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Money Found To Finish Restoration of Bodie Island Light at Cape Hatteras National Seashore


Before restoration work was halted nearly a year ago, a cocoon of scaffolding enveloped the Bodie Island Lighthouse at Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Now, restoration work is expected to resume on the lighthouse. NPS photos.

Not quite a year after restoration of the Bodie Island Lighthouse at Cape Hatteras National Seashore was halted due to unforeseen problems, nearly $2 million has been obtained to finish the project.

The lighthouse had been undergoing an extensive restoration last year when the contractor came upon something unexpected: "...significant structural integrity issues associated with the support structures under the balcony."

Without funds to address those problems, the restoration project was shut down in March 2011.

Now, however, a $1.89 million contract has been awarded to United Builders Group, LLC from New Bern, North Carolina, to resume restoration of the lighthouse that stands near Oregon Inlet.  Work is scheduled to begin in late February and finished come October.

Work to be done includes:

* Restore deteriorated metal

* Restore components on the lantern level (support beams, masonry, railing/ladder)

* Replace galley cornice segments

* Paint interior and exterior masonry

* Replace windows and glass on lantern level

* Repair the oil house marble floor and roof, install new windows

* Paint all newly installed metals/wood

* Install fire suppression system and rehabilitate electrical power

* Install stair strengtheners


Nice. :-)
Love the history of shipping along the Carolina coast, and you can't tell that history without including the story of the lighthouses and their keepers.

What's the source of the new funding?

The short answer is NPS. Which fund was tapped wasn't mentioned.

2 million more??? Does that sound like a lot of money for this?? Especially since it appears that a significant amt of the work has been already completed.Seems like the whole thing could be rebuilt for that kind of money.I would hope that this job was bid out ?? The light house certainly should be restored but hopefully with some sense of economy.

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