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Bryce Canyon National Park

Some History On Lodging In National Parks

With more than a few national parks straining to cope with heavy visitation, and some groups hoping to see more lodging made available in some parks, it seems a little odd to know that once upon a time the National Park Service considered itself the "parent of the concept of eliminating overnight accommodations (except campgrounds) inside the parks to minimize intrusions and lessen impact."

Flying Home: The Colorado Plateau From Above And Below

No one writes today about the Colorado Plateau and the American Southwest with the eloquence and insight of Craig Childs. With his five books about this region he joins Mary Austin, Joseph Wood Krutch, Ann Zwinger, Ed Abbey, and Terry Tempest Williams in describing and celebrating the natural and cultural heritages of this region.

A Day In The Park: Bryce Canyon National Park

Southern Utah's national parks all are red-rock wonders. Zion National Park features towering cliffs of stone. Arches National Park showcases a one-of-its-kind collection of stony arches and windows. Canyonlands National Park is a maze of canyons, and Capitol Reef National Park offers a sprawling rockscape. Bryce Canyon, on the other hand, is much, much more intimate and, in some manners, more curious, geologically.

Exploring Winter’s Wonders In The National Park System

It started in mid-September; a few flakes began to flutter across the Crown of the Continent in Glacier National Park. The snow since then has slowly spread east and west, north and south. By January the white mantle likely will cover the whole northern tier of the National Park System, from Acadia west to Olympic, south through Rocky Mountain, into Shenandoah and Great Smoky Mountain national parks.

Bryce Canyon National Park Schedules Christmas Bird Count

On December 7, nature lovers and birders of all levels of experience will gather at Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah to participate in the world’s longest-running citizen bird census. The National Audubon Society Christmas Bird Count, now in its 118th year, is an annual event that brings together volunteers across the United States, South America, Canada, and distant Pacific islands to assist scientists in the monumental task of assessing the health of bird populations.

UPDATED | Congressman Introduces Legislation To Extensively Rewrite Antiquities Act

A Utah congressman long unhappy with the authority given presidents under The Antiquities Act to establish national monuments has introduced legislation that would extensively rewrite the century-old act. If enacted, the rewrite would limit the purposes for which monuments could be created, require environmental review, and allow presidents to reduce the size of monuments without congressional action.
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PEER Files Lawsuit To Quiet Skies Over National Parks

Last October, while marveling over the gushing Riverside Geyser in Yellowstone National Park, I happened to look up and saw a small jet making circles overhead. Obviously, the pilot and his passengers wanted to watch the eruption as well. According to the National Park Service, that was the only authorized overflight for the month in Yellowstone, but across the National Park System there were tens of thousands of overflights last year that, while providing a bird's eye view of spectacular scenery, can be an annoyance to those on the ground.

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