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Virgin Islands National Park, Before And After Hurricane Irma

Sep 13th - 13:00pm | justinh

One of my favorite parks!  Trials of the Anthropocene.

Here's A Look At Hurricane Irma's Impact On The National Park System

Sep 13th - 12:33pm | Aaron Clarke

PEr article posted on 9/12/17 by CBS North Carolina everyone at the park evacuated have yet to return. Given that the park servioce contracts with a private ferry sevice for access from Key West I'm sure it is a low priority until basic services return to the keys. Any park officals still in the keys I'm sure are putting their skills and talents to good use helping those that stayed.

Sep 12th - 12:59pm | Mary O'Reilly

Doesn't look like it can be good out there, and another one's on the way - tragic!

Sep 12th - 09:25am | Forch

Sep 12th - 08:10am | KIm

Yes, What about Dry Tortugas National Park?  I was just there in November. 

Sep 12th - 00:08am | Anonymous

Yes please my husband and have camped her many times and its our second home. I hope its ok

Sep 11th - 19:01pm | Katie

I keep looking for information on it too.  I know that people are concerned about their own safety, but hopefully someone can fly or sail by and send a report.  I can't imagine anyone stayed on the island during the storm.

Sep 11th - 13:00pm | Jim Guy

I was thinking the exact same thing, it seems to me that the eye of Irma would pass RIGHT OVER the fort/park, and I was wondering if it could withstand that type of force...It would speak volumes about the engineering of the day I suppose...please post photos, and updates to Fort Jefferson as soon as you can when the danger passes...thank you

Sep 10th - 11:13am | Rita See

I've been to Fort Jeffeerson in the Dry Tortugas several years ago when my eldest daughter got married in Key West, as a side-trip. I love it.  I have been concerned about Fort Jefferson and potention damage from Hurricane Irma and wonder if the Fort was damaged in any way.  I would hate to see the Fort damaged, and am wondering if it suffered damage from Hurricane Irma?

Interior Secretary Says Contractors, If Needed, Should Help Reduce Fuel Loads On Public Lands

Sep 13th - 12:05pm | Lee Dalton

Agreed.  This makes sense and is long overdue. But now we have to ask Congress -- where will the money come from -- regardless of whether it's contractors or government agencies doing the work?

Photography In The National Parks: An Armchair Photography Guide To Mount Rainier National Park – Part 1: Sunrise

Sep 13th - 12:01pm | Rick B.

Just incredibly beautiful images of our Pacific Northwest wonder. Your skill at capturing them truly humbles a guy like me with a cell phone camera and absolute beginner's skills.

Sep 13th - 06:27am | Rebecca Latson ...

Thanks, Lee.  You are too kind.

Sep 12th - 13:17pm | Lee Dalton

Ah, you've done it again, Rebecca. Give us wannabe photographers something to try for. 

Time For New Uniforms For The National Park Service?

Sep 13th - 09:38am | tahoma

Perhaps better choices are already available, but during my career, the polyester NPS uniform seemed scientifically designed to admit all environmental moisture while simultaneously retaining perspiration.  Trail crews were required to wear uniforms, but they were usually left in the truck at the trailhead after the morning costume party at Hindquarters.   Pacific Northwest weather can be chall

Hurricane Irma Thrashed Virgin Islands National Park

Sep 12th - 21:34pm | Father Tom Rainforth

I helped out after Hurricane Hugo.  I'm tring to see how my friend Thomas Kelley who is a Marine-Biologist at the National Park is doing and his home and his wife. Also let me know how Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church Father Anthony and the Secretary Somiaia. my e-mail is [email protected] and my cell is 973.477.7548. Praying for all.

Sep 8th - 08:43am | Pam Lach

Does the National Park Services have resources to send out to St. John to help with the clean-up from hurricane Irma?  Please advise as to the park's role and what volunteers can do to assist.  Thank you so much.

Fire Claims Historic Sperry Chalet In Glacier National Park

Sep 12th - 21:05pm | Dawn Rauch

i have stay there at least 5 times . It saddens with tears . Alll the great memories I have of the chatlet .

Sep 9th - 20:03pm | Lee McDonald

My wife and I are espcially sorry to see this loss. We stayed there last September and loved it. I do hope it is rebuilt in the same way it was. What a sad loss.  

Sep 6th - 20:29pm | Helen Green

I'm saddened by the loss of this beautiful landmark. I was blessed to have visited there 5 years ago. 

NRA Official Lands Seat On National Park Foundation Board

Sep 12th - 16:13pm | Lee Dalton

Sep 6th - 13:48pm | Eric Mills

Cartoon in recent NEW YORKER:  Wife to husband, "Remember how nice America was before it was great?"

Creature Feature: The Banana Slug is Living Proof that a Slimy Little Gastropod Mollusk Can be Loaded with Charisma

Sep 12th - 12:34pm | Brandi

Do slugs have partners (mates)? I accidently stepped on one that lives around my porch and I am wondering if I killed the mate of the second slug that lives around my porch?

As Hurricane Irma Roars Across Florida, Recovery Continues At Virgin Islands National Park

Sep 12th - 07:45am | Kurt Repanshek

As soon as we hear we'll pass on news of Fort Jefferson and the other park units. The NPS has been waiting for the storm to pass before sending teams to the areas hit by Irma. We're hoping for more news today.

Sep 11th - 23:54pm | Any news or pho...

We all know there are bigger priorities, but the fort is such a historic place, that many of us are waiting with bated breath for news of its survival - or otherwise...

National Park Units Bracing For Hurricane Irma

Sep 11th - 08:39am | Janny Betz-Dillon

Did anyone stay at Dry Tortugas during Irma? How did island weather it out?

Sep 8th - 19:57pm | Robin Nypaver

Hiow will Fort Jefferson survive Hurricane Irma? Thank you for your time, Robin Nypaver

Sep 7th - 09:46am | Kurt Repanshek

You're right, Brad, but South Carolina definitely is envious! Thanks for pointing out the oversight; it's corrected.

Sep 7th - 09:20am | Brad G.

Small correction:  Cumberland Island is in GA.

Overton Beach Area Latest Casualty of Low Water Level at Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Sep 10th - 14:46pm | Chuck

It's a shame they closed the road to Overton bay.  That was our favorite hiking spot!  Now we can't even drive their because bureaucracy fears humans will destroy what's not there.  I hate when Gov. shuts down roads and access because they feel they know what's best for us.  As if were just stupid humans.

19th Century Military Saber Training Course At Fort Vancouver National Historic Site

Sep 10th - 09:28am | Jonathan Dembo

i hate to tell you this but the swords pictured in the article are not sabers.  They are dueling swords, probably an epee.  Sabers have flat edges and are used to cut and slash at the enemy while riding horseback.  Dueling swords are rounded and are used to deflect or parry thrusts front an opponent.  They have a sharp point for stabbing the enemy.

Interesting Facts You Didn't Know About Dry Tortugas National Park

Sep 9th - 14:56pm | Richard Sloan

Sure hope Ft. Jefferson fares well after Irma!

Filmmakers Illustrate What's At Risk With Mine Road Proposed To Cross Gates Of Arctic National Park

Sep 9th - 08:42am | tahoma

This destructive project is only part of a larger arctic road -building scheme that the state of Alaska hopes the rest of us will pay for:

UPDATE II: Virgin Islands National Park Reeling In Wake Of Hurricane Irma, Emergency Aid En Route

Sep 8th - 22:19pm | John Puleo

Praying for you all! Hope help comes soon.

Great Smoky Mountains Superintendent Gets Temporary Assignment At National Mall

Sep 8th - 07:03am | redstateguy

The GSMNP are scooting him away like they did the previous Superintendent Ditmanson for role in the corrupt rollout of the backpacker tax.

Sep 8th - 06:28am | SmokiesBackpacker

He was a fire fighter with the Forest Service.  And he didn't follow their own management plan regarding the fire which killed 14 people.  Lawsuits against the NPS are coming down the road. Looks like they want to scoot him away.

Three More Parks Move To Increase Entrance Fees

Sep 7th - 17:13pm | ecbuck

The parks area bargain at twice the price. why shouldn't someone that uses them pay more than someone that doesn't. I'm in agreement with Lee. ( is that a pig that just flew by?) By the way, except for the smoke, now is the time to be in Yosemite. No crowds, no traffic. 

Sep 7th - 16:48pm | wild places

I am not opposed to raising fees provided they are in line with inflation or needed due to some extraordinary circumstance. It does feel like many of the increases are far beyond the rate of inflation. It would serve the Park service well to put some perspective behind the increase requests (like in the Carrillo example only with more detail). I.E.

Sep 7th - 13:50pm | RickyAZ

The land is free.  The Park Rangers, roads, programs, visitor facilities, clean up, rescues, etc. are not. All in all, a great bargain.   PS Buy an annual pass.

Sep 6th - 19:57pm | Lee Dalton

I see your point, Smoky, but I'm afraid that's too simplistic.  I just checked and discovered that nearly $40 of my annual property taxes go to our local library system.  But less than $2 of my federal taxes go to our national parks.  Congress has chosen to spend our tax money on other things --- like $400,000 pilot's helmets for F35 pilots --- instead of our parks.

Sep 6th - 18:14pm | SmokiesBackpacker

It works like a library does, Lee.  You pay for it with taxes.  You don't have to pay again when you check out a book.  Nor should you.  I don't want any special services. If someone needs a sewer hook up, then no one says they shouldn't have to pay. But your analogy is like paying the president extra every time he insults someone.

Sep 6th - 15:16pm | Lee Dalton

Some Americans continue to loudly demand more and more services and infrastructure while simultaneously crying for less taxation and lower fees. Can anyone explain just how that is supposed to work? 

Sep 6th - 12:21pm | SmokiesBackpacker

How much of this border wall funding would solve the entrance fee issue?  And Trump just decided to amp up the Afghanistan mission. Six months of that debacle would solve the entrance fee problem permanently.  But hey, whatever gets his mineral drilling buddies into the Lithium over there, right?

Sep 6th - 12:19pm | SmokiesBackpacker

When GSRM collected public comments on the backcountry fee, it was OVERWHELMINGLY opposed in public comments by a talley of 85%.  But the NPS just kept changing their rationalization and justification for the fee and like Kitty implied, it was implemented anyway.  PUblic be damned.  The NPS is just putting lipstick on a predetermined pig.

Sep 6th - 10:00am | David Crowl

It would be nice if along with increased entrance fees, we would get an increase in funding from congress. I understand user fees help defray costs by the ones who use the parks, but we all own the parks and when we pay taxes, some of it should go to take care of our Parks.

Sep 6th - 08:06am | Ranger1

Re-Public Input not being considered.

Sep 6th - 00:20am | Rick B.

"In the Smokies, you cannot get through the thoroughfares for people of differing nationalities."   The word you are demonstrating and defining is "xenophobia".  

Overlooked, And Gorgeous, National Park System Vistas

Sep 7th - 09:19am | Brad G.

We love this place!  Went there on vacation just to be somewhere "different" and were blown away with the scenery and quality of the hiking we found.

Where Do You Draw The Line On Erasing History In The National Park System?

Sep 6th - 15:59pm | Dick gutierrez

Well I thought Trump was duley elected as our POTUS--despite some being unaccepting of the results. I guess the days of thoughtful dialog and discussion has devolved into name-calling and screaming inorder to make "your point" . It's unfortunate that some people can only see their take on things as the right choice and refuse to attempt to see anothers view.

Sep 6th - 15:05pm | Rick B.

Dick - I find it offensive that you refer to him as "our President". And no, I don't think that all Trump voters were idiots. Those who have been following his course in office, other than through Faux News and Alex Jones, who still support him are rapidly approaching that point.

Sep 6th - 10:32am | Deshay

The issue here is not President Trump.  The issue is that history is not being taught in our schools.  There is no understanding or knowledge of what many of these folks who are commemorated in statues did or what the bigger picture is.  I was in DC this summer and we went to Twilight Tattoo at Ft. Myer.  This is a history of the US Army and our country presented in music.

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