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Could Take Two Weeks Before Denali Park Road Operating Normally Following Flooding

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Flooding along Eureka Creek in Denali National Park last week/Christina Blakey via NPS

It could take until mid-July before the entire Denali Park Road is operating normally in the wake of flooding that damaged the far western end of the 92-mile road, according to Denali National Park officials.

The flooding last week stranded guests and park employees in some areas and required helicopter and small plane support to bring them out of the flooded areas.

Park crews are working with the Alaska Department of Transportation, which has the jurisdictional responsibility for major repairs on that section of the Denali Park Road, to determine the extent of damage caused by erosion and how to fix the damaged areas.

"Erosion by the raging Friday and Eureka Creeks at the far western end of the 92-mile long Denali Park Road has left approximately one-half mile of damaged road," said park spokeswoman Kris Fister. "Park managers and DOT staff flew over the impacted sections (Friday) morning to assess the damage and began to formulate plans for the equipment and materials needed for the repair."

The major repair work is not expected to begin before the road dries out.

Park concessioner-operated buses are operating on their regular schedule as far as Wonder Lake. Buses that would have continued on to Kantishna can now travel as far as the north end of Wonder Lake before turning around.

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