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Oregon National Historic Trail

Exploring The Parks: Oregon National Historic Trail In Wyoming

Plant yourself -- leaning into the wind, of course -- on the open prairie near South Pass City, Wyoming, and you can quickly envision the setting that faced Conestoga-riding emigrants more than a century ago in their exodus to the West Coast. Endless miles of sagebrush, the Wind River Range looming ever-present to the north, a boundless sky dotted here and there with distant rainstorms.

A Most Difficult Trail....

Pacific Creek, Oregon Trail. Copyright Kurt Repanshek

Crossing Wyoming was a tedious, and dangerous, task for those heading to a new life in Oregon or perhaps California. Here, at along the Oregon Trail at Pacific Springs not far from South Pass City, Wyoming, with the Wind River Range in the distance, emigrants would stop to rest themselves and their livestock. For some, it was their final stop, as several graves are in the area.

Kurt Repanshek

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