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Geologist Sues National Park Service For Denying His Grand Canyon Research Permit, Claiming Religious Discrimination

A geologist who claims Grand Canyon National Park officials denied his request to collect rock samples from the floor of the park because of his Christian beliefs has sued the National Park Service on grounds that their decision was unconstitutional.
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Monitoring Climate Change Across The National Park System With Your Help

The changing climate is impacting national park lands in myriad ways, from raising sea levels that will inundate some coastal park units and exposing iconic tree species such as whitebark pines to crippling native and invasive species to altering migration patterns and forest makeup in ways detrimental to wildlife. Regardless of whether you believe climate change is human-driven, change is occurring and impacting the National Park System.

Plenty Of Memorial Day Weekend Programs To Enjoy At Whiskeytown National Recreation Area

Whiskeytown National Recreation Area in California will offer a variety of ranger-guided activities during the Memorial Day weekend. Activities will include the ever-popular kayak programs, a “Walk-in-Time” excursion at the Tower House Historic District, and Stand-Up Paddleboard programs.

Op-Ed | Bears Ears And Grand Staircase: A Plea To Interior Secretary Zinke

Dear Mr. Secretary, I hope you enjoyed your recent visit to Utah, and especially to Cedar Mesa and the new Bears Ears National Monument down in San Juan County. I read that you visited Butler Wash, among other places, and got a glimpse of the ancient Puebloan dwellings that are found throughout this monument. As you gazed up at those venerable stone structures tucked in beneath the cliff, I hope that you thought for a minute about the transience of civilizations and the need to ensure a better future for our own lives here in the American West.