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National Parks Traveler Attains Nonprofit Status To Ensure Its Mission

May 15th - 13:35pm | [email protected]

Awesome!  I've always thought that the thoughtful\, careful, comprehensive news of our parks should be considered thus! My husband and I will figure out how we can best contribute!  All good wishes!

May 15th - 12:28pm | Kurt Repanshek

A board of directors is in place to oversee the nonprofit, George.

May 15th - 12:18pm | George H.

sounds like a good idea.  what is the governance structure for the non-profit? 

May 15th - 12:18pm | Rick B.

Congratulations, Kurt. Good work.  

Trump Administration Cracks Regulatory Window For Pebble Mine Near Lake Clark National Park

May 15th - 13:25pm | Siglin 1

Good comment from Dr Runte.

May 14th - 10:37am | Alfred Runte

Rebecca, No, I am not "okay" with the Pebble Mine. I am merely pointing out that any "solution" to growth is far more complex than relocating a mining site. On green energy web pages, we are told that wind and solar are "free" and "clean." Just don't look at how they're built.

May 14th - 09:10am | ecbuck

Very reasonable Snochaser but not acceptable to the eco-absolutists. 

May 14th - 07:21am | Snochasr

Well, there is a huge lead mine not too far north of there, run by the local Inuit.  Despite the fevered predictions of disaster, those streams now run clean and have fish in them for the first time in decades, maybe centuries.  And the Inuit have valuable work to supplement their subsistence lifestyle.  Yes, that's a cultural shift, but should we really try to protect their cult

May 13th - 14:41pm | Rebecca Latson ...

So you are ok with this, huh?  Maybe wind turbines need copper, but surely there are other places to mine other than in the backyard of a pristine national park.

May 13th - 11:32am | Alfred Runte

The world needs copper for "green" energy. Remember John Muir. "When we try to pick out any one thing in the universe by itself, we find it is hitched to everything else." Here is an interesting article on the amount of copper that goes into a single wind turbine. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid have already taken notice.

May 13th - 09:46am | Rebecca Latson ...

Hoo boy.  I've been to Lake Clark National Park and Preserve twice - one for 1 day and the other for 5 days.  I've also lived in Kentucky, not too very far from coal strip mining.  I just don't see anything good about this and it makes me sad.

May 13th - 08:47am | tahoma

Lee, this ~8 minute video claims Pebble Mine will be an open pit three miles by two miles and thousands of feet deep and require construction of five of the largest dams on earth to hold tailings::

May 13th - 08:44am | Kurt Repanshek

In the past it's been described as an open pit operation. 

May 13th - 07:55am | Lee Dalton

Will this be open-pit or underground mining?

Creature Feature: Hellbenders

May 15th - 12:25pm | son


Senior Pass Price Won't Jump To $80 Until October 1

May 14th - 22:29pm | Amber Ackerson

i turn 62 October 3rd, am I out of luck?

Now's Your Opportunity To Take A Stand On National Monuments From Bears Ears To Katahdin Woods

May 14th - 19:17pm | RB

Our National Parks System is a one of our finer national treasures. Other countries have sought to establish protected national lands of their own modeled after our National Parks System. We need to keep these areas pristine for generations to come, as they are truly some of the most breathtaking sites of natural wonder.

May 14th - 16:40pm | Jennifer Orenic

Our Parks are our most valuable treasures.  Don't let them be taken away.  Our collective mental health and spiritual well-being depend on having these wonderful places.  

May 14th - 08:47am | Lee Dalton

One more reminder to everyone posting here:  It won't do any good unless you post to the official comment website. Use the link Kurt provided in the article. 

May 13th - 22:30pm | Ward Gajus jr

Please don't sell our lands to companies so they can be ravaged and do unrepairable damage.

May 13th - 22:22pm | Jessica Lynne Bolger

Please protect ALL national monuments! We do not need more money! We need more beauty, history, culture and nature preserved. This is beyond important for our future and our planets' future. So many things have been taken from nature and wildlife, please do not take these places. We need more land protected, not less.

May 13th - 17:43pm | Lorna Davila

Our parks are sacred and provide us an opportunity  to increase tourism and places in the US that public lands are protected from development and money hungry businesses who seek the these lands for their own gains.  These lands are for the American people, it is our right to tellnot ask politicians and government to protect them.

May 12th - 17:05pm | Joan Oeding

Please, please, please leave these places as they are.  Once you destroy them, you cannot get them back.  

May 12th - 14:05pm | Bridget Bohnet

Please don't  sell off our public lands for corporate profit.  We need to preserve our public lands and to keep private interests from destroying them for monetary gain. There is no Planet B.  Just because we have the ability to obliterate everything in our path, we don't have the right to do so.

May 12th - 13:48pm | Lee Dalton

I hope that all the Traveler readers who have commented here understand that in order for their comments to count, they MUST click the link Kurt provided:  Public comment at is being taken

May 12th - 10:09am | Arlene La Hera

These parks are our greatest living legacy, they are the boundaries we have set, whist tearing down, and stomping out, all the rest of God green earth.  Should we save them? That is a ridiculous question.

May 12th - 09:49am | Arlene La Hera

They are nothing less than the reason we live.  Save them.

May 12th - 08:58am | Lee Dalton

"In my opinion, I say sell some of the lands, and not just to companies, but to anyone who has created the opportunity for themselves to do so." In other words, sell public lands to members of the 1% so they can build more trophy "homes" for themselves surrounded by fences and No Trespassing signs.

May 12th - 08:55am | Paul Posson

Our parks are treasures that can never be replaced.  Please abandon this misguided effort to gut our national heritage.  We need to preserve these monuments, and others yet to be established, before it's too late!  

May 12th - 06:56am | Biren Patel

support the keeping of all designated natuonal parks  and also to keep the parks status by previous administration too.  This are the essence of american beauty, that no other country has it.  Lets keep it that way so people of our country can enjoy this beauty.

May 12th - 03:24am | Brandon Frey

The Great Debate  To let the federal government keep ownership of lands, or have the federal government sell the land back to the people.

May 11th - 21:42pm | James Hoffman

Do they not see how much tourism revenue has been generated by the establishment of these national monuments.

May 11th - 21:17pm | M Siders

I emplore that these national treasures remain protected in every way possible. These lands do not belong to the government or the rich and greedy - they belong to us all - and they cannot be replaced. Americans overwhelmingly support protection of these lands as is shown EVERY TIME a poll is taken.

May 11th - 20:55pm | Justan Opine

There is NO sane reason to decimate ANY of our National Parks.  The parks serve not only to show us the absolute grandeur of diverse landscapes but the designated parks also protect sacred history, images from ancestors (petroglyphs, etc) and give all Americans a place to soothe their souls, learn and respect nature in a hectic world.  The sole reason this despicable group of GOP

May 11th - 19:16pm | Jim Linville

If they are so valuable as public lands, why haven't the states acquired the lands and provided the protections afforded NPs?  That places the priorities where they belong.  Why should purchases, management and maintenance always be buried in a Federal Budget?

May 11th - 18:40pm | Pat Fischer

I agree with this! Unspoiled and undeveloped land helps to reduce pollution and effects of lands (and waters) that are under intensive use. National Parks and Monuments are a financial boon to the states that have them. These parks and monuments should be protected and their funding expanded. User fees also can rise to help sustain their upkeep.

May 11th - 17:22pm | Rick B.

I do hope that all the good people expressing their feelings on NPT - a non-governmental website - also call your own Congresscitter, who you can find on this governmental link:

May 11th - 15:25pm | Shane

Public lands should be left as public lands for the citizens of America and the earth to enjoy.  While I agree that these lands need management to ensure rules and regulations are enforced and followed, I do not believe that specific groups shoud be targeted for non-use.

May 11th - 15:02pm | Cecelia Freeman

Every single National Monument, every single National Park, is special in ways that words can't describe. They are the heartbeat of our land in this country, living history set aside for generations to come to appreciate. Our National Forests and BLM land offer respite from the hectic lifestyle of our country, being rich and powerful can be consuming.

May 11th - 14:43pm | Ignacio Pessoa

The designation of the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument has already contributed more to to economic growth in Maine than all LePage's bluff and bluster.  The majority of the people of Maine support the continued designation, as does the state's congressional delegation.  It is past time for all mainers to look forward and make the best of this wonderful opportunity, and not

Exploring The Parks: Quitobaquito Springs At Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

May 14th - 05:30am | Rebecca Latson ...

Nice video article, Kurt!  A great reminder that national parks and national monuments not only provide beautiful bits of nature for humans to enjoy, but also environments necessary for other species' survival.  In some cases, they may be the only places for their survival.  Oh, and I like that hat, too.

Cost To Hike Half Dome In Yosemite National Park Inching Upwards

May 13th - 20:15pm | ecbuck

Areceli - Have you climbed Half Dome? If you had, you would know how crowded - even dangerous - it is with a fee and permit.  $20 is nothing for the experience and limiting with a lottery is the only way to keep it safe and enjoyable, other than raising the fee to $100.  

May 13th - 17:36pm | SmokiesBackpacker

It's ridiculous period.  Do you know what it costs to climb Denali?  The same for taxpaying US citizens as for a Nepali Sherpa.  If you or I climb in the Himalaya, we have to pay disproportionate amounts as a foreigner. And that is the way it is around the world.  Some places charge US climbers in the form of entrance taxes.

May 13th - 15:52pm | Araceli Gonzalez

Is rediculus. To have to go trough lottery tickets.  If you are paying for it.

Lifetime "Senior" and "Access" Park Passes Now Available By Mail

May 13th - 20:05pm | Nelson

I sent away for two Senior Passes by mail on March 10, 2017.  That's two months ago, and I still have not received the passes.  How can I check to see if they are on the way?  Thank you!

Necropsy Shows Prominent Yellowstone National Park Wolf Was Shot

May 13th - 11:38am | EJH

The cruelty of humans saddens me on a daily basis.

May 12th - 20:55pm | justinh

The guilty party needs to do jail time.

May 11th - 18:25pm | Carolyn Hopper

Such sad and terrible news. I hope they catch the mean spirited person who did this.

Is NPS Getting Ready To Toss Bluffs Lodge On The Scrap Heap?

May 12th - 02:26am | Travis Chriscoe

I spent many days of my life in the Doughton Park area. My wife and I stayed at the lodge one night. I ate many fine meals and always enjoyed talking to fellow parkway travellers at the coffe shop. The buckwheat pancakes were always my favorite. It doesn't seem like it was that long ago when you could still purchase gas there and buy a souvenir in the small store there.

National Parks: Going To The Dogs!

May 11th - 21:38pm | T Kelly

i should not be subjected to dogs off leash.  It us the dog owners responsibility to keep their dogs safe and ensure a persons safety.  My safety is more important than your animal.  I have a right to enjoy the national lands with out  anxiety if fear because of risks of being bitten by your dog.   I do not want your animal near me.

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