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Study Shows High Salmon Use In Wolf Diets In Lake Clark National Park

Living in a landscape containing salmon fisheries, it should come as no surprise that wolves in southwestern Alaska, including those in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve, eat a diet surprisingly heavy in salmon. A recent study published in the Canadian Journal of Zoology also found a possible increase in wolf pack stability in packs making regular use of salmon as a food resource.

Interior Secretary To Create Public Lands Advisory Committee, One That Might Suggest New User Fees

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is moving to form a Recreation Advisory Committee to develop suggestions not only on how "public-private partnerships" can improve access and infrastructure on public lands, but also on how to generate more user fees to support "sustainable operations."

Long-Distance Trails For Your Consideration

Since 1966, national scenic and historic trails have been an American priority. They traverse mountains, canyons, forests, and grasslands across the country, crossing creeks and rivers and skirting lakes. These narrow corridors through the wilderness provide recreation and protect historic resources while conserving natural features. There are many physical, emotional, and logistical requirements for these trips, and winter is the perfect season to get in shape and plan for a long walk. Here’s a quick look at a few of these trails to help you plan a trip.