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Glacier National Park Art Contest Displays Kids' Love for the Park


Elaine Fraticelli won top honors in the sixth-to-eighth grade division in a coloring competition staged by the Glacier National History Association. Drawing via NPS.

While there's much concern across the country about kids losing touch with nature, that doesn't seem to be the case in Montana, where schoolchildren have created new postcards for the Glacier Natural History Association.

Each fall the association stages a coloring contest for children, with the winning entries in various grade categories turned into postcards that the association sells the following year. This year brought so many entries that the association decided to create an "honorable mention" category.

Among the winner's was sixth-grader Elaine Fraticelli, from the Alice Martin Art Class, who took top honors in the sixth-to-eighth grade division with her drawing of a mountain goat backed by soaring peaks.

You can view all the winners at this page.

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