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NRA Official Lands Seat On National Park Foundation Board

Sep 2nd - 00:19am | Rick B.

I guess not everyone got the memo:

Sep 1st - 13:33pm | Isabel edwards

insane choice bet she is a trophy hunter. Another bad choice 

Aug 31st - 20:58pm | Dawn Kirk


Aug 30th - 19:35pm | ecbuck

 It certainly doesn't sound correct for the U.S.

Aug 30th - 14:31pm | Siglin1

"Carrying guns is a Constitutional issue and a personal protection issue.  Do you believe it is "evil" that hundreds of thousands of people if not millions have used guns each year to protect themselves and their property? {edited to correct grammer}"

Aug 30th - 12:24pm | y_p_w

I'm not so much concerned about her relationship to the NRA, because there's frankly not much that she can do as a member of the board to influence guns at NPS sites.  That's already settled by law.  I'd be more worried about whether or not her positions align with her husband's on climate change or land restoration, which the National Park Foundation does actively influence.

Aug 30th - 10:29am | ecbuck

 can't we keep some relatively "Safe Havens"? You mean like all those gun free zones where people get shot by people that don't give a hoot about the law?  Oh, and BTW, guns have been allowed in National Parks since 2010. 

Aug 30th - 10:08am | Steve Holtz

Great!  Now I not only have to watch for people everywhere I take my grandson on the streets but pretty soon I'll have to watch whose pointing a gun at me in my NATIONAL PARKS.  I'm not against gun ownership (I own three) but can't we keep some relatively "Safe Havens"?

Aug 30th - 09:15am | ecbuck

I'm witholding all future support. There goes another nose.  I can only shake my head.  

Aug 29th - 21:26pm | wild places

Hi Kurt, I don't disagree that the NRA can be divisive just as those who are anti gun can be. I honestly haven't seen an NRA commercial in a very long time (years) but am not surprised that they would have something controversial. seem to recall a Charlton Heston commercial from years that also got some people riled up.

Aug 29th - 20:24pm | Doug Leen

Last year during my NPS Centennial speaking circuit, I donated a five figure amount to the NPF.  Until Trump leaves office and these rascals are removed from supervision of America's Crown Jewels, I'm witholding all future support.  Zinke is no "Teddy Roosevelt" republican.  

Aug 29th - 19:07pm | Dick Gutierrez

The reason I thought of that question is because you stated in your message this morning that the NRA has adopted a "militant position"about things--since the Sierra Club is intimatly involved with NP issues I thought it was a fair question.  I think its a shame that we fight among ourselves when we all have the same feelings about our National parks and it does not help our cause when we

Aug 29th - 18:35pm | Kurt Repanshek

Dick, what has that go to do with this story? I don't follow who the Sierra Club does or doesn't endorse, or Black Lives Matter, and best I can tell I haven't espoused a position one way or another on Mrs. LaPierre's appointment. Indeed, I even pointed out how the Foundation/Interior could have announced it in a middle-of-the-road way.

Aug 29th - 18:24pm | Dick Gutierrez

Kurt--May I ask your feelings about the Sierra Club endorsing Black Lives Matter--an organization that has openly called for the killing of police officers??

Aug 29th - 17:32pm | Dick Gutierrez

I applaude her appointment to the board. What is wrong with a diverse group of people??--Why so much hatred?? Is it because the NRA supports the 2nd amendmend and hunting/fishing??  Most hunters and fisherman/women love and support the  NP system as much as any group. Thats backed up by millions of donations from those people.

Aug 29th - 15:55pm | ecbuck

Jill, could you explain how the NRA has intruded into your life?  

Aug 29th - 15:20pm | Jill Budzynski

As a frequent traveler to our National Parks, I see, hear and read about all the species restoration being painstakingly carried out in our parks. These actions have taken years of careful study and meticulous planning. They typically only yield results after decades.

Aug 29th - 14:14pm | Carl

Guess he must've learned about transparency from obama, eh?

Aug 29th - 13:02pm | Big picture getter

reading all these closed minded opinions sure makes me want to renew my NRA membership, as well as my DU and PF. Memberships. hope all the hysterically liberal take the time to reply. But unfortunately I won't be checking back in to  read. I'm too busy planning my return trips to our great parks. 

Aug 29th - 13:00pm | zb39

I think most of these comments are over the top.  evil, etc.  Give me a break.  She is a proven outdoors women and commited conservationist.   As are 99% of NRA members.   Hunters spend more time in the outdoors than do most apt dwellers living in any city I said most, not all.

Aug 29th - 12:57pm | L. A. Craft

special interest trump...special interest lapierre 1...special interest zinke...special interest lapierre 2...replace them all.

Aug 29th - 12:28pm | ecbuck

Again, y_p_w, the fact that states have implemented laws that are contrary to the Constitution doesn't mean it is no longer a Constitutional issue. In fact, just the opposite. That is what the NRA is fighting for and there is nothing evil about fighting to uphold the Constitution or to secure the safety of person and property.  

Aug 29th - 12:13pm | y_p_w

Read again: Carrying guns is hardly a Constitutional issue. Exactly what do you think that means if it isn't about public carrying of firearms?

Aug 29th - 11:52am | ecbuck

y-p-w - the courts have been slowly but steadily widdling away at those unconstitutional restrictions.  And the NRA is helpting to move that along. [added]  There is nothing evil about that. [end add]  But I not sure what your point is.  The right to own arms is a Constitutional issue.  I made no comment about public carry.

Aug 29th - 11:29am | y_p_w

I was referring to the carrying of firearms in public.  While the right to own firearms and keep them is guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment, the ability to carry them in public places is primarily regulated by state and/or local law.  Even the rider that overruled the regulation on guns in NPS areas generally deferred to state or local laws.

Aug 29th - 10:31am | ecbuck

Perhaps the fact that folks, upon learning about this appointment, have stated that they won't contribute to the Park Foundation anymore That's constructive.  Because someone doesn't like one of 29 directors they are going to stop their support?  Seems like cutting off your nose to spite your face.  

Aug 29th - 10:13am | Kurt Repanshek

EC, that was from Twitter, not Facebook, and her tweets are only visible to those she allows into her circle.As for the lack of announcement, as I wrote, we have no idea why it wasn't announced. Past appointments have been announced. My questions to both the Interior and Foundation staffs about the appointments have not been answered. 

Aug 29th - 10:06am | ecbuck

So long before it was "leaked" out last week, she twittered that she had been appointed.  Doesn't look like she was trying to hide anything.  And really, would anyone believe that by not announcing it, nobody would ever know?  I suspect the lack of announcement was due to far less nefarious circumstances.  

Aug 29th - 09:45am | Kurt Repanshek

May, I believe, from Twitter.

Aug 29th - 09:36am | ecbuck

Kurt- when was the above FB screenshot taken?

Aug 29th - 09:19am | Kurt Repanshek

Wild Places, appointments are just that. The Interior secretary gets to make them to the foundation board.

Aug 29th - 09:15am | ecbuck

The Charisma of Adolf Hitler contains a large number of direct parallels to Herr Drumpf.

Aug 29th - 08:42am | ecbuck

Carrying guns is hardly a Constitutional issue. I guess you have failed to read the second amendment.  

Aug 29th - 01:03am | wild places

Rick B, I admit I am not familiar with the usual protocol for appointments. Since they are called appointments I assumed that votes aren't taken, so is this out of the ordinary? As for the NRA being powerful and having money that is certainly true but I wasn't aware the NRA lobbied for this position, nor do I see where they stand to benefit from it.

Aug 29th - 00:25am | Rick B.

Wild Places, that's all probably quite true. That isn't the issue.   It is the sneaky backdoor insertion of a reprersentative of one of the most powerful money fueled special interest groups around.

Aug 28th - 23:30pm | wild places

Sportsmen & women in my state (hunters and fishermen) have done far more than any other group to restore wildlife habitat and in some cases bring back species that had all but vanished. License fees & taxes on ammunition not to mention groups like ducks unlimited and others have been a tremendous asset.

Aug 28th - 22:31pm | Lee Dalton

I just stumbled on to a PBS program airing tonight.  The Charisma of Adolf Hitler contains a large number of direct parallels to Herr Drumpf.  I highly recommend it.  Watch and see what you think. You should be able to watch on the PBS website. 

Aug 28th - 21:54pm | Rick B.

Thanks for the reminder, Lee. I hadn't caught up oin Thuinderbear in a while. Glad to see he hasn't lost a bit in the time since.

Aug 28th - 21:38pm | Lee Dalton

The inimitable THUNDERBEAR'S current missive contains an expose' of Drumpf's use of stealth appointees to push his agendas (or whatever they are) in various Federal agencies without Congressional oversight or public knowledge. Here's a link:

Aug 28th - 21:12pm | y_p_w

Carrying guns is hardly a Constitutional issue.  The ability to carry guns is set by state law.  For instance, California is a "may issue" state and the majority of sheriffs and police chiefs don't routinely issue CCW permits.

Fire Claims Historic Sperry Chalet In Glacier National Park

Sep 1st - 17:28pm | Lee Dalton

Terrible news.  I never stayed there, but certainly enjoyed its hospitality as I passed by many many eons ago.  It was a beautifully classic place.  I hope it will be rebuilt. 

Sep 1st - 13:20pm | Sue Simonson

so sad. Please don't let the fire get to many glacier hotel. 

Report: Great Smoky Mountains National Park Staff Not Negligent In Battling Deadly Chimney Tops 2 Fire

Sep 1st - 08:54am | SmokiesBackpacker

Finding 9 During the fire, the FMO was simultaneously serving as the duty officer and incident commander, which is contrary to NPS policy.

Violent Deaths in the National Parks

Aug 31st - 21:23pm | Syd G

I'm female and fortunately, Kurt, you don't make decisions on whether or not I carry concealed.  I agree with Fred.  I like to be prepared in case I'm on of the people who ends up being approached by someone with less than stellar intentions.

Creature Feature: The Desert Tarantula Looks Big, Hairy, and Scary

Aug 29th - 21:25pm | Ralph

When irritated, a female tarantula raises its abdomen and protrudes two flexible appendages from the rear of the upraised abdomen.  What are those appendages?

Interior Secretary Zinke: NPS Staff Can Clean Restrooms, But Not Manage Campgrounds

Aug 29th - 20:57pm | Ranger Doug

Kurt:  Great exposure to the boil on the butt of the NPS.   The very essence of the NPS is the Ranger.

Aug 29th - 20:45pm | Ranger Doug

Spot on Lee.  

Are Deer Disappearing from Cade's Cove?

Aug 29th - 19:35pm | Anonymous

Please save the deer.

National Park Basics For RVing Newbies

Aug 29th - 16:14pm | Lisa Linn

We want to travel with our 2 dogs.  Are we permitted to have them with us in the RV at the national and state parks.  We know there are limitations on where we can take them within most parks, but are more concerned with them being permitted to be in the RV camping areas.   

Traveler's Checklist: Ozark National Scenic Riverways

Aug 29th - 11:36am | Steve Bost

Hello,      How far from an access point (day use)can you park your car and  hike to a place along the river or creek in ONSR to tent camp for the night. Thank You!

National Parks Traveler's Essential Park Guide