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Here's the Latest On Mount Rainier


Seven months after a torrential storm pummeled Mount Rainier National Park, life is getting a bit more back to normal in the park. But don't expect things to be entirely back to normal just yet, though.

Tomorrow, for instance, the park will open access to the Sunrise area. Normally this area doesn't open until the weekend before the Fourth of July, but park officials decided to move things up a bit because some areas of Rainier still are inaccessible to the public.

Of course, getting to Sunrise won't be easy for everyone. Due to damage to State Route 123 south of Cayuse Pass and north of the intersection with Stevens Canyon Road, the only way to reach Sunrise is via State Route 410, aka the Mather Memorial Parkway, coming in from Yakima or down from Enumclaw.

That said, the Sunrise Visitor Center will be open for business beginning tomorrow, and interpretive programs will get under way at Sunrise beginning June 22nd. The snack bar at Sunrise Lodge will be open on June 23rd.

Additionally, barring unforeseen problems, the entire Stevens Canyon Road linking the east and west sides of the park will be open to traffic on June 22nd. However, there will be one three-mile stretch of one-lane traffic.

Also, the White River Campground will open on June 29th, and the Mowich Lake Road is scheduled to open on that date as well. The Carbon River Road, though, will not open for vehicles this year, but you can still visit the area on foot or bicycle.

For some insights into the repair work that's being done in the park, and volunteer activities, check out  this document.

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