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Threats to the Parks

Private Sector Plays Vital Role in Buffering Little River Canyon National Preserve

The battle against encroaching development hasn’t been won at Alabama’s Little River Canyon National Preserve, but the campaign has taken a promising turn. Congress authorized an expansion and The Nature Conservancy and its partners have gotten the land acquisition process well underway.

Everglades National Park Launches “Don’t Let It Loose” Billboard Campaign to Help Battle Invasive Species

Florida’s new “Don’t Let It Loose” Billboard Campaign is further evidence that the National Park Service and other federal and state land management agencies are getting real serious about using public education as a tool to combat the spread of harmful nonnative plant and animal species.

Melting Permafrost May Help Explain Why Many Denali National Park Wetlands Are Drying Up

Scientists working in Denali National Park suspect that melting permafrost might be an important reason why many of Alaska’s shallow lakes and wetlands have shrunk or disappeared. If the trend continues, wetland-dependent wildlife might be severely impacted.

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