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Scarface, A Yellowstone Grizzly Bear Of Renown, Was Killed By A Gunshot

Scarface, A Grizzly Bear Of Renown, Was Killed By A Gunshot

Scarface, a Yellowstone grizzly of renown, died from a gunshot wound/NPS

Scarface, a grizzly boar of considerable renown, one that was naturally in his twilight years, was shot to death outside Yellowstone National Park last November, Montana state officials said Monday.

The bear, known as No. 211 to wildlife biologists, was killed in the Little Trail Creek drainage north of Gardiner, Montana, on the Gallatin National Forest, an event under investigation by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The boar was recognizable "because of distinctive scars on the right side of his face likely the result of typical fights with other male grizzlies for females during mating season or to claim deer and elk carcasses," a release from Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks said. "No. 211 was known to many photographers and wildlife watchers. For this reason, his life was often documented in the media."

While Scarface in his prime probably weighed close to 600 pounds, when he last was captured by biologists to gather information he weighed not quite 340 pounds. "His body condition was probably linked to his advanced age of 25 years," the release said. "Less than 5 percent of male bears born in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem survive to 25 years."

The grizzly bear is protected by both the federal government and the State of Montana as a threatened species. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service routinely investigates incidents affecting threatened and endangered species and is conducting an investigation with the assistance of Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks.


This is what happens while bears are protected under the Endangered Species Act. What will happen when they are delisted? Join us and fight delisting: #DontDelistGrizzlies

He was killed in November. Why are they telling us now?? Something shady about this whole thing :(

Maybe the carcass was just found? Or his tracking thing recorded him as not moving for a while so somebody went to look and discovered the carcass.

No matter whether it was Nov. last year or just yesterday, he deserved better than this ... and not only that he died like this, but the coward who shot him, left the body to rot. Maybe the person who shot him "thought" he was committing a "mercy killing." I'm not "condoning" this act at all, but ... maybe now he's returning to the earth from which he came.

It's against the law.  It's nit up to some jerk to shoot and leave. ..

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