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NPS: Public Protests Could Halt Fee Increases


    The national media finally is on a roll with the debate over whether to increase entrance fees to the national parks. In a story transmitted today by The Associated Press, Park Service officials in Washington say proposed increases could be rescinded if enough folks protest.
    Of course, that begs the questions of how much is enough and who is going to be measuring the public backlash?
    If you've been reading this blog closely, particularly the comments from anonymous superintendents, you know that Park Service officials in Washington have been dictating the entrance fees hikes. How willing will those officials be to put a halt to the increases?


I've been trying to e-mail a comment to Haleakala and keep getting the message returned by the NPS mail router. Either the Superintendent is on vacation or the mailbox is conveniently full or they are getting a big response commenting on NPS proposed increase for their park. Is there a NPS Washington Office taking comments?

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