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Yellowstone National Park

All Set For The West: Union Pacific And The National Parks

Abraham Lincoln saw in the name renewal—the Union Pacific. Chartered by Congress in 1862, it was a railroad forged out of the depths of civil war. Lincoln then fervently hoped to heal the Union by stretching its tracks across the West. Finally, with Robert E. Lee’s surrender at Appomattox Courthouse, Virginia, the great undertaking could begin. By then, Lincoln had been assassinated, but the Union would indeed endure.

Spring Into Yellowstone Festival Coming To Cody, Wyoming In May

One of the most gorgeous approaches to Yellowstone National Park is from the east, through the Sunlight Basin northwest of Cody, Wyoming. The road descends in a series of switchbacks down the Absaroka Range and onto the forested valley floors. And if you're heading to the park in mid-May, you just might want to spend a little time in Cody, Wyoming, to take in the fourth annual Spring Into Yellowstone festival before you head into the basin.

Photography In The National Parks: Year-Round Photography In Yellowstone National Park

In wildlife photography, there may be no greater thrill than photographing a grizzly leading her three cubs across a green meadow in Yellowstone. Nor a more powerful sense of wonder than witnessing the birth of a bison calf in the remote Lamar Valley. Nor a more impressive wildlife scene than a magnificent bull elk guarding his harem of females along the scenic Madison River.

Court Rules Fish And Wildlife Service Erred By Finding Wolverines Didn't Need Endangered Species Act Protection

A federal judge has determined the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service erred by not fully considering climate-change impacts and genetic isolation when it decided wolverines did not need Endangered Species Act protection.

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