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Yellowstone National Park

Order A Digital Edition Of The Essential Park Guide For Spring 2017

Spring can be one of those iffy seasons in the National Park System. You might run into warm, sunny days with an easy breeze at your back. Or, you could find yourself being pelted by sleet, battered by a stiff wind, with grey clouds scooting by overhead. This 56-page guide will help you get the most out of the parks in spring.

Tracking Zero Tolerance In The National Park Service

Top Interior Department and National Park Service officials have pledged to take a "zero tolerance" approach to harassment of any kind, but how easy is it for Park Service employees and the general public to see if that approach is indeed upheld? It's a tricky question to answer, as privacy laws and criteria used to guide decisions on punishments can both hide and limit what actions are taken.

Renewed Effort In Congress To Remove Wolves From ESA Protections

A bipartisan effort has been launched in the U.S. Senate to not only end Endangered Species Act protections for wolves in Wyoming and the Great Lakes region but to also prohibit the Environmental Protection Agency from addressing lead poisoning related to fishing gear, according to the Center for Biological Diversity.

Fellowship Will Allow Wildlife Biologist To Study Bison And Songbirds In Yellowstone

Grazing bison are nature's lawn mowers, closely cropping the grasses and forbs in national parks such as Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and Wind Cave. Beyond gaining a meal, they also might inadvertently be improving songbird habitat, and Danielle Fagre hopes to be able to quantify that possibility.

Groups Announce Plan To Challenge Delisting Of Grizzlies In Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Rising grizzly bear deaths, climate change, and the biological island that is the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem all were cited Friday when a coalition of groups announced plans to sue the Trump administration to prevent the removal from the Endangered Species List of grizzly bears in the ecosystem.

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