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Trump's Executive Order On National Monuments And Antiquities Act Generates Widespread Pushback

Apr 27th - 17:19pm | Lee Dalton

First comes the "review" by DOI.  Then comes several years of court battles.  This is FAR from being a done deal.  Now is the time for all who CARE to renew memberships in SUWA, NPCA, Sierra Club and any other pro public lands organization.  They're going to need our support more than ever.  

Apr 27th - 16:28pm | ecbuck

We don't have sunset on healthcare laws, tax laws, labor laws ..... but those get reviewed and changed all the time.  

Apr 27th - 16:18pm | David Crowl

The election is not to review, it is because we have a sunset on an elected official. We do not have a sunset clause on a National Monument.

Apr 27th - 15:38pm | Rick B.

And we also have impeachments periodically, to correct election mistakes.

Apr 27th - 13:52pm | ecbuck

We have an election every four years to review what was done.  Don't see why a review of the implementation of the Antiquities Act (or any other legislation) wouldn't be appropriate on a periodic basis. 

Apr 27th - 12:51pm | David Crowl

ec in my opinion, they already did that balance when it was reviewed prior to it becoming a NM. That would be like saying we don't like the outcome of the election so we should have another vote next month. When they reviewed Bear Ears, there were proposals to make it larger and smaller because of inputs from many. In the end they ended up somewhere in the middle.

Apr 27th - 08:59am | ecbuck

Designations should be made in accordance with the requirements and original objectives of the Act and appropriately balance the protection of landmarks, structures, and objects against the appropriate use of Federal lands and the effects on surrounding lands and communities. Are there people here that don't believe that is appropriate?

President Trump Signs Order Directing Interior Department Review Of National Monuments

Apr 27th - 05:44am | [email protected]

Comments may be left for the Department of the Interior at:

Apr 26th - 19:57pm | [email protected]


Executive Order On National Monuments Could Test Secretary Zinke's Pledge To Roosevelt Conservatism

Apr 26th - 21:50pm | C. Xavier

***'America's Best Idea' is now getting scrutinized by an administration that wants to rip it apart - limb by limb.. While the NPS remains embattled, this move by 45 is much more than a power play it's an attack on an agency that has a great workforce that love be stewards of our land(s).  

Apr 26th - 15:01pm | Anonymous

Our I wonderful legacy of national monuments is in trouble. I wonder how many will survive to !2018    

"Disabled Traveler's Companion" Offers Valuable Accessibility Insights for Visiting National Parks

Apr 26th - 13:24pm | Eleanor Keller

Do you have a list of handicapped accessible parks in Florida?

Senior Pass Price Won't Jump To $80 Until October 1

Apr 26th - 11:00am | Teresa

Mine's Oct 29th....I am planning on going the end of Sept and give it a try!  They should have made the cutoff date Dec 31st so all "new" 62 yr olds could get the same price!  

Apr 25th - 15:45pm | Mike Lane

if you are disbaled you qualify for the Access Pass no reason to get a Senior Pass.   Access Pass is free.

Musings From Chamizal National Memorial

Apr 26th - 10:17am | Marilyn Bintz

I know where it is as we were there some years ago. Wonderful place to learn some little known history.  

Apr 21st - 17:53pm | justinh

I'm willing to bet that right about now there are a lot of Traveler readers who are scratching their heads and asking, "Chamizal? What the heck is a Chamizal?" Count me among them.  Nice piece, Lee.

Op-Ed | Holding True To President Roosevelt's Vision At Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Apr 26th - 07:12am | Robert Grosman

I spent the last 42 years traveling through 49 of the 50 states. I visited probably 95% of the national parks. Theodore Roosevelt N P, north and South units, were the last parks I visited this month. While I was aware of the oil drilling in the region I must say that it did not diminish my visit.

Apr 25th - 18:43pm | justinh

My favorite national park.  Thanks for including the link to the NPCA.

Sitka National Historical Park Eliminates All Visitor Fees

Apr 25th - 21:53pm | SmokiesBackpacker

I"m going to go ahead and propose that this story gets voted one of the most important NPS stories of 2017 if nothing else solely due to it's anomalous nature.  

Apr 24th - 20:59pm | Tennessee

You have set an excellent example for our nation's parks !   I pray that it spreads far and wide, including to our Great Smoky Mountains !

Apr 24th - 19:53pm | SmokiesBackpacker

Superintendent Elkowitz, Would you be interested in a job at Great Smoky mtns National Park.  Our current guy is named Ca$h and that is all he cares about.  The NPS needs guys like you.  I vote you regional director.

UPDATED: Price Of Senior Pass Going To $80; Buy It Now For $10

Apr 25th - 18:12pm | Anonymous

"Tax the rich" Oh brother.  How lame. 

Apr 25th - 16:49pm | Carla White

It would have been helpful to give information in the article about how we can go about buying a Senior Lifetime Pass. Can it be done by mail or on-line?

Apr 25th - 12:12pm | June

I just purchased a lifetime Senior Pass Sunday, April 23, 2017. The park ranger asked for ID and if I was a US Citizen. She did not say specifically when the price would be going up but acknowledged it would be sometime this year. Get your pass while it is still $10! 

Apr 25th - 11:00am | tomp2

Karen & Amy--

Apr 25th - 09:18am | Amy Harbison

I turn 62 May 31. Will I still be able to get the $10 pass?

Apr 25th - 06:58am | Karen Irvine

i won't be 62 until July. I have it on my iPhone calendar to buy one in my birthday.  Will the rate change before then? 

Apr 22nd - 20:31pm | Jalapeno Rojo

you have to be an American Citizen or be a permanent legal resident. 

Apr 22nd - 13:11pm | Barb Law

I submitted appropriate paperwork in December but never received my pass!

Take A Virtual Tour Of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park With This Video

Apr 25th - 08:01am | Alec

Very cool!

How Could Trump Administration's Government Makeover Impact The National Park Service?

Apr 24th - 14:54pm | RickyAZ

Monument designation at risk: Maybe try negotiating and legislating next time, but hey that's the old way of doing things....

Apr 24th - 09:16am | ecbuck

Maybe I have missed something here but what do the "boundaries" have to do with anything?  

Apr 24th - 07:50am | WOrmont

The National Park Service's mission to help provide state and local parks and recreation began in the 1930's with the Recreation Demonstration Areas program.  The NPS mission beyond national park boundaries is well established.

Youth Conservation Corps Work Available For Teens At Two South Carolina Parks

Apr 24th - 07:51am | ecbuck

Sounds like a great experience, expcept perhpas for the "weed-eating" ;)

Creature Feature: The Banana Slug is Living Proof that a Slimy Little Gastropod Mollusk Can be Loaded with Charisma

Apr 24th - 06:31am | Jenny

Hi all-  I certainly appreciate your love and appreciation of nature, but before you "kiss a Banana Slug, or handle any lizards, salamanders, snakes, newts give it a second thought!! Here's why: imagine yourself living your life then suddenly a huge scary creature decides to pick you up, just for the fun of it, out of innocent curiosity.

Application Period For Denali Road Lottery Kicks Off May 1

Apr 23rd - 18:36pm | Tom hoppius

can't wait to get my application in.....

Santa Monica Mountains NRA Could Use Some Help Picking Weeds

Apr 22nd - 16:34pm | tomp2

Many parks have opportunities for "weed warrior" volunteers.  You don't have to be an expert at identification, and most recently introduced non-native weeds are helpfully located right along trails & trailheads & parking areas.

Park Service Scales Back Search For Hikers Missing In Grand Canyon

Apr 22nd - 15:39pm | [email protected]

Apr 21st - 18:25pm | Connie Caes

please bring in a psychic!  

Rise In National Park Visitation Last Year Produced $35 Billion Economic Boost

Apr 21st - 17:02pm | ecbuck

Actually, monetizing some parts will pay for preserving and protecting the others.  Once again, the concepts aren't mutually exclusive.

Apr 21st - 15:30pm | RickyAZ

No one is denying a preservation and museum function but that is not all the NPS is for and if it can't be sustained monetarily it won't be in the long run.  331 million visits monetized at $30 (a fairly low figure) covers the entire maintenance backlog in 1 year! Lower the figure to $5 over 6 years (~2 Billion visitors!) and it is easily achievable. 

Apr 21st - 14:45pm | Rick B.

'Everything'.   Still waiting for a quote proving that generalization to be true rather than hyperbole.  

Apr 21st - 13:04pm | RickyAZ

too true, sadly.  Free is what you get in Venezuala

Apr 21st - 12:50pm | ecbuck

Ricky, they can't monetize it because many of the people here, and elsewhere, think everything should be free.

Apr 21st - 10:40am | RickyAZ

It goes to the hotels, gas, labour etc, not entirely (or even mostly) to the NPS.  The intersting issue is how can the NPS fail to monetize 331 million visits to cover their needs (including maintenance).  That gets to the heart of the management issue

Apr 21st - 08:46am | Tami

 If $34.9 billion was generated by the National Park System, where does this money go.  Maybe they need to evaluate the budget.

Apr 21st - 07:57am | Lee Dalton

I tried the other day to reserve a campsite in Zion's Watchman Campground and found the NO VACANCY sign is up until October 10 -- the end of the current reservation window.  

Apr 21st - 07:06am | Ranger1

Sorry to disagree-but the very enabling act for the NPS gives us two roles-preservation and "providing for the enjoyment". While preservation should come first in the long run, because without preservation there will be no future enjoyment, saying that the "only" reason for the National Parks is preservation is flat out wrong.

Apr 20th - 23:02pm | Megaera

The national parks' reason for being is *not* as an economic engine.  AAMOF, the economic draw of the parks is a bug, not a feature. The parks exist because those pieces of landscape deserve preservation.  Period.

Exploring The Parks: City Of Rocks National Reserve

Apr 21st - 14:50pm | Kristina Radel

Thank you for the in-depth information on the relationship between the state and NPS. I too was getting confused when trying to reserve and get information for this place. Being redirected to the State when trying to get an NPS campsite was getting frustrating. I can't wait to check it out myself soon!

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