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Dinosaur National Monument's Split Mountain Campground Group Sites Can Be Reserved On-Line


On-line reservations are now being accepted for group campsites at the Split Mountain Campground in Dinosaur National Monument. NPS photo of the campground.

Group campsites at Dinosaur National Monument's Split Mountain Campground in Utah can now be reserved on-line for spots during the peak months of mid-April through early October.

During the rest of the year, campsites there are available on a first-come, first-served basis for both groups and individuals.

Previously, monument staff managed reservations for the Split Mountain Campground in house, but could not accept credit cards, and visitors could not make reservations online.

“By going to, we can now provide a level of service that most people have come to expect when they are planning their trips,” said monument Superintendent Mary Risser.

Split Mountain Group Campground is located along the banks of the Green River approximately four miles from the dinosaur quarry and next to the Split Mountain Boat Ramp. The campground has four sites. During peak season, the campground is open to organized groups. Group size is 8 to 25 people per site.

Water and restrooms with flush toilets are available during peak season. Showers and water, sewer and electric hookups for recreational vehicles are not available. Water may not be available during the non-peak season; fees are not charged when water is not available. More information can be found on-line at the monument's website, which includes a link to make reservations through

Reservations for the group site at the Echo Park Campground are still managed by monument staff and cannot be made online. All other campgrounds in the monument are currently on a first-come, first-served basis with no reservations accepted.

By moving the Split Mountain reservations to, the park actually lowered the cost of reserving a site. In the past, staff charged a $10 administrative fee, along with the $25 per night campground fee. Under the system, the $10 administration fee went away.

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