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Missteps in the Parks

Alcohol, a Horse and a Cliff Don't Mix at Buffalo National River

We're all familiar with the admonition "Don't Drink and Drive," but similar advice applies if the "horsepower" involved is of the four-legged variety. Rescuers at the Buffalo National River had to contend with a heavily intoxicated man who was seriously injured after he—and his horse—fell over a cliff.

Ill-Advised Leap Leads to Rescue from the Subway at Zion National Park

In the city, "don't jump from the subway" is good advice, but in Zion National Park, the caution is don't jump in the Subway. A hiker made an ill-advised leap in a remote location known as the Subway Route, and the resulting injury led to an unplanned night in the boonies and a rescue.

Doggone! Car with Canine Aboard Goes Over the Edge at Crater Lake National Park

If dogs could talk, this one would have quite a tale to tell. The canine was inside a car which rolled over the edge of the caldera at Crater Lake National Park and plunged about 1,100 feet down the steep slope. What was left of the vehicle ended up in the lake, but incredibly, the dog escaped with only minor injuries.

What's in Pandora's Box? For One Visitor at Capitol Reef National Park, the Answer was: "Trouble."

An old myth took a different twist at Capitol Reef National Park recently when a canyoneer confirmed that getting into Pandora's Box can have unintended consequences, and it proved to be a lot easier to get into a tight spot that back out of it.

You Can't Always, or Fairly, Blame Technology For Visitor Woes in National Parks

The New York Times got a lot of mileage with its story this week about technology leading visitors into harm's way in national parks, but that's really not the case, is it? Wouldn't it be more correct to say people lead themselves into harm's way more often than not?

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