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Op-Ed | Trump’s ‘Swamp Creature’ Chasing Americans Off Public Lands

Jan 4th - 11:44am | ecbuck

Things are going as predicted?  You aren't paying very close attention Argalite.  Is the polar ice cap gone? Are the polar bears gone?  Has the rise in temperatures been anywhere near the predictions? Has there been an end to snow?  And no there hasn't been more drought, more and more severe hurricanes.  

Jan 4th - 11:19am | Alfred Runte

"Don't worry about Al - he still reads, but I'm uncertain when he last studied, taught, or published. He did a fine book once."

Jan 4th - 10:14am | argalite

I don't know what you are reading Alfred, because climate change predictions seem be going as predicted, in the general sense that each year is gettin warmer.  More fires, more droughts, yes, predicted and happening.  Predictions in changes of phenology is evident as well, and many more things too lenghty to put here.

Jan 4th - 08:50am | Lee Dalton

Thanks for some words of wisdom, Ron.

Jan 3rd - 21:08pm | [email protected]

Alfred you have a point, I agree that population growth and all it entails is the root cause of the problem.  However I do think your point about trying not to make a difference based on the best science available, is a cop out. To support the positions of the current administration is not helping.

Jan 3rd - 18:39pm | ecbuck

as I can see when man puts so much carbon into the air, something is going to happen.

Jan 3rd - 18:38pm | Rick B.

And I'm certain that all those climate scientists with their highfalootin' education are less understanding of what's happening than Trump, who apparently does not read. Don't worry about Al - he still reads, but I'm uncertain when he last studied, taught, or published. He did a fine book once.

Jan 3rd - 17:50pm | argalite

Alfred, I do not worry about the future, because worrying does nothing.  When people plan for things, often they are more prepared.  Please do not attack my education, as I can see when man puts so much carbon into the air, something is going to happen.  You don't seem to understand that.  You sure write allot about nothing.  Have a problem?

Jan 3rd - 15:09pm | Alfred Runte

Argalite, there are many things on this Earth that can kill you--and rising temperatures are the least of them. There again, adjustments will be made--just as they were made when Americans invented air conditioning. and turned virtually uninhabitable parts of the country into boom towns. To be sure, where would the country be without air conditioning?

Jan 3rd - 13:58pm | argalite

Alfred, I fear that climate change is the thing that will kill this planet for us and most other higher life forms.  Anything to keep those temperatures down, and I don't care if it kills individuals at all.  My moral compass is against climate change and you seem to be clueless as to the ramifications.  What is real strange is that no one on this continent seems to be upset abou

Jan 3rd - 09:33am | [email protected]

Thank you d-2.

Jan 2nd - 23:49pm | Rick B.

Speculation is high that this will lead to the re-entry of Mitt.

Jan 2nd - 21:31pm | Lee Dalton

Orrin Hatch just announced that he will not run again for his Senate seat. 

Jan 2nd - 20:14pm | Alfred Runte

"President Obama never said that wind farms do not kill eagles.  Now they can kill with glee and not even try to stop the deaths."

Jan 2nd - 17:45pm | argalite

President Obama never said that wind farms do not kill eagles.  Now they can kill with glee and not even try to stop the deaths

Jan 2nd - 17:07pm | Alfred Runte

Okay, D-2. We all stand corrected. I am just a bit suspicious that you give no citations, other than to accuse those with other interpretations for being trolls.

Jan 2nd - 15:17pm | d-2

The Woodrow Wilson national monument changes are the exceptions that prove the rule that national monuments are not reduced.  Wilson was out to undercut his enemy Theodore Roosevelt, and among other reckless things, he fired all Roosevelt's African Amerian hires and slashed national monuments.  And yes, once in a while, largely for small administrative reasons, a few other Presidents

Jan 2nd - 14:30pm | Alfred Runte

Alfred does NOT like it, anymore than he liked President Obama's insistence to make even intentional deaths perfectly legal. At least, President Trump admits that wind farms kill eagles.

Jan 2nd - 13:47pm | argalite

Zike just did another number on us by re-interpreting the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, allowing incidental bird kills as long as it wasn't intentional.  I'm guessing Alfred would not like this.

National Parks Traveler Honored By Coalition To Protect America's National Parks

Jan 3rd - 23:22pm | Mike Painter

Very nice news. Congratulations, Kurt!

Jan 3rd - 10:20am | James Longstreet

I don't comment often, but as a national park superintendent (yes, it's a psuedonym), I find there is no better source for accurate, insightful news and commentary on the state of the NPS.   I rely on Kurt, often hearing more (and sooner) from NPT about important developments in park management than I do from official channels.  In these increasingly challenging times, I am thank

Jan 2nd - 14:18pm | trailadvocate

Yep, brilliant job, Kurt!

Jan 2nd - 14:08pm | d-2

All honor to Kurt Repanshek and the National Park Traveler for this symbol of recognition of his work by the Coalition.

Jan 2nd - 13:43pm | ecbuck

Job well done.  That why they pay you the big bucks ;)

Jan 2nd - 12:36pm | Dan D.

Very well deserved!

Jan 2nd - 11:54am | Rick B.

This is an honor well earned.

Jan 2nd - 11:10am | Glad2bretired

Congrats Kurt on well-deserved recognition.  The Traveler is a vital source of information and discussion about our National Park system.  I'll be mailing a check soon.

Jan 2nd - 11:02am | mtgnppics

A HUGE congratulations to Kurt for his wonderful work, and to the team he has working with him.  Fantastic job.  I get park news faster here than through the local news.  It's great  :)

Protecting Molokai’s Sad History At Kalaupapa National Historical Park

Jan 3rd - 18:41pm | Rick B.

If you get a choice, go for a 4WD rental.

Jan 3rd - 15:25pm | Mimi R

After serveral attempts calling Damien Tours with no answer, an older woman finally answered after many rings (I'm assuming Auntie Gloria). She seemed hard of hearing so we were both yelling and repeating ourselves, trying to be heard and understood over the TV blaring in her background.

A Silly Way to Die - Friends Don't Let Friends Teak Surf

Jan 3rd - 14:12pm | John Jane Smith

It is clear that with any sport you should take precautions, but the best thing is surfing.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park Getting New Visitor Center

Jan 2nd - 18:27pm | Greg

They need backcountry camping. 

Looking Back At The Top Stories From 2017 Across The National Park System

Jan 2nd - 15:31pm | ZB39

I simply agree with the secretary.  Others don't.  I have visited 41of the 61 or 62 national parks.  I have also visited over 100 sites in the NPS.  Like all government there is a lot of waste.  Cutting back will force them to be more aware of it.  I also want the parks to bring in more money.  I believe this is the only way to keep them forever.

Jan 2nd - 14:43pm | Kurt Repanshek

Please, anonymous, tell us which ones are "just plain wrong," and if you're right, we'll happily correct them. At the same time, please identify yourself.

Jan 2nd - 14:11pm | Anonymous

Some of the statements in that article are just plain wrong...IE  fake news.  If people would just look at facts instead of going straight to emotion we would all be better off.

Zion National Park Considering Reservation System To Manage Crowds

Jan 2nd - 14:35pm | Steve Jones

  Zions National Park is so small it just can't handle more people and still provide a good experience.  However,  there are a lot more areas in Utah, and I'm sure in other states as well, that would also make great parks.  

New Year's Day Reflections: What We'd Like To See In 2018 Across The National Park System

Jan 2nd - 12:00pm | Rick B.

It is literally an observation, TA. And you will observe it much more over the past year.We didn't want to observe the fires in California or the massive storm destruction in Puerto Rico either, but there it is.

Jan 2nd - 08:27am | trailadvocate

Roger that, EC. Some comments sound like Republicans are out to "starve children a kill old people."  One of the lines we hear out of the Left for years.  

Jan 1st - 21:39pm | Rick B.

Mark - my best guess is that your "decades of property management" is based on a pro-profit basis ... [multiple Fortune 100 Companies"? --- and your repetitive buzzwording of 'portfolio'].  

Jan 1st - 18:18pm | ecbuck

EC, you have to read the legislation very strictly, no? I wish that were so.  We would be so much better off if the Constitution and Legislation were to be read strictly.  Unfortunately both seemed to be stretched to allow/prohibit things they were never meant to do. 

Jan 1st - 15:43pm | y_p_w

Here's a Congressional Research Service paper: And a paper from the Virginia Law Review:

Jan 1st - 15:38pm | y_p_w

Jan 1st - 15:09pm | Kurt Repanshek

EC, you have to read the legislation very strictly, no? Since it is silent on modifications to national monuments, it has not extended that authority. 

Jan 1st - 14:27pm | ecbuck

y_p_w - Actually the Antiquities Act does not say "only"  It is silent on modifications that reduce the size.  Perhaps because what one has the power to grant generally they can also take away.  That is why it is so dangerous to say our "rights" come from the government.

Jan 1st - 14:01pm | Rebecca Latson ...

Thanks for the info, Lee.  That's wonderful news!  Congratulations, Kurt!

Jan 1st - 13:28pm | Lee Dalton

I just saw something GREAT!  Kurt has just received the Coalition to Protect Our National Parks' George Hartzog Award.  The note on the email I received this morning says: 

Jan 1st - 13:25pm | Mark Allan Rawdon

1. Instead of the Confederates (Alt-NPS) of resistance of everything, I support the efforts to get the NPS portfolio to a manageable size.  After decades in property management, I can say there is nothing worse than a leader who over brews the portfolio jeopardizing the whole.  My New Year's Resolution would be to support the NPS, not politicize it like the last Adminstration.

The Abandoned Keane Wonder Mine at Death Valley National Park is Too Dangerous to Visit

Jan 2nd - 11:20am | the judge

So will Yosemite be closing all the trails and overlooks near cliffs and rapid rivers next?  will rock climbers be banned next.  Stupid governement rules.   Meanwhile the democrat gov.

National Park Service Will Offer Buyouts To ‘A Number Of Employees’

Jan 2nd - 10:44am | Phillips O'shea

A little insight for those of you outside the loop. Nepotism and cronyism is rampant! Your chances of obtaining a job without "knowing " someone in the system is slight. The most qualified candidates are not the most hired candidates. Relatives, friends, neighbors and, yes, even those of the same race or ethnicity are more often chosen over the more qualified.

A Day In The Park: Acadia National Park

Jan 1st - 18:50pm | Ruth Karvonen

Love Acadia and Bar Harbor - truly is heaven on earth. Originally named Eden - they sure had that right .

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