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Another Marina Fire At Glen Canyon National Recreation Area


Investigators are trying to determine the cause of a fire that destroyed two 37-foot cabin cruisers at the Wahweap Marina on Lake Powell in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

The fire was noticed just before 11:30 p.m. Friday by a ranger on patrol. After reporting the fire to the park dispatcher the ranger managed to isolate the fire by removing surrounding boats from the two boats that were on fire. An NPS fire crew soon arrived on scene with a fire engine and a fire boat. The City of Page Fire Department also responded to the blaze.

The blaze was brought under control in approximately 30 minutes. Concessionaire Aramark is conducting the clean-up associated with the fire, while officials from Coconino County, Arizona, are leading the investigation into the cause.

Last December another fire at the NRA's Halls Crossing Marina destroyed 15 boats and caused an estimated $3 million-$5 million worth of damage to boats and dock facilities. The cause of that blaze was never determined.


The ruined economy claims another victim through an insurance fraud fire sale...

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Come on! Consider the people involved before being so negative!

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