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Appellate Court Says National Park Service Violated First Amendent By Requiring Permits for Free Speech

Jul 3rd - 08:07am | Robert Gregory

Wow! Name calling doesn't strengthen your argument. Whether a message is popular or not does not determine access to free speech. The constitution guarantees it. 

A Short Introduction To Cedar Breaks National Monument

Jul 3rd - 07:52am | Kurt Repanshek

Actually, Tomp, the park's not closed in winter. You can ski/snowshoe/snowmobile to it, and they have a warming hut at the north Alpine Pond Trailhead where you can get some hot chocolate on most weekends. You can access the Point Supreme Overlook and, I suppose, other trails if you're a strong skier/snowshoer.

Jul 2nd - 22:56pm | Lee Dalton

Timpanogos Cave closes in winter.  (Although the visitor center might remain open . . . )

Jul 2nd - 22:18pm | tomp2

Kurt-- Yes Cedar Breaks is a hidden gem.  Also, it is only open seasonally: in the winter you can drive along the state highway 148 along the eastern edge (if it is plowed), but the park itself is closed.

Jul 2nd - 19:54pm | Kurt Repanshek

Thanks for the additional details, Grizz. As they say, it takes a village...;-)Also, great to see you back in the comment queue!

Jul 2nd - 19:19pm | Grizz

Thanks Kurt. Cedar Breaks is a great little park. Should note that there are some lovely bristlecone pines in the park When it is sweltering down low, as you mention, it is always pleasant at Cedar Breaks which means that if someone is looking for a lovely, cool place to camp, the park campground is the place to be. It is also a great place to view the night sky.  

Mount Rainier National Park Officials Encourage Weekday, Not Weekend, Visits

Jul 2nd - 19:08pm | Grizz

I was just there two weeks ago on Monday and it was very crowded at Paradise. Although the signs said that the parking lot was full, people were leaving on a regular basis, so it was easy to find a spot but I doubt that would have been true earlier in the day. I do have a message for the park staff, though.

Jul 2nd - 09:59am | David McNeel

Megaera, I don't think that is the message the park is sending here.  The NPS is trying to enhance the experience of every visitor to the park.  There is limited parking throughout the park and they are merely suggesting that if you are able to come mid-week then you should in order to provide a better experience for all.  

Jul 1st - 18:56pm | Megaera

So people who only are able to go on weekends shouldn't visit the park?  I, as someone who does have the freedom to visit on weekdays, do so for both selfish and altruistic reasons, but honestly, all of these "suggestions" that aren't helpful for working people basically serve to make them feel unwelcome in their own parks.  And that sucks eggs.

Traveler's View: Disney's Answer To Theme Park Crowds Should Not Be The National Park Service's

Jul 2nd - 14:52pm | RickyAZ

this story and the accompanying Mt Rainer weekend crowding one raise the same issue, the. solution is obvious: try weekend/. holiday surge pricing for a season, make passes voidable (or useful for a discounted weelend visit but not full freight) the Park would still be "accessible" during the week for those who want to pay the lower rate or use their passes.

Jul 1st - 12:47pm | tahoma

The nearly forty year-old directive to determine carrying capacity has been largely ignored because it likely would be career suicide for a park superintendent to implement daily entry quotas.  Just like our country's insane obsession with unsustainable economic growth, the National Park Service's paramount goal has been more:  more units, more programs, and more staff, especially upper managem

Readers Voice Views On National Park Dining Options

Jul 1st - 23:19pm | MinnieGirl

Giving credit where credit is due, as a rule the National Park concessionaires do a good job for people like me who have food intolerances and allergies. I've had gluten free meals ranging from 'pretty good' to excellent at National Parks across the country.  I think the most consistently great GF food I've had has been at the Obsidian Room at YNP.      

Jul 1st - 06:47am | Cindy

Bryce Lodge dining room has both excellent food and service as does Zion lodge. These lodges are blessed with loyal staff who come back year after year. Grand Canyon North Rim lodge also has excellent food and service. Overall I have seen vast improvement with the menu selections in these parks in the last two decades with sustainable fish and vegetarian selections.

Jun 28th - 11:34am | argalite

I have eaten at the John Muir Lodge at Kings Canyon at least 8 times and every meal was excellent.

Geologist Sues National Park Service For Denying His Grand Canyon Research Permit, Claiming Religious Discrimination

Jun 30th - 22:23pm | Rick B.

Wow. Somehow, Mr Bruckner, I don't think a paragraph of unsupported ad hominem is going to convince as many peoiple as you had hoped/

Jun 30th - 20:35pm | Dean Bruckner

Typical academic thuggery by these two unprofessional reviewers. We know how this game is played: strangle the work of those who escape from the prevailing groupthink, and then prattle on about how they never publish anything. Huntoon in particular spouted off prejudiced and ignorant babble about Constitutional matters well outside his expertise: the very definition of incompetence.

Groups Announce Plan To Challenge Delisting Of Grizzlies In Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Jun 30th - 20:23pm | ecbuck

Welcome - I am neither a hunter nor a rancher so I have no dog in this fight.  Yet, I can understand someone's interest in hunting, as they have for thousands of years and I can understand a rancher wanting to protect his herd.

Jun 30th - 19:35pm | Welcome to You'...

To pure recreationists, non-human life matters as set dressing only. Other creatures might as well be inanimate objects.

Jun 30th - 19:06pm | wild places

"Groups Announce Plan To Challenge Delisting Of Grizzlies In Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem." As predictable as the sunrise. So too the hysterical comments. Persecuted? Really?

Jun 30th - 18:28pm | ecbuck

So Michael and KJ, what does "science" say the right number of grizzlies, wolves and bison should be?

Jun 30th - 15:52pm | KJ

Couldn't agree any more Michael.  Sad in the 21st century we let politics TRUMP science.

Jun 30th - 12:58pm | Michael Kellett

This outrageous grizzly delisting is like the delisting of the wolf and slaughter of bison that dare to leave Yellowstone. It is not based on credible science, but politically driven by the ranching industry, trophy hunting interests, and their governmental minions.

Interesting Facts You Didn't Know About Dry Tortugas National Park

Jun 30th - 18:45pm | Lorri Lynn

We just love the Dry Tortugas the water is beautiful and clear the history is rich and the sun shines bright we've been twice by sea plane 

Bison Butts Utah Couple Off Boardwalk At Yellowstone National Park

Jun 29th - 19:32pm | Rick B.

Animals also move, and slow-thinking visitors need to be aware of this. A few years back I was watching a bison heard near a ranger and her truck when all of a sudden I noticed that the herd had more or less 'swirled' around behind us and surrounded us. We had to keep that truck between us and the beasts as they were getting closer. Nature is fluid and moving.

Jun 29th - 00:41am | Yvonne S

when I drove by there last Thursday, I yelled at 3 people who were way too close to three male bison. I'm surprised they didn't cause an incident. When are these stupid idiots going to learn to leave more space for the wildlif. 

OIG: National Park Service Didn't Exploit Trump Inauguration Crowd Size

Jun 29th - 09:27am | Kurt Repanshek

Ok, folks, some things never change despite our best hopes, so we're going to close down the comments here before they go much lower. 

Jun 29th - 09:16am | ecbuck

Kurt, I am sure many people have already told Ryan, which perhaps is why he hasn't repeated the charge. 

Jun 29th - 09:07am | ecbuck

Rick, are you denying the racial divide widened under Obama?  Don't you not think his reactions to Trevon Martin, Michael Brown, Ferguson, Baltimore, Dallas, Boston, Black Lives Matter et al, always taking the side of the Blacks even when they were clearly in the wrong might have had something to do with it?

Jun 29th - 00:55am | Rick B.

Note - the above was an attempt at rational discourse.

Jun 29th - 00:55am | Rick B.

Ok, beach. Just how did Obama create such a racial divide? Simply by being black? The pictures of Tea Party rallies I've seen feature their effigies hung in mock lynchings. It might piss his opponents off but he always responded in calm words. Which side incited the racial dividew?

Jun 29th - 00:18am | beachdumb

Lee, what happened since 2009? Obama was elected and his legacy is a weakened and divided country.

Jun 28th - 23:20pm | Lee Dalton

Right here in these comments is a great example of what ails America today.  Take a moment to read all the comments.  Is there any dialogue?  Is there really any constructive argument?  Or is most of it simply trying to outshout someone on the other side? 

Jun 28th - 22:45pm | beachdumb

Why do the left always attack? Your inability to debate tells me your IQ is a lot lower than two digits. Have you ever wondered why there is no left wing radio? Because they have nothing intelligent to say...  

Jun 28th - 22:23pm | Rick B.

Dummy - you are beyond discussion. If i want to hear identical comments all I have to do is to drop my IQ down to two digits and start listen9ing to right wing talk radio. Go away.

Jun 28th - 20:53pm | beachdumb

You guys have created a disaster with Obamacare and now the adults have to fix it. It's not easy thing and I'm glad to see congress working the way it should with healthy debate in trying to get something that will work. 

Jun 28th - 19:42pm | Kurt Repanshek

Well, ec, pass that on to Ryan. And Beach, show us the polls that support your contention about Trump's popularity, and while you're at it, those showing support for McConnell's health care bill.

Jun 28th - 19:42pm | Kurt Repanshek

Well, ec, pass that on to Ryan. And Beach, show us the polls that support your contention about Trump's popularity, and while you're at it, those showing support for McConnell's health care bill.

Jun 28th - 19:04pm | ecbuck

Calling someone "Mexican" no matter where they are born is not racist.  That is part of the problem, those that want to attack Trump, or anyone else that isn't an Alinsky disciple, throw out the racist attack for acts that have nothing to do with racism.  They have so diluted the term it has no meaning.

Jun 28th - 19:03pm | beachdumb

Kurt, no thanks for the fake news links. We are not falling this crap anymore. You guys have lost all credibilty. Those are the same polls that had Hillary and Ossof winning by a mile. 

Jun 28th - 18:19pm | Kurt Repanshek

You asked, EC, and all of these stories were in many other newspapers, as well. If you recall the NYTimes stories on the rental practices of the Trumps it was quite clear it had little to do with economics.

Jun 28th - 18:10pm | ecbuck

Kurt, I am not going to go through every allegation but will start with the first two in the first article to show how off base the claims are/ 1) Attacked Muslim parents - Actually they attacked him first and he responded.  Not to mention Muslim is not a race.

Jun 28th - 16:17pm | Lee Dalton

Absolutely nothing is being gained here (nor much of anywhere else in America these days) by endlessly arguing over the same territory again and again.  Continuing to do so isn't very intelligent and does absolutely nothing to help anyone. How about trying to look for things that might unite us instead of seeking and promoting divisions?

Jun 28th - 15:53pm | Kurt Repanshek


Jun 28th - 14:57pm | beachdumb

Rick, Trump was popular enough to be elected and is even more popular today. What you saw was Fake News. Nearly every Trump rally was interrupted by those of you that suffer from "Democrat Derangement Syndrome". The left is the party of violence. This certainly played into lower turnout.

Jun 28th - 13:14pm | David Crowl

Only a guy with small hands (and an enormous ego) must convince others of  an incorrect size.

Jun 28th - 11:56am | ecbuck

OK argalite, show us where Trump has supported a racist act by Bannon. 

Jun 28th - 11:39am | argalite

ecbuck is playing the game again.  I guess Donald dosent support racists?  Bannon?

Jun 28th - 10:15am | ecbuck

Rick, no doubt there are racists out there - on both sides of the color spectrum.  However, the vast majority of the protests against Obama had nothing to do with race. It was about policy.  But, like most of your ilk, you are unequipped or unwilling to debate policy and instead fall back on unfounded personal attacks.

BLM Thinking Of Leasing Oil And Gas Parcels Near Dinosaur National Monument

Jun 28th - 12:28pm | Margarita Trotter

It seems that they are trying to put an end to the beauty of the national parks. This should not be allowed 

Grizzly Bear Shot and Killed By Hikers In Denali National Park and Preserve

Jun 28th - 09:57am | GP

Interesting thread....I see this has been going on for 7 years. Just got back from Yellowstone, saw two Grizzlies....luckily none on foot on any of our day hikes. However, did read were a fellow was killed on the exact trail we took back  in 2011.

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