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Mount Baldy Trail Reopens At Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

The National Park Service has announced that the trail to the beach at Mount Baldy at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore has been reopened. The trail had been closed for several weeks after storm waves washed out a portion of it leaving a dangerous, 50-foot drop off. Park crews have now completed a rerouted trail and have reopened the area.

Analysis: Would A Government Shutdown Usher In A New Vision For The National Park Service?

What would the National Park System be without a National Park Service? Would you treasure Old Faithful, Delicate Arch, or Thunder Hole as much without a nearby ranger to answer your questions, provide some reassurance for your safety, and care for the integrity of the natural resources that drew you to these places.

Interior Spokeswoman: Department "Welcomes" Resignations From National Park Service Advisory Board

In a terse pushback Wednesday, an Interior Department official "welcomed" the resignations of nine members from the National Park Service Advisory Board and chided them for doing nothing while women were being harassed in the National Park System.

Within And Beyond National Park Boundaries, A Chat With Superintendent Kate Cannon

While visiting Arches and Canyonlands National Parks over New Year, contributing photographer and writer Rebecca Latson had a chance to sit down and talk to Kate Cannon, Superintendent of the Southeast Utah Group. During their conversation, they discussed such things as favorite park spots to agency cooperation regarding oil and gas leasing outside of park boundaries to the power of a personal visit to a national park.

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