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Grand Canyon National Park

Shuttle Service Planned To Ease Traffic Strain On Grand Canyon National Park's South Rim

Trying to find a parking spot on the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park during the spring and summer can be as tricky as ordering an America the Beautiful annual parks pass. Both can take a long time. But beginning March 1, you can avoid the South Rim traffic woes by boarding a shuttle in Tusayan.

First Impressions, A Reader’s Journey To Iconic Places Of The American Southwest

This is not a book for light reading. It is, though, one that takes a historical approach to examining the hallmarks of the Southwestern landscape. Canyon de Chelly, El Morro, Rainbow Bridge, Chaco Canyon, Mesa Verde, and the Grand Canyon are among the destinations to which we are reintroduced through the writings of the first non-natives who encountered.

Desert View Inter-Tribal Cultural Heritage Site Proposed At Grand Canyon National Park

What do you know about Native American presence, historically, at the Grand Canyon? Or how today's tribes view the canyon? There's an effort under way to provide Grand Canyon National Park visitors with greater understanding of Native American use and cultural views of the canyon via an Inter-tribal Cultural Heritage Site at Desert View.

Flying Home: The Colorado Plateau From Above And Below

No one writes today about the Colorado Plateau and the American Southwest with the eloquence and insight of Craig Childs. With his five books about this region he joins Mary Austin, Joseph Wood Krutch, Ann Zwinger, Ed Abbey, and Terry Tempest Williams in describing and celebrating the natural and cultural heritages of this region.

Within And Beyond National Park Boundaries, A Chat With Superintendent Kate Cannon

While visiting Arches and Canyonlands National Parks over New Year, contributing photographer and writer Rebecca Latson had a chance to sit down and talk to Kate Cannon, Superintendent of the Southeast Utah Group. During their conversation, they discussed such things as favorite park spots to agency cooperation regarding oil and gas leasing outside of park boundaries to the power of a personal visit to a national park.

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