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Temporary Repairs Allow Firehole Lake Drive To Reopen In Yellowstone National Park

Alternate TextYellowstone road crews have repaired this damaged section of Firehole Lake Drive, allowing the side road to reopen to traffic/NPS

Firehole Lake Drive at Yellowstone National Park, closed last week by hydrothermal activity that was melting sections of the road, has reopened.

Crews removed some of the damaged sections and used a mixture of sand and lime to soak up "some of the thick oil which had bubbled ot the surface of the roadway," a park release said Monday. "These actions have successfully mitigated most of the impacts, allowing the road to reopen to traffic.

Park officials were not immediately available to say whether a long-term solution was being developed.

The 3.3-mile scenic loop drive is located off the park'™s Grand Loop Road, halfway between Old Faithful and Madison Junction. It travels through an active thermal area with normally high ground temperatures, according to park officials, who said "the addition of high air temperatures last week resulted in damage to the blacktop surface."

Updated Yellowstone National Park road information is available 24 hours a day by calling 307-344-2117.

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