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Grizzly Bear Shot and Killed By Hikers In Denali National Park and Preserve

Jun 28th - 09:57am | GP

Interesting thread....I see this has been going on for 7 years. Just got back from Yellowstone, saw two Grizzlies....luckily none on foot on any of our day hikes. However, did read were a fellow was killed on the exact trail we took back  in 2011.

OIG: National Park Service Didn't Exploit Trump Inauguration Crowd Size

Jun 28th - 09:26am | Rick B.

Dumb - most of the "thanks Obama" for violent protests are reflective of the hateful and racist protests against President Obama for 8 years. Somehow I doubt that you "heard" those fears from enough people to explain the significantly lower turnout for one as unpopular as Trump.

Jun 28th - 08:03am | beachdumb

There was a lot of concern with violence and potential terrorism at the event, thanks Obama. I remember hearing people talk about not going out of fear and the constant coverage of the far left extremists disrupting Trumps campaign events. 

Jun 28th - 05:52am | Prepetual Seasonal

I don't see how crowd size is much of an indication of anything.

Jun 27th - 18:36pm | Rick B.

Not much doubt where the anonymous complaint started.

Jun 27th - 11:30am | inside the beltway

This was a case of political retribution from the start. I am glad that the OIG came to their conclusion but sad that we wasted ANY money on such a frivolous complaint. 

Traveler's View: Disney's Answer To Theme Park Crowds Should Not Be The National Park Service's

Jun 28th - 09:19am | Rick B.

You mention minority outreach policies as if they were a bad idea.

Jun 28th - 04:05am | Prepetual Seasonal

How would you determine who is feorign in order to charge them more? There are parks that are absolutly choaked with what I am sure are illegal alians. The idea of charging them more flys in the face of the whole Jarvis led NPS policy of the last eight years. I'm speaking of the "find your park" campaign and the minority outreach policies.

Jun 27th - 20:21pm | Rob Richmond

Let's face it.  The good old days of the National Park experience are over.  This is the new reality.  I have seen the U.S. population nearly triple in my lifetime.  You should have gone years ago when you had the chance (unless you were too young or not born yet).

Jun 27th - 19:57pm | Mr Mark

We all knew?? Really? We all knew Hillary already sold mining rights to the Grand Canyon and Obama had lined up oil exploration at Zion.  What was next had she won?  Again, why let facts mix up your rant. The NPS is too busy caving to political correctness to bother looking at real world solutions or even understanding who visits a national park and why.

Jun 27th - 16:01pm | Donald M. Scott

Reservations?  Let that foreign corporation make even more money from the shrinking middle class visitors who need affordable places to vacation?  The original Walt Disney idea for Disneyland - now trodden down by the new non-Disney corporate owners, who simply milk the parks for all they can get - was to limit attendance to a certain amount per day.  That fact was well-advertise

Jun 26th - 21:34pm | wild places

A difficult problem to be sure and who do you appease? My own preference would be put the visitor centers and movies outside the park in the surrounding communities. Get rid of the hotels, cafeterias, restaurants, hot showers and flush toilets, and sites that accommodate motor homes larger than lots of year round homes from inside the parks.

Jun 26th - 17:15pm | Megaera

Yes.  Charge more for international tourists, whose taxes are not going to our national parks (the precious small fraction of US tax dollars, anyway).  Create an entry reservation system -- and then trumpet it from the mountaintops so that every single person who might go to a national park knows exactly what they need to do to accomplish that.

Jun 26th - 10:06am | ecbuck

 A year or so ago, there was a discussion here regarding a bike race at Zion (and potentially other parks).  At that time, there was an outcry that family vacations would be ruined by a park closed for a few hours, even thought a little research into their trip would have warned them well ahead of time of the closure.

Jun 25th - 22:32pm | SmokiesBackpacker

We all knew that a Trump presidency would be a disaster for the NPS and public lands.  We just never envisioned what a blight he would prove to be for humanity in general.  Irresponsible journalism in the form of Fox News abetted this real estate snake oil salesman.

Mountain Lions At Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area Lack Genetic Diversity

Jun 27th - 18:48pm | Rob Richmond

This article doesn't really tell us about the mountain lions at Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.  They were not in the study area, but presumably they have the same problem?

Reader Survey Day: Where's The Best, And Worst, National Park Restaurant?

Jun 27th - 16:13pm | Stick with the ...

In Death Valley, the food at the "budget" place near the motel was expensive and poor in quality.  So on the advice of regulars we went to the "upscale" Furnace Creek Inn.  Prices were a little higher, but quality and service were exceptional.

Jun 27th - 13:08pm | Grace

The food at Lake Yellowstone Hotel is horrible.  The Hotel is absolutely gorgeous along with the surroundings but the food quality is extremely poor.  Delaware North needs to do better.  I never stayed at a hotel that required one to sign an agreement that you will not cook in your room.

Jun 24th - 17:24pm | RHS1973

Breakfast at the El Tovar in Grand Canyon, wonderful food, fair price, un beatable scenery

Jun 23rd - 14:02pm | Linda Selover

I camp out, then splurge on a meal at the Awahnee (now Majestic) in Yosemite National Park. I like to go for a late tea time lunch -- there is an alcove with a window table that gives a great view of Yosemite Falls -- the tables around it also give a partial view. I like to wait until the other people leave, then snag the table by the window. (not always possible). 

Jun 23rd - 12:21pm | Rick B.

I envy you, Justin - we haven't gotten to Ofu yet, although the weekly umu at Tisa's Barefoot Bar on Alega Beach is a highlight.   We had a special occasion dinner at Paradise Inn on Mt Rainier. Food was excxellent; scenery and atmosphere were beyond expectations,; prices were a sticker shock.

Jun 23rd - 08:50am | Yellowstone Ed


Jun 23rd - 08:40am | Susanne F

My family and I have eaten several times at the Lodge in Zion National Park. Always had very good food and good service. 

Jun 22nd - 18:15pm | Rebecca Latson ...

The restaurant at Volcano House in Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park is superb.  The food presentation is beautiful and the taste is fantastic.  It's pricey, but the food is amazing.  The meal I was least impressed with was at the restaurant in Paradise Inn.  It was meh with a high price. 

Jun 22nd - 15:20pm | Chris Hopkins

St Mary's Lodge in Glacier National Park  

Jun 22nd - 14:26pm | Leslie v leslie

Best meal I ever had in a national park, was at the Phantom Ranch at the bottom of Grand Canyon. Just the fact that you can have a fresh, Chef prepared, high quality meal when you've hiked and sweated that much and that far is absolutely amazing

Jun 22nd - 12:35pm | justinh

That's fantastic, Rick.  We wanted to get back to Tisa's for the umu--just couldn't quite get the days to line up right.

Jun 22nd - 09:15am | justinh

Before we were married, my wife and I also happened upon Cafe This Way in Bar Harbor, when visiting Acadia.  It's fantastic.

BLM Thinking Of Leasing Oil And Gas Parcels Near Dinosaur National Monument

Jun 26th - 10:05am | ecbuck

Sorry, wrong thread.  

Jun 26th - 02:29am | Rick B.

And the bastards are going to keep trying.

Op-Ed | A Monumental Task!

Jun 24th - 19:11pm | Fred Swanson

Excellent piece, John. NPT readers ought to be aware of your book, Wilderness in the National Parks: Playground or Preserve, which gives much more of the history of efforts to protect wild lands within national monuments and national parks. Your essay also brings to mind the conflict over the creation of Canyonlands National Park in the early 1960s.

Senior Pass Price Won't Jump To $80 Until October 1

Jun 24th - 15:32pm | Fred

Current holders of the Senior Pass will not have to renew or pay any more. The $80.00 will be the cost of a new pass after October 1,2017.  

National Parks: Going To The Dogs!

Jun 23rd - 19:12pm | Scoutkatie

Wilderness areas are different than national parks. And remember, dogs smell like predators to wildlife, horses smell like prey.

Jun 23rd - 19:10pm | Scoutkatie

According to its own mission statement, "The National Park Service preserves unimpaired the natural and cultural resources and values of the National Park System for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of this and future generations."

Jun 23rd - 18:51pm | Scoutkatie

Not really. My dogs are just dogs, just animals. They have their places in our household but they are NOT family. Some people may treat their dogs like children or other people on their family, but we do not and know many other people who also say "people first, animals second". It's not that I don't like my dogs, but I agree that it's fine for dogs to not be allowed sometimes.

Jun 23rd - 18:42pm | Scoutkatie

I love dogs, too and have 3, all of whom are walked, well cared for, etc. National Forests generally allow dogs on trails and so do BLM, FWS, and USB (the other 4 federal agencies that honor the Senior Pass).

72-Year-Old Tractor Rich In Homesteading History Coming To Homestead National Monument Of America

Jun 23rd - 15:24pm | Rick B.

Will the conservators be conserving or restoring to working order?

Jun 23rd - 14:53pm | Amarillobymorning

Homestead NM is a little off the beaten track but well worth the detour.

Op-Ed | After Interior Secretary Zinke’s First 100 Days, The Future Looks Grim For National Parks

Jun 22nd - 23:32pm | Rick B.

Thanks, Al. I was indeed a great advocate for my patients, and selectively a PITA. My credibility is a subjective matter, and I'm comfortable with where it sits. Have a smurfy day.

Jun 22nd - 15:40pm | Alfred Runte

Rick. A Trump apologist now, is it? As a historian I play no favorites. You do, and it saps your credibility to the bone. As for my last academic position, you're right, although it was in 1999. There is no room on college campuses these days for people who believe in the first amendment.

Jun 22nd - 08:51am | SmokiesBackpacker

Great Smoky Mtns NP is deed restricted from charging an entrance fee because the TN State legislature had the foresight to anticipate this kind of attempted double taxation from the likes of Zinke and Trump. Public lands are just that and to insist upon charging people to drive across the only real connecting road between North Carolina and TN is not only wrong but illegal.  

Jun 22nd - 00:33am | Rick B.

Any time I see someone saying "in other words" you can tell that they are about to put words in your mouth to suit their purposes. Shame on you, Al. Such a cheap tactic.  

Jun 21st - 13:58pm | Alfred Runte

In other words, all of the problems of our national parks emerged during the past 120 days. As to the president's mental health, I gather you are a doctor? You have made a personal examination of our president? I personally have examined the history of our national parks, and can find every problem they have today in their 150-year historical development.

Clingmans Dome Road in Great Smoky Mountains National Park Has Reopened

Jun 22nd - 15:25pm | Martha

We took our then 2 teens to the top hoping by the time we got up there the fog would have cleared. It didn't. They were not impressed. And not happy campers after that climb. We laugh about it now. But the expressions on their faces which I captured with my instamatic camera was priceless!

Interior Secretary Calls For Reduction In Size Of Bears Ears National Monument

Jun 21st - 18:09pm | ecbuck

Well we can start with "undue government interference."  I think you would be hardpressed to find where the profit motive has been a hinderence to the advancment of the individual.  That would only be true if you have the pessimistic view that assumes a zero sum game.

Jun 21st - 16:38pm | Lee Dalton

This is getting a bit far afield and it's been at least ten years since I read Sowell, but if what you say: "Conservatives are realistic about the nature of man but believe the opportunities are unlimited for those that strive to achieve and aren't hindered by undue government interference." is true, why don't we have world peace and trucks that get 50 mpg?

Jun 21st - 08:08am | ecbuck

Lee, you must not have read Sowell very carefully.  He repeatedly makes the point that the constrained and unconstrained visions aren't black and white but intead cover a broad spectrum and can lead to many differing beliefs.  As to conservatives being the pessimistic ones, that is laughable.

Rocky Mountain National Park's Trail Ridge Road, Not A Good Place For Vertigo

Jun 21st - 12:38pm | Steve Lebrun

 25 mph 

Interior Secretary Might Push For National Park Designation For Katahdin Woods And Waters National Monument

Jun 21st - 04:35am | J C

Dana,  Care to explain why?    

Concern Growing For Grand Canyon National Park Over Growth In Tusayan

Jun 20th - 22:44pm | Art Todd

unbelievably poor decision. We need to protect our national parks, not destroy them!

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