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Threats to the Parks

Update: Judge Rules Against Environmental Upgrades for Bridge Project in Congaree National Park

A federal judge has ruled that the aging Highway 601 bridge over the Congaree River in South Carolina can be replaced without correcting environmentally harmful features of the causeway-like bridge approach built on a floodplain now within Congaree National Park.

Hawaii and West Coast National Parks Brace for Tsunami Impacts

As Japan reeled from the shock of a magnitude 8.9 earthquake that triggered horrifically destructive tsunamis there, 20 countries prepared to absorb tsunami impacts on their own coasts. Here in America, coastal national parks in Hawaii, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and northern California are in the bullseye.

At Biscayne National Park, Proposed Boat Anchoring Restrictions Trigger Protests and Send Management Back to the Drawing Board

After Miami area boaters complained that a proposed Mooring Buoy & Marker Plan for Biscayne National Park excessively curtailed boat anchoring practices they rely on, the park decided to redraft the plan.

At Ninety Six National Historic Site, Management Strives to Serve Steak on a Mac & Cheese Budget

At South Carolina's Ninety Six National Historic Site, where Americans fought and died in two Revolutionary War battles, the Park Service has been locked in a different sort of struggle. Although critical preservation and interpretation issues must be resolved, the resources available allow for little more than a holding action. It's awfully difficult to serve steak on a mac-and-cheese budget.

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