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Musings From Chamizal National Memorial

Apr 21st - 17:53pm | justinh

I'm willing to bet that right about now there are a lot of Traveler readers who are scratching their heads and asking, "Chamizal? What the heck is a Chamizal?" Count me among them.  Nice piece, Lee.

Rise In National Park Visitation Last Year Produced $35 Billion Economic Boost

Apr 21st - 17:02pm | ecbuck

Actually, monetizing some parts will pay for preserving and protecting the others.  Once again, the concepts aren't mutually exclusive.

Apr 21st - 15:30pm | RickyAZ

No one is denying a preservation and museum function but that is not all the NPS is for and if it can't be sustained monetarily it won't be in the long run.  331 million visits monetized at $30 (a fairly low figure) covers the entire maintenance backlog in 1 year! Lower the figure to $5 over 6 years (~2 Billion visitors!) and it is easily achievable. 

Apr 21st - 14:45pm | Rick B.

'Everything'.   Still waiting for a quote proving that generalization to be true rather than hyperbole.  

Apr 21st - 13:04pm | RickyAZ

too true, sadly.  Free is what you get in Venezuala

Apr 21st - 12:50pm | ecbuck

Ricky, they can't monetize it because many of the people here, and elsewhere, think everything should be free.

Apr 21st - 10:40am | RickyAZ

It goes to the hotels, gas, labour etc, not entirely (or even mostly) to the NPS.  The intersting issue is how can the NPS fail to monetize 331 million visits to cover their needs (including maintenance).  That gets to the heart of the management issue

Apr 21st - 08:46am | Tami

 If $34.9 billion was generated by the National Park System, where does this money go.  Maybe they need to evaluate the budget.

Apr 21st - 07:57am | Lee Dalton

I tried the other day to reserve a campsite in Zion's Watchman Campground and found the NO VACANCY sign is up until October 10 -- the end of the current reservation window.  

Apr 21st - 07:06am | Ranger1

Sorry to disagree-but the very enabling act for the NPS gives us two roles-preservation and "providing for the enjoyment". While preservation should come first in the long run, because without preservation there will be no future enjoyment, saying that the "only" reason for the National Parks is preservation is flat out wrong.

Apr 20th - 23:02pm | Megaera

The national parks' reason for being is *not* as an economic engine.  AAMOF, the economic draw of the parks is a bug, not a feature. The parks exist because those pieces of landscape deserve preservation.  Period.

Apr 20th - 08:57am | ecbuck

Yeah, people would not have gone on vacation if there weren't National Parks.  (Sigh)

Exploring The Parks: City Of Rocks National Reserve

Apr 21st - 14:50pm | Kristina Radel

Thank you for the in-depth information on the relationship between the state and NPS. I too was getting confused when trying to reserve and get information for this place. Being redirected to the State when trying to get an NPS campsite was getting frustrating. I can't wait to check it out myself soon!

President Trump Donates $78,333 To National Park Service, Critics Label It Publicity Stunt

Apr 20th - 21:20pm | ecbuck

Yes, the AAF is considered right of center.  But, according to you in the past, the aggregator counts more than the actual research source.  But, as I have always said, the aggregator or the source is meaningless relative to the points actually made.  And yes, if someone stops an annual expenditure of x for y years, they "have saved" x times y day one.

Apr 20th - 20:31pm | Rick B.

Firat two paragraphs:   " President Trump has saved taxpayers more than $86 billion in regulatory costs during his first three months in the White House, according to a new study from a conservative group.

Apr 20th - 19:20pm | ecbuck

Not that it matters but the Hill is considered left of center.  What matters is the facts, show us anything in the study that is incorrect. 

Apr 20th - 17:46pm | Rick B.

But nothing from a middle of the road publication, or any article that examines the effects on the individuals affected?   Of his proposed actions?

Apr 20th - 16:26pm | ecbuck

EC, I missed the memo. What has he done to save us tens or even hundreds of billions of dollars?? Yet another memo.

UPDATED: Price Of Senior Pass Going To $80; Buy It Now For $10

Apr 20th - 12:59pm | Redvandan

Both Americans and Resident aliens, (immigrants), are eligible...

Apr 17th - 14:39pm | Larry

Still available for$10. As of 4-17-17.  

Yellowstone National Park's White Wolf Found Injured, Put Down By Biologists

Apr 20th - 12:08pm | DougR.

May well have been stuck by a vehicle and ran off...

President's Budget Proposal Viewed As Overly Harsh For National Parks

Apr 20th - 11:20am | Ric W

How typical. Let's look at the Pentagon's budget for cuts. Why is it that some folks just cannot understand that the DoD should be the best funded organization within the entire government? There are entire Cabinet level departments whose existence is Constitutionally questionable, and should be the recipients of the Golden Fleece Award, yet you want to look at DoD.

How Could Trump Administration's Government Makeover Impact The National Park Service?

Apr 19th - 22:09pm | [email protected]

Apr 17th - 17:04pm | Anonymous too

Can someone tell me how turning a historic or scenic trail that spans thousands of miles and passes through multiple states, counties, cities, towns, tribal lands, etc. etc, over to state or local or tribal administration can be an improvement?

Fear Of "A Gag Order On Climate Science" Spurred "Resistance" Movement Among Federal Employees

Apr 19th - 20:41pm | [email protected]

LEST  WE  FORGET [email protected] Park Service leaders break rules but skate by The appearance that top managers are virtually untouchable has led to a general lack of accountability within the Park Service, according to some observers.

Apr 19th - 18:27pm | Lee Dalton

No, Alfred, there will unfortunately always be a need for PEER no matter who is in office.  But now it will really be critical.

Apr 19th - 18:11pm | Alfred Runte

Lee, and you mean to imply we didn't need PEER under President Obama? That's not what I heard from PEER. You're right. They're a terrific outfit, but only because they play no favorites. Nor should we.

Apr 19th - 17:47pm | Lee Dalton

We will need PEER more than ever in the next four years.

Apr 19th - 16:18pm | Jeff Hart

We stand for science and we are behind the professionals at the NPS.

Apr 18th - 21:27pm | trailadvocate


Apr 18th - 20:59pm | Rick B.

Only in your tiny world. Good night. I'll let you know if I'm addressing you and your hallway buddies.

Apr 18th - 20:43pm | ecbuck

LOL funny.  The king of unsubstantiated accusations is crying for documentation and chastising sabre rattling.  I was going to let it pass since it was so obviously ironic.  

Apr 18th - 20:24pm | trailadvocate

Im waiting, EC.  Rick B's calling someone a saber rattler.  Kinda funny.

Apr 18th - 16:08pm | Rick B.

Yeah, CC it says so right here in the documentation you failed to provide.   Blind saber ratting such as yours concerns me more than folks who are simply working to ensure that scientific information doesn't get suppressed by momentary political insanitiesl

Apr 18th - 14:26pm | Concerned Citizen

Who is "Alt" as they refuse to personally identify themselves?  My bet is they are a political/union run or backed group of individuals hell bent on bringing our elected President down.  Financed by George Soros?  When will the brain dead social media crowd investigate the source and the legitimacy of information being spewed by social media.

Apr 18th - 13:16pm | Donna S Meredith

We love the national parks and hope you keep standing up for the environment!

Apr 18th - 12:01pm | Alt US NPS

Mush appreciated. A group of vetted Alt-Park accts (alt Yellowstone, Nasty Women, volcanos, and a few others) understand the responsibility to serve as ambassadors to the Parks, and to the people, just as they do when in uniform as Rangers.

Apr 18th - 11:42am | Kurt Repanshek

Thanks, we've fixed that.

Apr 18th - 11:40am | @Alt US NPS

The @altusnps Twitter acct is not associated with any Facebook page. 

Lifetime "Senior" and "Access" Park Passes Now Available By Mail

Apr 19th - 11:20am | Stan the Man

I am applying for a senior pass by mail but I am a little wary about sending them my credit card number. Do they accept checks? If so, who is the check made out to? Thanks!

Winner Announced For Brooks Camp Bear Pin Design Competition

Apr 19th - 06:07am | Rebecca Latson ...

I like it!  I think it's pretty cool!  I found my own 2011 pin the other day while doing my usual sparse bit of spring cleaning.  Congratulations to Ms. Anderson. 

Water Problems Interfere With North Rim Opening At Grand Canyon National Park

Apr 18th - 23:52pm | William O'Neill

Will the repairs be done before the first week of June when I have a campground reservation? 

Apr 18th - 13:26pm | Anonymous

I love that picture from the North Rim with the San Francisco Peaks in the backround.

Motor Vehicle Accidents In Yellowstone Skyrocketing

Apr 18th - 20:28pm | Kate33601

It would be interesting to know how many of these accidents were due to drivers paying more attention to their electronic devices than to their driving.

Prepare Yourself For Parks 101

Apr 18th - 06:36am | Rebecca Latson ...

I've been reading the "Images of America" books, which have wonderful histories and old photos of such places as Glacier National Park and Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park as well as a book in this series dedicated to the iconic Going-To-The-Sun Road.

Beware Of Wild Hogs While Hiking In Parts Of Natchez Trace Parkway

Apr 17th - 16:29pm | GShepDog

good thing we can carry a gun in national parks. hogs will charge you

The Navy Converted Yosemite's Luxurious Ahwahnee Hotel to Hospital Use During World War II

Apr 17th - 11:32am | Paul Parque

How many holes did the Ahwahnee hotel golf course have?

Paper Trail Shows Lots Of Communications Over Bears Ears National Monument

Apr 17th - 11:29am | ecbuck

The fact that officials may have communicated with state officials doesn't mean they have taken " local concerns into consideration"

Apr 17th - 11:10am | Robert Stewart

Utah's Congressional delegation is "deplorable" they can't tell the truth just like trump Can't tell the trut.  It's about the money, reelection and and ideolog.  NOT WHAT IS IN THE BEST INTREST OF UTAH AND THEIR CONSTITUENT. Add to that group, Utah's gerrymandered elected officials, pathetic from the Governor right on down.  

Senior Pass Price Won't Jump To $80 Until October 1

Apr 17th - 07:56am | Kurt Repanshek

Yes, unless you're extremely persuasive, BB.

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