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Mount Rainier's Wonderland Trail Ready for Hikers


Last fall's storm made the Wonderland Trail impassable in places. NPS Photo.

Here's a sign things are getting back to normal at Mount Rainier: Repairs to the Wonderland Trail have made it possible for hikers to take to the 93-mile-long Wonderland Trail that wraps Rainier.

The trail was shut down last fall by the storm that ripped through the Northwest in early November. However, the placement this week of three steel foot bridges, along with some rerouting of the trail, made it possible to reopen the path.

"Trail reroutes are in place in some locations and hikers will have to walk along the road in the Stevens Canyon area," say park officials. "Trail users will get a first-hand view of the extensive damage that occurred throughout the park during the rain and windstorms last fall.

"... Hikers should be aware there is still trail damage throughout the park, repair is ongoing and to be cautious and safe when hiking."

To hike the trail, you'll need to obtain a permit. For details on how to do that, and other information on Mount Rainier's hiking opportunities, check out this site.

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