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How To Buy National Park-Related Gifts Without Leaving Home


Yosemite National Park's holiday ornament. White House photo.

This month's roll-out of holiday ornaments from around the national park system spurred one reader to ask where he could buy some of the ornaments.

Well, the official word I've received is that the commemorative ornaments that were created in connection with the National Park Service's centennial in 2016 are not for sale now and won't be in the future.

"The ornaments will not be returned to the artist or the park. They belong to the White House and will be preserved for future use," David Barna, the Park Service's chief of communications, tells me. "Artists were given guidance by the White House for preparing the ornaments. Part of the guidance included the following statement: 'Designs and ornaments may not be reproduced or replicated for sale or advertised as 'designed for the White House.'

"Therefore, we can't produce replica ornaments for sale," he adds.

That said, the artists retained ownership of their designs, and so, theoretically, they could reproduce those images on calendars, posters, plates, or whatever, and then sell those items.

However, there are some previously created park ornaments that are in existence and are for sale, along with many other park-related gifts. You can find some of these at the following sites:

Yellowstone National Park Lodges
Yosemite Gifts[/url]

If you're aware of other sites, please pass them on.


Another in a long tradition of gaffes by the marketing geniuses who run the program that is the NPS and our beloved federal government. Is it any wonder why these entities can't turn a profit without subsidies and taxation? There's not an insightful businessman anywhere to be found within these organizations.

And I'll prove it. I'm putting together a site dedicated to serving the public with access to "bootleg" park-related materials. All we have to do is route it through the various Native tribes, bypass the sales taxes other "legalities" (e.g. threatened lawsuits for infrigement), copyright our materials, and nobody at the federal level could do a damn thing about it. Then, we divvy up the profits between a few notable charities to make the feds look REALLY petty for opposing the project, and we have an instant public relations home run. Unfortunately, it won't help getting the above mentioned keepsakes into the public's hands this holiday season. And since we're NOT a government agency, our marketing will allow for these items to be sold under the more traditional banner of Christmas ornaments, not some goofy generic "PC" holiday, like Sweetest Day, President's Day, Flag Day, Groundhog Day, Winter Solstice or the ever popular Take Your Kid to Work Day.

I found a company that makes and sells pewter ornaments for some of the National Parks. The company's website is
As of right now they make the Grand Canyon, Grand Canyon Railway, and Crater Lake National Park. They are of great sculpted detail I own one and it's beautiful!! They also make ornaments of the red rocks of Sedona, Az. and all made in the USA!

On May 14th I saw a post regarding an american company, Inner Peace Designs , who makes National Park pewter ornaments. I recently contacted them to see if any new items were being made soon. They informed me that a new design of Mount Rushmore was in the works and would be available for purchase on their website and at area stores at the park. Their website is
If someone finds out new info please post it!! I collect pewter ornaments!


I emailed Inner Peace Designs to see when they will be finished with their new National Park Ornaments. They expect them to be online and in stores for sale but the end of September erley October. I already own several pieces they sell. What beautiful work they produce! I've been to Sedona, AZ where they make ornaments of all the red rocks. I haven't seen anyone match their quaity. Can"t wait!

The long awaited Mt. Rushmore pewter ornament is now available at It is under the ornaments tab. I've been looking on their website for a month or two and today it's there. I ordered one. The detail is beautiful on it. I may purchase more for Christmas gifts. They seem to be working on other National Parks also at this time. I'll keep checking to see when they are ready for purchase.

I just got through speaking to the owner of Inner Peace Designs. They are an American company which is contracted by another company that handles all the merchandising for the National Parks. Death Valley and Zion National Park ornaments will be available by the end of this coming week. Check out their website and keep looking for these ornaments. They are online at

Mount Rushmore ornament was just added!

New park ornaments have arrived at Inner Peace Designs. Zion and Death Valley National Parks were just added to the short list this American company produces. Mount Rushmore, Grand Canyon, and Crater Lake just to name a few others they carry. They must have a contract with the National Parks Service to do these. Very nice detail. Keep an eye out for these in gift stores in the parks. To view them go to I own a Grand Canyon ornament and I receive comments all the time. Eveyone asks me to buy on next time I visit. I think there are nicer than painted Christmas balls!!!

A new pewter ornament of Thor's Hammer at Bryce Canyon National Park is now available online at Inner Peace Designs. I have been collecting National Park ornaments of all types for quite sometime. I dedicated my Christmas tree this year to our Nation's parks. I received so many positive comments from it, I think I will do it from now on! The pewter ornaments Inner Peace carries have a beautiful finish to them and makes any tree comealive. The detail they put in their pieces are amazing. View them for yourself at this page.
Can't wait for more to come. I'm hoping for Yellowstone to be next.
Happy viewing!

Alan E.

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