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Special Deal On Private Chartering Of River Trips Through Dinosaur National Monument


Act now to save a bundle on river trips through Dinosaur National Monument next year.

Got a large, extended family, or a great group of friends you like to hang out with? Act now and you can all go on a river trip through Dinosaur National Monument next year at a special rate.

Our friends at Holiday River Expeditions are offering a sale on private group charter trips for next year.

Under the deal, a group of 1-15 people can charter a four-day trip down the Green River through Lodore Canyon in the monument for $9,500. If you can pull together a party of 16-20, the rate is $12,600. For groups of 21-25, the rate is $15,750.

So if you have the maximum number of people under each scenario, the per-person cost is right around $630. That's about $250 less per person than this year's rate for joining one of the company's trips.

For details and to sign up, visit this website. This offer runs out November 22.

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