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Bryce Canyon's Navajo Loop Trail, Closed by a Rock Slide in 2006, Is Reopened

Hikers on Bryce Canyon's Navajo Loop Trail. NPS Photo

Hikers once again can navigate the entire Navajo Loop Trail now that crews have built a trail through the rockslide that blocked the trail in May 2006. NPS Photo, Dan Ng.

The trail system at Bryce Canyon National Park isn't very long, but it is one of the most intriguing in the national park system because it places you in the surrounding geology. Walking through Fairyland Canyon or the Queen's Garden is such an incredible experience, one that won't soon be forgotten.

The Navajo Loop Trail also is one of those remarkable trails, leading hikers past Thor's Hammer and through Wall Street. Unfortunately, on May 23, 2006, a rockfall in Wall Street blocked off a portion of the trail and made it impossible to complete the entire loop.

Well, after 14 months of studying the surrounding geology to make sure more rock slides weren't in the offing and devising a new trail through Wall Street, park officials have reopened the entire 1.3-mile Navajo Loop.


I was one of the persons that was standing at the point of impactof the slide. It was horrifying- I remember a few pebbles hitting the ground and then the hairs on the back of my neckwent up and i scremed at my boyfriend- RUN- it was a earthquake, the worst thunder noice one has ever heard and dust as in 9-11. I remember thinking it is a beautiful day to die- but I wantedto hold my boyfriends hand when i died. We only made it out by the grace of GOD. I was in complete shock for2 days after that.

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