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Add Rocky Mountain National Park To The List Of Parks Hit By Painting Vandal

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This image, signed by #creepytings," was spotted in Rocky Mountain National Park in September/Bill Stock

You apparently can add Rocky Mountain National Park to the list of parks where a New York artist felt inclined to paint images on rock outcrops. Bill Stock was enjoying Rocky Mountain in September when he came upon the painted image contained in the accompanying photograph. 

National Park Service officials in Washington say agents are looking into reports of vandalism in at least 10 national parks in Arizona, California, Colorado, Oregon, and Utah. Paintings, apparently done in acrylics by a woman who signs them "creepytings," have been found on an outcrop overlooking Crater Lake, on a rock face along the Mist Trail in Yosemite National Park, and atop Telescope Peak in Death Valley National Park.

Park Service officials say other affected parks include Zion National Park and Canyonlands National Park, both in Utah. Other parks the agency is trying to confirm having been targeted include Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona; Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park and Joshua Tree National Park, both in California; Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado; and Bryce National Park, Utah.

Word of the vandalism arose Tuesday when two California-based bloggers mentioned it. From Death Valley to Crater Lake, from Yosemite to Zion, a woman who goes by the nom de plume "creepytings" has evidently left a trail of acrylic paintings on rock outcrops in the parks. With strokes of blue, white, brown and red paint, as well as markers, she sketches faces for all to see.


Why is she being referred to as an "artist"?  The images are talentless, and even if they did exhibit any talent, in this context they don't have any of the qualities or sophistication of "street art"--e.g. cultural jamming, subvertising, etc.  This is vacuous and puerile vandalism.  Sheer idiocy.

This idiot sure gets around.  Maybe if we're lucky, she'll trip while vandalizing someplace like the top of Angel's Landing.

I don't wish her death.


I wish her a steel brush, orange coveralls, and a protection ranger escort to all ten parks.

She is in no way, shape, or form an artist. She instead seems to be an immature, narcissistic vandal who has no regard for anyone else's appreciation of the natural world.

I also still assert the media should stop showing the images of her vandalism. She wanted her "work" to be displayed. Please stop pandering to her ego and, rather, do the worst thing she could possibly imagine: ignore her leavings, while still publicizing her case so that it gets the full legal attention it merits and hopefully ends up with an extremely appropriate punishment rained down on her very foolish young head.

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