreds of thousands of people if not millions have used guns each year to protect themselves and their property? {edited to correct grammer}"

Aug 30th - 12:24pm | y_p_w

I'm not so much concerned about her relationship to the NRA, because there's frankly not much that she can do as a member of the board to influence guns at NPS sites.  That's already settled by law.  I'd be more worried about whether or not her positions align with her husband's on climate change or land restoration, which the National Park Foundation does actively influence.

Aug 30th - 10:29am | ecbuck

 can't we keep some relatively "Safe Havens"? You mean like all those gun free zones where people get shot by people that don't give a hoot about the law?  Oh, and BTW, guns have been allowed in National Parks since 2010. 

Aug 30th - 10:08am | Steve Holtz

Great!  Now I not only have to watch for people everywhere I take my grandson on the streets but pretty soon I'll have to watch whose pointing a gun at me in my NATIONAL PARKS.  I'm not against gun ownership (I own three) but can't we keep some relatively "Safe Havens"?

Aug 30th - 09:15am | ecbuck

I'm witholding all future support. There goes another nose.  I can only shake my head.  

Aug 29th - 21:26pm | wild places

Hi Kurt, I don't disagree that the NRA can be divisive just as those who are anti gun can be. I honestly haven't seen an NRA commercial in a very long time (years) but am not surprised that they would have something controversial. seem to recall a Charlton Heston commercial from years that also got some people riled up.

Grizzly Bear Shot and Killed By Hikers In Denali National Park and Preserve

Sep 5th - 13:30pm | y_p_w

Bill: And we too are just trying to live out our lives and part of that may just be hiking or camping, or just pursuing our interests - just as the bears are doing.

Sep 5th - 11:46am | Bill

I take exception to your comment that we invaded its home. This earth is all our home. Humans are not restricted to established cities that are bear free. We as humans have just as much right to be in the wilderness as the bear. And we too are just trying to live out our lives and part of that may just be hiking or camping, or just pursuing our interests - just as the bears are doing.

Three More Parks Move To Increase Entrance Fees

Sep 5th - 13:17pm | KBenzar

Following the public comment period, feedback will determine how, or if, a fee increase will be implemented.

Buffalo National River Rangers Shoot And Kill Man, Investigation Under Way

Sep 5th - 13:08pm | Don Scott

When Raygun and Mott brought guns into the California State Parks, I resigned.  Guns bring in gun nut rangers, who consider the weapon as their manhood, and they resort to it when there are clearly other ways to deal with the issue at hand.  (I dealt with several such issues Before Guns and always resolved them without a gun, because I needed to do so.)   This incident reinf

Who Is The Next National Park Service Director: A Politician, Conservationist, Park Service Veteran, Or Painter?

Sep 5th - 00:26am | marmot

I too endured Dave's reign of terror as Superintendent and share Christy's assessment of his qualifications.  I wouldn't give much credibility to his conservation cred either - keep in mind the Yosemite /Smokies story was Dave's own uncorroborated spin on his ouster from Yosemite.

The Losing Battle To Save The Sperry Chalet In Glacier National Park

Sep 4th - 22:21pm | Sue Taylor

Please restore the chalet.  If they could build it then we should be able to restore it now.

Sep 3rd - 23:07pm | George H

Super bummer. 

"Sundown" And "Sun Up" At Grand Teton National Park In A Matter Of Minutes

Sep 4th - 22:19pm | D Lindmeyer

Just Great.  

Groups File Lawsuit To Overturn Grizzly Delisting Decision In Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Sep 3rd - 21:44pm | Elizabeth Houser

I do not have money to spare right now, but would love to have the opportunity to sign a petition in this regard.  

Fire Claims Historic Sperry Chalet In Glacier National Park

Sep 3rd - 10:01am | mtgnppics

Was there yesterday. Today (Sunday) they're calling for evacuation from the south end of the Lake to Logan Pass.  Essentially this covers the McDonald Lodge area, campgrounds in that area, and all in-holders who own properties along the lake. . . . NOT Apgar, yet.

Sep 2nd - 11:59am | Steve Cook

What a shame.  Stayed there twice, early 1970s and again in 2004.  Special place. It should be rebuilt.    I'd be happy to contribute and I'm sure many others would, too. 

Sep 2nd - 10:23am | Alfred Runte

Absolutely. Sperry Chalet should be rebuilt, along with the lodge in Cedar Breaks, which did not burn but was torn down.

Sep 2nd - 08:54am | Yellowstone Ed

While working there one summer, a guest asked, "what is it like working in Paradise?" We pray that Paradise isn't lost, but can be rebuilt in some manner.  The Luding family said all you need is a "toothbrush and a smile".  They provided bountiful meals and God provided unsurpassed views and mountain goats  to greet you at the end of your 6 mile hike.

Sep 1st - 17:28pm | Lee Dalton

Terrible news.  I never stayed there, but certainly enjoyed its hospitality as I passed by many many eons ago.  It was a beautifully classic place.  I hope it will be rebuilt. 

Sep 1st - 13:20pm | Sue Simonson

so sad. Please don't let the fire get to many glacier hotel. 

NPCA: House Measure Would Weaken Rules For Energy Drilling Inside National Parks

Sep 2nd - 10:55am | Lee Dalton

This is from Utah's Deseret News this morning: It's interesting to note that even Utah's Republican governor is expressing concern over this: 

Report: Great Smoky Mountains National Park Staff Not Negligent In Battling Deadly Chimney Tops 2 Fire

Sep 1st - 08:54am | SmokiesBackpacker

Finding 9 During the fire, the FMO was simultaneously serving as the duty officer and incident commander, which is contrary to NPS policy.

Violent Deaths in the National Parks

Aug 31st - 21:23pm | Syd G

I'm female and fortunately, Kurt, you don't make decisions on whether or not I carry concealed.  I agree with Fred.  I like to be prepared in case I'm on of the people who ends up being approached by someone with less than stellar intentions.

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