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President Wants Interior Secretary To Have Authority To Approve Energy Pipelines Across National Parks


Weeding through government proposals can take time, and often things crop up after an initial review that catch your eye. Such as a provision in President Trump's infrastructure plan that would give the Interior secretary authority to approve pipelines across national park lands.

Tucked away on page 55 of the infrastructure proposal is an item the Trump administration sees as necessary to reducing Inefficiencies in Preserving Publicly Owned Land and Historic Properties.

5. Reduce Uncertainty by Authorizing the Secretary of the Interior to Review and Approve Permits for Pipelines Crossing Lands Administered by the National Park Service 

* Current law delegates to the Secretary of the Interior authority to review and approve rights-of-way across lands administered by the NPS, but only for electric, water and communications facilities. For pipelines (natural gas and oil) and facilities necessary for the production of energy, specific congressional authorization is needed for each proposed project crossing one of these lands.

* Obtaining congressional approval for each pipeline crossing and facilities necessary for the production of energy is time consuming and delays construction of needed natural gas pipeline facilities. It also is inconsistent with the process adopted for other types of facilities.

* Authorizing the Secretary of the Interior to approve rights-of-way for pipelines and facilities necessary for the production of energy across NPS-administered land in a manner identical to that for other facilities would reduce the delays and uncertainties caused by requiring congressional approval.


We knew this was coming.  I believe compliance will still need to be completed for impacts.  I would envision more pipeline propsoals on the way and the NPS proactively seeking mitigation funds to address the impacts.

Next time there's a terrible communications spill in a national park, we'll recognize the obvious inconsistency pointed out in asterisk two.

Horrible idea.

Agree Rick, bad idea. 

Mr Mackie - so many of these recent proposals are like the camel's nose. Anyone who has climbed hills knows what happens when you grab a ball sized rock and start it rolling down the hill. Much more ends up in the valley.

I never met a pipeline proposal that didn't need at least a decade-worth of careful considerration.

Slowly but surely the parks are being destroyed. It is not that any single proposal willl destroy the parks but when you add them up over time the negative impact will be huge. The National Park Service needs a full time vetted director who will speak for the parks and oppose these ideas. Until we have a Director the condition of the parks will continue to change for the worse. 

it aint just Parks

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