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GOP's Fred Thompson Open To Drilling In Parks for Oil


Republican Fred Thompson says he'd consider opening up the Everglades to oil drilling if there were major reserves there.

The silliness of the 2008 presidential campaign has finally made it to the national park system, and in a very bizarre way. During a recent stop in Florida, Republican Fred Thompson allowed that he'd support drilling for oil in Everglades National Park if major reserves were found there.

"I don't think anybody really prefers to drill at all anywhere," the former U.S. senator from Tennessee told the Palm Beach Post. "Nobody wants to see $100 oil, either."

A bit later during his appearance Mr. Thompson added, "No one has told me that there is any major reserves in the Everglades. ... But maybe that's one of the things I have to learn while I'm down here."

Fellow Republican Mitt Romney, when told of Mr. Thompson's comments, was astounded. "In the Everglades? You're kidding. ... We're not going to drill in the Everglades," he told the newspaper. "There are certain places in America that are national treasures and the Everglades is one of those. It's environmentally extraordinarily sensitive. The people of Florida would never support such a thing."

While it is very early in the presidential campaign -- too early for my liking, frankly -- it's not too early to hold the candidates accountable on environmental issues, including their positions on the National Park Service and the national park system.

Can anyone forget George W. Bush promising during the 2000 campaign that he would wipe out the Park Service's maintenance backlog, which then was estimated to be around $5 billion? Well, today it's upwards of $8 billion and the Bush administration has yet to come up with a viable solution for paring it down.

Where do the candidates -- Republican and Democratic -- stand on the environment and the national parks? It's a question worth asking.


Mr. Thompson, I think your better off making "B" television serials then running for public office. Your right, you have much to learn about the environment as Geo. Bush. Read a couple of books on "land ethics" by Aldo Leopold, that should help get you started...but I doubt it!

Irrelevant since Clinton is the next president.

I agree with Frank, let's wait for the reign of Queen Hillary and her lovable court jester Bubba. In the meantime we should all insist on filling up our tanks exclusively with oil that is extracted from Nigerian and Venezuelan wetlands, Arabian and Mexican coastal waters, the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico and other such "expendable" places. We don't need to besmirch our "sacred" playgrounds and local aquifers in a needless search for oil when we can more easily use these other sources and feel morally superior about it.

There will be no drilling in our wilderness! Fill 'er up raghead!

Why not try drilling in and around the DC area? Sure is plenty of natural gas in the air, and the place is already loaded with greasy palms. If we dig far enough, we might find SOMETHING worthwhile.

I think this link might explain alot about our elected officials. There's something in the water in Washington...

Please don't reduce our city to the politicians (jokingly or not). We're at they're mercy more than any of you are. (P.S., I hope I can respond to your other post later today).

Oh, and FYI, there's lead in our water (seriously - it's one of the million issues we who are residents here deal with while everyone else just thinks it's the place where there are politicians).

From occupied DC,

Jim Macdonald
The Magic of Yellowstone
Yellowstone Newspaper
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I don't want drilling in national parks either but...

The other politicians who are SHOCKED, SHOCKED at this statement are flying around in private jets then getting into motorcades of SUVs to go to their 40,000 square foot homes then telling American they have an energy crisis and should conserve. (Ala Leona Helmsley, "only the little people conserve").

And on one side of the aisle in Congress those same politicians want millions more to enter this country illegally to use more water, oil, electricity and open space, more than offsetting whatever American conservationists try to do.

No politician has clean hands on this issue.

Back in the early 1970's (oil embargo) they had a bumper sticker that read: EAT BEANS AMERICA NEEDS THE GAS! Right now, I think our politicans fart more then most...usually from the's called lying with bad breath!

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