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National Park Mystery Photo 10: Name that Location

Where can you find these buildings in the National Park System? Photo by Jess Stryker.

It's definitely not 21st Century architecture, but then, the National Park System is home to a wide array of architectural styles. Can you identify this location?

There are some obvious flavors to this setting. But the trick is not just identifying the period, but correctly naming the spot in the National Park System where you can find these buildings.


I believe this is the Paramount Ranch in the Santa Monica Mountains NRA. My wife and I visited Cali in December '08 to see Joshua Tree and Channel Islands... we drove through SMM NRA to get there... Is this a correct guess?

Paramount Ranch, Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.

Another one bites the dust. Again, the readership has demonstrated it's familiarity with the national parks, and we applaud you. Of course, it also means we'll look even harder for a stumper next week. Check back tomorrow for some details on this location.

Good job Michael. I had never heard of this NRA. I will have to make a visit when my wife and I next see her family in L.A. The Channel Islands are fantastic.

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Crater Lake Institute
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