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Back on the Lewis and Clark Trail


    That was easy.
    Just days after a flood of publicity over its decision to force a small publisher to spike a guidebook to the Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail, the Park Service has reversed course.
     Under a quickly fashioned, and incredibly simple and obvious, settlement, Backtracking By Foot, Canoe and Subaru Along the Lewis and Clark Trail will remain on bookshelves and future editions will carry a disclaimer that use of the ubiquitous silhouette image of the two explorers was granted by the Park Service.
“It works for both of us,” Stephen Adams, who oversees the trail, told the Missoulian. “I'm glad to grant permission as long as the use fits the mission of the trail, and in this case it does.”
    Kinda makes you wonder why no one realized that at the get-go.


Interestingly, at least a few of the books that would have been pulled and shredded would have come from the bookstore at Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail headquarters. Glad they found an amicable agreement.

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