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Search For Missing 80-year-old Yosemite Hiker Unfruitfull


It's been a week since an 80-year-old hiker vanished in Yosemite's backcountry, and officials are scaling back the search for her. While they're not giving up entirely, search officials say they have to weigh the risks searchers are being exposed to against the likelihood of finding Ottorina Bonaventura.

Ms. Bonaventura disappeared last Monday near the Vogelsang High Sierra Camp. Since then, roughly 150 searchers both on the ground and in the air have scoured more than 100 square miles of rugged terrain ranging in elevation from 8,000 to more than 10,000 feet in looking for her. That search area has included exposed granite outcroppings, heavy timber, and steep terrain. Crews also had to endure afternoon thunderstorms, high winds, and cold conditions.

For the immediate future, the search and rescue efforts will involve what's called a "limited continuous search strategy" involving ground teams and an investigations unit. Anyone with information or questions should contact the Yosemite National Park Media Relations Office at 209/372-0529.


Why was an 80 year old woman way up at Vogelsang High Sierra Camp?

Why not??

Why Not ? Because they come up Missing !!!

Last summer when I was up in Tuolumne, I heard hikers tell about an 85 year old woman doing the High Sierra Camp loop by herself. It's not your age, it's your condition. Some 25 year olds aren't in good enough shape to be at that altitude doing that kind of exertion.

Maybe she just wanted to be alone and doesn't want to be "found"...

Kinda interesting -- her name translates to "Prosperous, good attempt"

-- Jon

Just FYI, she is an experienced hiker and in great shape.

She was an experienced hiker, biker and had more energy than a 30 year old.

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