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Colorado National Monument To Celebrate Its 106th Birthday

When founder John Otto first arrived in the Grand Valley in 1906, he combed through the remote canyons like few had ever done before. He dedicated his life to making the canyons a national park so all Americans could enjoy them. Otto wrote a petition to create a national park and knocked on doors until he'd won the support of nearly every local businessman and leader, encouraging federal representatives of the day to introduce a bill.

Civil War History Comes Alive At Cold Harbor

During a two-week period back in the spring of 1864, Confederate and Union forces engaged in one of the largest battles of the Civil War just 10 miles outside of Richmond, Virginia at a rural crossroads known as Cold Harbor. On Saturday, June 3 and Sunday, June 4, Richmond National Battlefield Park invites the public to experience the story of that epic battle that resulted in more than 18,000 casualties and led one Confederate general to lament, “It was not war; it was murder.”

Some Members Of Congress Want The National Park Service To Lift Ban On Disposable Water Bottles

A sidenote to the Continuing Resolution that is keeping the federal government running through September contains a single sentence that directs the National Park Service to lift its ban on the sale of disposable water bottles in parks. However, it's not legally binding.

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