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Plight of the Parks

Will Trump's "All Of The Above" Energy Policy Impact The Parks?

Shale gas, that trapped within the Marcellus Formation in the Eastern United States, has grown to become a significant component of the country's energy portfolio. But it also poses a threat to national park lands in the region, with more than a few proposed pipelines that could cross the Appalachian National Scenic Trail.

Environmental Groups Cite Public Treasures Threatened By Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster

Hoping to raise the nation's -- and politicians' -- awareness of the rich resources in the Gulf of Mexico, two environmental groups Wednesday released a list of 15 state and federal properties that could be fouled by oil from the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

An Idea in Trouble: Thoughts about the Future of Traditional National Parks in the United States

Historians point out that ideas, and the organizations associated with them, sometimes age and lose their relevance. Today, as the National Park Service (NPS) approaches the centennial of its establishment, the agency faces huge potential problems with its founding mission and subsequent land management policies.

NPCA: Tell the Obama Administration That Clear Air And Clear Views Across National Parks are Vital

Debate over the country's energy needs, environmental conditions, and the resulting quality of life is not new. It's unending, ongoing, and downright rancorous at times. But does it need to be? With hazy views across spectacular parks in the Southwest, how can we turn that debate into solutions?

Regulatory Landscape For Guns to Change in National Parks on February 22

A controversial rule change concerning firearms in national parks takes effect February 22, a change likely to cause confusion and raise concerns over personal safety, but one also that could go largely unnoticed and give some a measure of personal security.
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