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Yellowstone National Park

Be Careful In the National Parks This Summer, Travelers

Summer's official kickoff is this coming Memorial Day Weekend, and with crowds expected across the National Park System, be sure to pay attention to your surroundings and others in the parks. A Texas woman hoping to photograph a bald eagle near the West Entrance to Yellowstone National Park apparently took her eyes off the road and was hit and killed by oncoming traffic, according to park authorities.

The Real Story About The Bison Calf That Took A Ride In The Car

I met the bison calf who took a ride in an SUV early one evening as I drove west in Lamar Valley, past the pullout known as “Picnic.” The late afternoon sun on a stormy day landscape was the light that photographers dream of shooting, with wild animals on a horizon and Yellowstone National Park's gorgeous mountains off in the distance.

Court Records: Canadian Man Cited For Picking Up Yellowstone Bison Calf

A Canadian man cited by Yellowstone National Park rangers for transporting a bison calf to the Buffalo Ranch in the park was worried it would end up as "road kill" if he did nothing, according to the investigating ranger. In the end the calf wound up dead just the same, as its mother abandoned it and it "was continually approaching visitors and vehicles" and so rangers put it down.

Yellowstone National Park Staff To Visitors: Don't Be Stupid

Getting too close to full-grown bison and trying to "save" newborn bison calves from the cold are some of the illegal and downright dangerous and inappropriate behaviors visitors to Yellowstone National Park have taken in recent weeks, prompting park officials to warn all visitors to behave appropriately in the park.

National Park Service Supports Delisting Of Grizzly Bears...To A Point

National Park Service officials are willing to support the removal of grizzly bears from Endangered Species list protections, but with a number of caveats. Among them are requests that the delisting plan both limits the chance that wounded bears venture back into parks and reduces the likelihood that "well-known or transboundary bears" are killed by hunters.
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