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Seasonal Law-Enforcement Ranger At Glacier Bay National Park Charged with Two Counts of Second-Degree Sexual Assault


National Park Service officials are working to terminate a seasonal law-enforcement ranger at Glacier Bay National Park who has been charged with two counts of sexual assault in the second degree.

The charges against Dorian Curry, 31, were brought by the state of Alaska, according to a Park Service release.

The release said Mr. Curry was charged in connection with one incident in 2008 and another in 2009, both Class B felonies. Mr. Curry was arrested on Monday in the Bartlett Cove employee housing area of the park, the Park Service said.

The seasonal employee was arrested by Alaska State troopers following an investigation by the National Park Service’s Office of Professional Responsibility and the troopers. After being taken into custody, Mr. Curry was transported by troopers to Juneau for incarceration.

As the investigation proceeded, the Park Service said Mr. Curry’s law enforcement commission was suspended and he was put on administrative leave. The NPS is now taking steps
to terminate his employment.


All of the Charges were dismissed againt Dorian Curry by the District Attorney in Juneau.. This can be verifed with a written request to the Clerk of the Court in Juneau Alaska asking for a copy of the dismissal of charges...

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