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Friends Group Rises Up To Help Timpanogos Cave National Monument


A friends group has been formed to help Timpanogos Cave National Monument in Utah meet its needs.

“A group of local people who care deeply about Timpanogos Cave National Monument got together to make a difference for the Monument and its visitors,” said Rosie Bahr, president of Friends of Timpanogos Cave.

“The National Park Service supports and encourages similar organizations throughout the country,” said Monument Superintendent Jim Ireland, “and we are very pleased to have this friends group helping us.”

The group has a board of directors comprised of local individuals that have a great deal of experience with and appreciation for the Monument. The group is working on a list of projects, including seeking funds by donation for needed improvements in facilities and visitor services. Immediate goals the group cited include replacement of the American Fork River pedestrian bridges in the Swinging Bridge Picnic Area, and new wayside exhibits for the cave trail.

This group is also a membership organization, with fees ranging from $15 for students and seniors to $250 for a lifetime membership. Members will receive newsletters that will inform them of friends group and monument activities, a cave tour voucher, an “I Support Timpanogos Cave” window decal, and a membership card.

“In these times of tight federal budgets, we felt we needed to step up and help ensure continued opportunities at this great national monument," Ms. Bahr said in a release.

Timpanogos Cave National Monument was established in 1922, largely due to local interest. Not only is the monument faced today with a reduction in appropriated revenues, it will feel an impact from reduction in funds from the changes made in the American Fork Canyon fee program, according to Ms. Bahr.

"We hope others who appreciate this great resource will join with us in making a difference through membership or by making a donation," she said.

Membership and friends group details can be found at the organization’s website.


Good for them. Local support will be key to saving the parks.

I agree. Local support feeds and maintains the parks. Too bad when the park leaders disregard that support in favor of bureaucratic "solutions" to problems. That tends to happen when the NPS changes data to suit their agendas. I know of one particular situation in which a park superintendent cast aside offers of support by locals in the Smokies in favor of revenue producing streams in order to have a "more professional presence" instead of retired folks volunteering their time for a park unit. I think that is a slap to all the hardworking vounteers in the Smokies and should be looked at.

Along with NPS superintendents who make 200k per year. This senate committee will be hearing a great deal from folks in the Smokies as testimony along with a lot of people from colorado and beyond. And it will bring some eyes to bear on this malfeasance which is apparently widespread throughout the NPS these days. They might just take a look at a couple of the nepotism situations that currently exist within the ranks of park superintendents in the NPS system.

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