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Search and rescue season is heating up in the parks, with rangers having to respond to a visitor who fell off the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and one lost in Yosemite.

The Grand Canyon incident occurred this morning and involved a yet-to-be-identified man who fell about 300 feet off the North Rim from Bright Angel Point.

Rangers were short-hauled by helicopter to the site, where they determined the man had died from injuries sustained in the fall. Apparently the man's family witnessed the fall, as park officials say the family was receiving support services.

In Yosemite, today marked the third day of a search for an 80-year-old woman who was reported missing on Monday after she failed to return to the Vogelsang High Sierra Camp. More than 100 searchers, including dog teams and helicopter crews, are looking for Ottorrina Bonaventura.

While Ms. Bonaventura is an experienced hiker, park officials say she has a history of memory loss.


Note to rescue rangers Aidan Assist, Rocky Rappel, and Reese Essitate: If I ever fall off the edge of something and die, please just leave me there. The vultures and condors need to eat too.

-- Jon

Jon, your really on a roll tonight. Keep florishing!

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