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Grand Canyon National Park

UPDATE: National Park Service Ends Ban On Disposable Water Bottles

The Trump administration announced Wednesday an end to a controversial ban on the sale of disposable water bottles in the National Park System, a move applauded by the bottled water industry but no doubt disappointing to reusable bottle makers and organizations trying to reduce plastic waste.

UPDATED: Body Thought To Be Of Missing Woman Found In Grand Canyon National Park

A woman who was found deceased Wednesday near Phantom Ranch in Grand Canyon National Park died after feeling dizzy from heat exhaustion, leaving two children who were hiking with her in a safe location, and likely got lost while searching for water and help, according to a Facebook post from the woman's husband.

Tracking Zero Tolerance In The National Park Service

Top Interior Department and National Park Service officials have pledged to take a "zero tolerance" approach to harassment of any kind, but how easy is it for Park Service employees and the general public to see if that approach is indeed upheld? It's a tricky question to answer, as privacy laws and criteria used to guide decisions on punishments can both hide and limit what actions are taken.

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