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Hamilton Grange National Memorial Relocation Update


The Hamilton Grange is on schedule to settle into its new location in St. Nicholas Park in New York City on Saturday. NPS photo.

If you're going to be in New York City on Saturday, you might want to head over to the Hamilton Heights section of Harlem to see the Hamilton Grange National Memorial arrive at its new location.

The location, in St. Nicholas Park, is less than two blocks from the memorial's most recent home on Convent Avenue.

The memorial dates to 1802, when Alexander Hamilton had it built as a countryside estate. Named after Mr. Hamilton's ancestral home in Scotland, the Grange is moving to St. Nicholas Park to allow the exterior and interior of the home to be restored to its former splendor. A part of Hamilton’s original 34-acre estate, St. Nicholas Park is the third and final location of the home Mr. Hamilton helped design and which he called his "sweet project.”

Current plans call for the Grange to move to its new location this Saturday, June 7, from approximately 7:30 am to 2:00 pm. The Grange is scheduled to begin its move at 7:30 a.m. and should turn into St. Nicholas Park at approximately 12:00 pm.


Actually, Hamilton called the process of getting the land, designing and building Hamilton Grange: ". . . a sweet project." For some reason the NPS release spins it as ". . . he called his 'sweet project.' " Splitting hairs??

Either Hamilton didn't actually personalize it as much as the NPS release seems to be trying to imply, or Hamilton had actually done a lot of other significant things in his lifetime.

I've been following this story with great interest and it got me to think...I know that buildings have been moved within National Park Sites (for example, the lighthouse at Cape Hatteras), can anyone think of another entire site being picked up and moved?

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