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Isle Royale National Park

Moose And Wolves: Managing For Wilderness Values At Isle Royale National Park

Daytime temperatures at Isle Royale National Park were forecast to reach no warmer than 6 degrees Fahrenheit on Sunday, a biting cold that, if it got no warmer at the national park for a month or so, just might solve the National Park Service's quandry over what to do about an apex predator, the wolf, that is about to blink out on the island.

UPDATED: National Park Service Lays Out Four Options On Whether To Help Isle Royale National Park Wolves

National Park Service officials, in a move likely to spur debate over how wilderness is managed, are proposing to bring 20-30 wolves into Isle Royale National Park in Michigan to offset a dwindling presence of wolves and at the same time counter a burgeoning moose population that biologists fear could overwhelm the island park's ecosystem.

Conversation With A National Park Lodge Manager

General managers of national park lodges don't have an easy job. They appear to be in perpetual motion while dealing with issues regarding employees, maintenance, guests, food service, budgets, and the National Park Service. The facilities they manage are often in isolated locations, a factor that can magnify what would normally be minor issues.

Isle Royale National Park Proposal Raises Cost Of Entrance But Honors Federal Passes

As national parks across the country consider fee increases to align with guidelines set last year by the National Park Service, changes proposed at Isle Royale National Park would raise the cost of entrance but also honor federal recreation passes that currently aren’t accepted.

Exploring The Parks: A Stay In Isle Royale National Park

We recently returned for a stay of several nights in Isle Royale, one of America’s most lightly visited national parks. Based on our memory of the previous trip nine years ago, pretty much everything was unchanged, and that was fine with us. The park remains quiet and uncrowded with beautiful vistas, friendly people, and cool temperatures.

Find Poetry Where You Least Expect It At Great Lakes Parks This Summer

If you’re at a Great Lakes park this summer, you might read poetry on signs where you expect to find information. Nature poems masquerading as official park signs can be found throughout Apostle Islands, Pictured Rocks, and Indiana Dunes National Lakeshores, as well as Isle Royale National Park at trails, vistas, and beaches as part of the National Park Service’s centennial celebration.

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