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Missing Hiker in Yosemite Found Dead


An 80-year-old hiker who's been missing in Yosemite since July 30 has been found dead.

Park officials say the body of Ottorina Bonaventura was found today in the Echo Creek drainage southwest of Tuolumne Meadows.

Ms. Bonaventura was reported missing by friends when she failed to return to the Vogelsang High Sierra Camp after a day hike on Jul 30th.

There were no immediate details on how her body was found or what the cause of death might have been.


So very very sad. A place of beauty that holds so many painful memories now.

I'd rather die amidst such grandeur than collapse of a heart attack in my cubicle or be smashed to pieces in an auto accident. We should all be so fortunate to die doing what we love.

It is sad when the life of someone who loved nature as much as she did is lost. My condolences go out to the Bonaventura family and the ones that were closest to her.

I agree with Frank. I hike alone quite a bit and my family and friends are always worried that something will happen to me out there. I think that the only better place to pass away besides in the beauty of nature is asleep in your bed at home.

I am a 55 year old widow and cancer survivor, among other things............I pray to God that I may leave this earth hiking in so beautiful a place...........................My condolences to her family, and my congratulations to Ms Bonaventura and praise to God that she was able to do the things she loved to the end of her life!

Sad, yes, but those of us who our vagabonds for natures beauty understand the risk. Especially for the lone hikers.
My thought our with her family. Somehow I think they will understand and accept her tragic fate.

My heart goes out to Ms.Bonaventura's family. I would like to know the circumstances of her death; perhaps she was killed by pot farmers after she hiked into thier field.

Does anyone know exactly where she was found?

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