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Grand Canyon National Park

Conservation Groups Pan Mexican Wolf Recovery Plan Released By U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service

A recovery plan for the Mexican gray wolf released by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service falls far short of enabling the species to rebound, according to conservation groups that panned the plan for not providing enough habitat or allowing wolf populations to grow large enough before delisting.

Democratic Congressman Pushes Legislation To Prevent Uranium Mining On Doorstep Of Grand Canyon

Longstanding efforts to expand uranium mining on lands rimming Grand Canyon National Park are poised to be rekindled thanks to a move by the U.S. Forest Service, though a Democratic congressman is hoping to block the efforts by legislation that would set aside roughly 1 million acres as a national monument.

Traveler's View: Surge Pricing For National Parks Doesn't Pencil Out Or Make Sense

Having to hand over $70 to gain entrance to Yellowstone National Park for a week's stay is not outrageous. Indeed, there are many who say the fee should be higher. But the problems with Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke's plan to institute surge pricing for 17 national parks during their busiest seasons are many.

Senator Says President Trump Will Reduce Size Of National Monuments In Utah

A long anticipated move by President Trump to reduce the size of some national monuments drew near Friday, with a U.S. senator's office saying Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments in Utah would be shrunk by the president. Conservationists and some members of Congress immediately responded with outrage and promised legal action.

Grand Canyon For Sale: Public Lands Vs. Private Interests In The Era Of Climate Change

Stephen Nash wraps up this hard-hitting overview of America’s public lands with the observation that “if we want that waning legacy to endure, we’re going to have to fight hard for it.” As I pondered Nash’s troubling portrayal of public lands I happened to pick up the latest issue of The George Wright Forum, a journal focusing on parks and protected areas, and read a piece by Rolf Diamant in which he quotes historian Dwight Pitcaithley who has written that “the National Park System today is vastly different from the one envisioned and managed by Stephen T. Mather and Horace Albright….The complexity of issues confronted by park and program managers today could not have been envisioned by the first generation of Park Service administrators.” After reading Grand Canyon for Sale I thought, “Pitcaithley is so right!”

Interior Secretary Promises To Root Out Sexual Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying Across National Park Service

Faced with a survey showing that nearly 40 percent of the National Park Service workforce has been the victim of sexual harassment, intimidation, or discrimination, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke on Friday promised immediate and lasting reform, saying "there’s an expectation of the Park Service that not only that they can and should be the greatest stewards of our lands, but also they should be the greatest stewards of our values."

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